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0238 Serindia : vol.1
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[Chap. V

*Kha. i. E. 0020. Stucco relief fr. of lotus wreath ; sections are separated by double sharp-edged ring instead of usual fashion. Cf. Kha. vii. oor. White stucco, much . worn. 3" x IA". From same mould : Kha. i. C. 0043.

*Kha. i. E. 0028. Stucco relief fr. Gandharvi flying to R., nude save for mantle over shoulders ; upper arms directed downwards, forearms raised holding wreath across lower part of body. On R. is portion of curved wing of conventional Oriental' type. Head, hands, both feet with ankles, and background lost. Traces of red on wing, green on drapery or wreath. Hard white stucco. 5â" x 4". From same mould : Kha. i. C. 004 ; ii. W. 00r. Cf. Anc. Kholan, Pl. LVI, D. xii. I.

Kha. i. E. 0031. Fr. of painted wood split off thicker piece. All edges broken. Remains of painting seem to show a seated fig., with ornamental head-dress and long black hair, all outlines in black. Fig. yellow, and background of vesica brown. Faint traces of red and green below. Wood hard. 9" x I$".

Kha. i. E. 0032. Fr. of painted wood, painted on one side. Lower part, a blue lotus, on a light red ground, remains of a band of blue below. Above to R. p., a long patch of deep red outlined white, which may be part of a garment. Wood well preserved. 6" x 1" x ".

Kha. i. E. 0033. Painted panel of wood, top edge broken away. In elliptical vesica with white ground, a fig. seated cross-legged wearing a pink tight-sleeved coat with blue-grey trimming round skirt, cuffs, and collar (prob. fur). Below coat, detail obscured, but general colour a dark reddish-brown. There are four arms. L. lower has hand resting lightly with knuckles on hip. R. lower has hand raised to breast holding some indistinguishable object. The two other arms are forearms only, coinciding with the others at elbows, and are upraised, the hands missing. Head defaced and mostly missing. Background pink. Personage prob. same as in Anc. Kholan, Pl. LXI. Much damaged. 4i" x 3" x A

Kha. i. E. 0034. Painted panel. L. p. fr. of panel, containing subject of horseman ' (Anc. Kholan, Pl. LIX).

It seems to be a rough sketch in black only on the white ground with which the panel was covered. The parts visible on this fr. are : at top, the flying bird ; part of nimbus and L. shoulder of horseman ; upper edge of back of saddle and an object which is possibly a quiver ; hind quarters and near hind-leg of horse (well drawn), and portion of trappings. From horseman are the flowing lines always so cleverly introduced to express motion. L. p. edge rounded and chamfered at back. Lower edge chamfered. A hole is drilled through 4" from side and xi" from top, doubtless for a fixing-peg. Painting much defaced, wood well preserved. 9" x I " x Tag" to r.

Kha. i. E. 0036. Fr. of painted panel. Traces of paint on both sides. Surface abraded. Wood soft. 6h" x x r.

Kha. i. E. 0039 ; ii. 0019 (joined). Stucco relief fr. of Gandharvi flying L. From same mould as Kha. i. C. 0039. R. arm broken at wrist, and L. at elbow. Legs broken above ankles. Traces of pink on wings, and of blue on nimbus. White stucco. 6" x 5". Pl. XV.

Kha. i. E. 0040. Stucco relief fr., prob. of drapery of large fig. Red ground with gold stars as on Mi. xiii. 004. One complete and traces of four others. Outer surface, " thick, is plaster of Paris. This is applied to material on which frescoes are painted, i. e. clay mixed with straw. 5â"x3i".

Kha. i. E. 0042. Stucco relief fr. with curved grooves. Prob. edge of drapery. Striped with red, green, brown, and white parallel with curves. Red clay, white slip. 3" x ri".

Kha. i. E. 0043. Wood carving in relief. Prob. part of chair back. On base, sloping edge of which is cut into five steps, stands a mountain goat, cut in silhouette, facing R. His outline is cut clear away, but between neck and horn the background is preserved on lower plane. The break occurs behind forefeet. From below base projects tenon. Oval of eye is incised, but no other marks, and edges are rectangular. 1' I I" x 6" x Ir. Pl. XVII.

Kha. i. E. 0044. Part of carved wooden frieze. Above, plain rectangular moulding. Then convex moulding, carved with relief lozenge pattern. Then double row of Vandykes. Traces of paint : on upper moulding, red; on lower moulding, blue ; on Vandykes, white on red or blue ; on background to Vandykes, red-brown. 1' 7" x 71" x 2k". Pl. XVII.

Kha. i. E. 0045. Fr. of chip-carving in wood ; band of overlapping double leaf pattern formed by series of inverted V-shaped cuts. Length 6r x ri".

Kha. i. E. 0046. Fresco fr. of scroll-work detail outlined in black, with pale washes of grey, green, and brown on ornament and background. Lines of white or lighter colour than the washes are painted as high-lights on edges of scrolls. There are forms in this, and in foliate capital of Kha. i. E. 0047, frequently met with in fourteenth-and fifteenth-century Gothic stained glass. 6" x 5i". Pl. XI.

Kha. i. E. 0047. Fresco fr. of large composition, curved at L. p. edge ; in several pieces. A vertical band (yellow) divides a series of small upright panels, forming a border, from larger panels. To the R. p. is portion of petalled border (yellow, shaded with red-brown) of a vesica. Within this, on a shaded white ground, appears an elaborate flask with ovoid body, spreading foot, narrow neck curving inward from shoulders and outward again to wide mouth covered by a lid of inverted funnel shape. Flask is ornamented in black outline, with a central horizontal band of rings, with, above and below, radiating petal ornament. It rests upon the seed vessel of a pink lotus, is yellow, and carries to L. p. a bearded human mask in relief, with tongue thrust out. In the lower part of vesica are visible the L.