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0203 Serindia : vol.1
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A.T. i. 0076. a, b. Stucco relief frs. Two eight-petalled flowers with central boss. Petals pointed, with incised central rib. From same mould as A.T. iii. 009.

Light red clay.   Cf. A.T. oo6o. (a) ii" x i"; (b)
I i" X 215z.".

A.T. i. 0077. Stucco relief. Base for statuette ; quadrangular, with moulding of two sq. members at bottom and same inverted at top. On top hexagonal lotus base, diminishing, upper part missing. Cf. Anc. Khotan, i. Fig. 29. From same mould is A.T. v. 0067. Light red clay. 2" high x 3" wide.

A.T. i:. 0082. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, from L. groin and thigh of standing Buddha. Red clay. 4i" X 31".

A.T. i. 0083. Stucco relief fr. of draped limb of a standing Buddha, folds rendered by parallel grooves ; cf. A.T. i. 0082. Red clay ; surface vitrified. 3" x 1".

A.T. ii. 0084. Stucco relief fr. of human face; all above R. eye and below mouth lost, and all to L. side of nose. Eye narrow and prominent ; nose thin with flat nostrils ; upper lip very short, with sharply cut outline. Red clay, traces of creamy wash. 4}" x 34". Pl. IX.

A.T. i. 0085. Stucco relief fr. Large lotus petal curving over half-round ridge. Much stylized ; central lobes of petal in high relief. Drab clay. 4i" x 2i".

A.T. i. oo86. Stucco relief fr. of drapery ; series of vertical half-round folds, each scored down centre with single line, and forming strongly undulating edge. Reddish mud-coloured clay, white slip. 3" x 3/".

*A.T. i. 0087. Stucco fr. Human L. hand about one-third life-size ; fingers doubled down upon their lower joint ; thumb turned slightly inwards over first finger. Hard red clay with yellowish-white slip. Under bend of fingers is pierced hole. In scale and style this corresponds closely with the right hand, A.T. iii. 0062 and other frs., q. v. 2k" X 2."

From the same mould are : A.T. 0082 ; iv. oor r, 00119, 00120.

*A.T. i. oo88. Stucco relief fr. of seated Buddha. Background, head, R. arm, both hands and legs lost. In original, fig. has plain Usnisa; nimbus plain ; halo with ray border and fringe of lotus petals with deeply marked double lobes. Hands bare, folded on lap. Drapery rendered by closely-set parallel grooves. From large decorative halo, cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. LXXXVII, R. o8. From same mould : A.T. iv. 0017, 0053, 0054; v. oo8, 0050, 0035, 0047, 0074.

A.T. i. 0089. a, b. Stucco relief frs. R. leg and L. foot of Buddha with lotus halo, of which part remains below and to R. of fig. in a. Cf. A.T. 0025. a. Light


red clay. (a) i X 2f"; (b) ir X 2".

A.T. i. 0090. Stucco relief fr. L. arm and knee of seated Buddha. Cf. A.T. 0025. a. Red clay. ii" x ii".

A.T. ï.. 0098. Stucco relief fr. Human L. ear, lower lobe broken away. Reddish-drab clay, unevenly burned,

blackish in section. Cream-coloured slip. 2k-" x xi".

A.T. i:. 0099. Stucco relief fr. L. ear about life-size. Hard light red clay with cream-coloured slip. 2 ' x xi".

A.T. i. 00100. Stucco relief fr. Human L. ear. Drab mud-coloured clay with remains of white slip. 2i" X Ir.

A.T. i. ooroi. Stucco relief fr. Top of human L. ear. Hard reddish clay. ir x i".

A.T. i. 00102. Stucco relief fr. Second and third fingers of R. hand (?). Hard dark mud-coloured clay. 2" x 5".

A.T. i. 00103. Stucco relief fr. L. arm of human fig., undraped, with single bracelet on wrist. Forearm drawn up so that hand nearly touches shoulder. Poor modelling. Hard red clay with thin cream-coloured slip. 24" X 2".

A.T. i. 00109. Stucco fr. of small human head, with hair indicated by bands of crescent-shaped locks facing alternately to L. and R. Moulded in one piece. Light red clay. 2" X

A.T. i. 00114. Stucco relief fr. Crescent resting on top angle of triangle. Cf. *A.T. 0033. This fr. shows how upper part of design should be completed. Reddish mud-coloured clay. 33" x 2i".

*A.T. ii. 00115. Stucco relief fr. Post of railing, moulded with narrow I-shaped coffers and part of rail. From similar mould A.T. iii. 0078 ; iv. 0045. Hard red clay. 2i" X Ii".

A.T. i. 00119. Stucco relief fr. of flower ; parts of three petals only. Light red clay. I" x Ir".

A.T. i. 00120. Stucco relief fr. of five-leaved palmette. Narrow pointed leaves with incised ribs. Red clay. i" X 2k". Pl. IX.

*A.T. i. 00123. a, b. Stucco relief frs. of flame orn. Dull reddish clay. (a) ii" x Imo" ; (b) IA" x I". From similar mould : A.T. iii. 0024 ; iv. oo5o, 00157 ; v. 0092.

A.T. i. 00124. Stucco relief fr. On L. plain curved border and deep-cut groove. Surface divided up diamond-wise by incised lines. In centre of each division a deep

stamped hole.   Cf. A.T. iii. 0018.   Light red clay.

A.T. i. ooi26. Stucco relief fr. Lotus leaf from border of plaque. Red clay with incrustations of burnt paint. xi" X 1i".

A.T. i. 00127. Stucco relief fr., curved and ribbed like mouth of vase. Light red clay. 1i" x Ii'.

A.T. i. 00128. Stucco relief fr. of drapery ; heavy looped fold. Surface channelled, giving subsidiary folds, as A.T. V. 0022. Light red clay. ii" x 2-".

A.T. i. 00130. Stucco relief fr. of drapery (?). Lower edge apparently undulating. Reddish-drab clay. 1' x as".

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