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0235 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 235 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Kha. 1. C. 0080. Fresco fr. Part of lotus throne (white and grey) with R. foot of standing fig. nearly life-size. Red ground. In field, small grey lotus with white dots. 7" X 6".

Kha. i. C. oo81. Fresco fr. Uncertain subject. White tendrils on a black ground. Below, a red border. On the black ground part of a srlàra in white, with strings, sound holes, and bridge in red. 31" x 24'.

Kha. i. C. 0082. Fresco fr. On background of green and maroon, part of standing Buddha looking L. R. hand upraised. Dark red robe, yellow flesh. Grey and pink vesica. Black and red nimbus, pointed. 7" x 5".

Kha. i. C. 0083. Fresco fr. Design uncertain. Blue and green floral design on red ground within square borders, black or brown. These separated by terra-cotta ground colour. Very bad condition. 5" X 3".

Kha. i. C. 0084. Fresco fr. Above, red band ; below, on olive-green ground, red lotus with black centre. 3" x 2-i".

Kha. i. C. oo88. Fresco fr. Above, a piece of red field with a curved blue border below it. Below, on white field a buff crown (?) outlined in red, with green and red jewels. A red streamer from L. corner, and green streamer from R. corner. 4" x 3k".

Kha. i. C. oo86. a, b. Two fresco frs. Part of blue and white edge to a vesica (?), on red and green ground. Inside edge, green and white floral design on white. 2" x 2k".

Kha. i. C. 0087. Fresco fr. Part of green lotus on red ground. 2" x 2â".

Kha. i. C. oo88. Fresco fr. Part of multi-coloured floral design. 2-h" x 2".

Kha. i. C. oo88. Fresco fr. Uncertain ornamental design. Bad condition. Apparently a jewel, in form of equal-armed cross composed of five squares. Two arms blue and two green. Centre square, pink. External angles filled by pink triangles making the general contour octagonal. At end of one arm a row of lotus petals. From this proceed three diverging lines. Background brown. 3*" X 2r.

Kha. i. C. oogo. Fresco fr. Uncertain ornamental design. Prob. represents a brocade with pattern in circles bordered with bands of white spots, and having a quadrangular pattern between the circles. Ground, maroon. Bad condition. 3" x

Kha. L C. oogx. Fresco fr. On buff ground, series of converging red lines ; space between them crossed by alternate groups of three or four red and blue lines; having general effect of red and blue squares arranged in chequer pattern. Prob. represents textile. 3" x 2r.

Kha. i. C. 0092. Fresco fr., showing portion of imbricated leaf pattern. Leaves pink and green, outlined black and white. Much abraded. I$" x 13•".


Kha. i. C. 0093. Fresco fr. Uncertain ornamental design.

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Kha. i. C. 0094. a—d. Four fresco frs. Apparently part of replica of Kha. i. C. 0097. Fabric and colours are exactly similar. Rows of seated figs. of Buddha to L. p. ; one standing fig. holding flask to R. p., the Fakir, and part of demon all appear. Very bad condition.


9"X7"; 4"X5". 2X2"; 5"x3".

Kha. i. C. 0095. Fresco fr. On a brown-bordered, pale green, vesica, a badly conceived and badly drawn fig. of GaneSa. He is thin and has badly formed ears and clumsily conventionalized face. A rope of pearls hangs round his neck. In the three visible hands are a basket of pearls (?), a radish, an ankus. He wears a red-brown dhoti and a grey stole. Flesh yellowish-grey. Outlines black and brown. Condition fair. 6" x 6". Pl. XI.

Kha. i. C. oog6. Fresco fr., in faded washes of colour. A Buddha fig. seated on Padmâsana with hands in lap ; has a curious appearance because a few black outlines remain strong and all other details have perished. Below and to R. p. are fragments of Brâhmi inscription in black. See Appendix F. 514" x 3k". Pl. XI.

Kha. i. C. 0097. Fresco fr. in several pieces (now joined) of large composition. In centre Buddha seated on Padmâsana, white with buff centre; has hands in Nyayamudra. He is shaven, has long ears, and something which appears to be Ugnisa, but is flesh colour (? shaven). His robe is red lined white, and falls from L. shoulder across to R. hip, covering also the legs. Feet, exposed, rest, with soles up, on thighs. Cream-coloured stole hangs over L. shoulder. Nimbus. Behind and projecting all round, leaf-like forms with red veining suggesting flames.

Two standing Bodhisattvas, one on each side, are dressed

practically alike and both carry in L. hand the long-necked flask. Their lower garments are pale buff, held by bluff kamarband with pendent ends. A stole of scanty dimensions, white with quatrefoil spot pattern in black, crosses body obliquely from L. shoulder, crossing on breast. A larger stole crosses shoulders and arms, and has long floating and pendent ends. Necklet, armlets, and bangles are worn. Hair black, long and rippling, and in case of R. p. fig. dressed in large knob bound by fillets and adorned in front by lozenge-shaped jewel with leaf-like projections R. and L. and up. Top of head of L. p. fig. broken away. Face of this effeminate. Positions of hands slightly different. Both nimbate.

In front of Buddha, a sulphur-yellow lunette bordered by row of conventional stunted trees. At R. p. extremity is seated boar-headed divinity facing L., white with grey head and short red dhôr, holding in front of him, by arms and legs, a human fig. (yellow) of which he is devouring the entrails which stream from his jaws. To L. p. sits old white-bearded fig. coloured grey, white hair tied in knob and adorned with diadem (yellow). Fierce eyes. Red short dhoti. Leopard skin on front of body (?). Hands resting in lap.