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0181 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 181 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Khot. oo61. White jade ring, part of ; semi-elliptical in

section.   Diam. outside was c.   ; inside c. $" ; thick-
ness â".

Khot. 0062. White jade ring, fr. of; sq. in section. Diam. outside was f'.

Khot. 0063. Agate ring, part of ; semi-elliptical in section. Light reddish-yellow. Length of fr. fi".

Khot. 0064. Cornelian ring, fr. of; semi-elliptical in section. Length of fr. c.

Khot. 0065. Half an elliptical piece of red cornelian, with bevelled edges ; apparently cut for seal but never finished. 1-5-g" (broken) x 2".

Khot. oo66. Hexagonal red cornelian bead, with hole pierced half-way through. Perhaps head of pin. Traces of gold in small depression at top. Sides bevelled from middle to top and bottom. Diam. f".

Khot. 0067. Irregular fr. of red cornelian, with two rounded surfaces. Length c.

Khot. 0068. Flat-sided mother-of-pearl bead, half of. Side A" sq. ; thickness (half of complete), Tl".

Khot. 0069. Round bead of black glass, half of; opaque. Round middle is inlet zigzag line of white, and round ends two and three lines, respectively, of same. Cf. Yo. oo r r4. H. il" ; diam. f'. Pl. Iv.

Khot. 0070. Bead of black glass paste, half of. Round each end, in place of white lines, are inlet two yellow lines which run into each other most of the way. Cf. Khot.

oo69. H. f' ; diam.   ".

Khot. 0071. Large, round cornelian bead, half of; chipped. H. '; diam. was

Khot. 0072. Spherical bead of millefiori mosaic glass, half of. Made up from complex hexagonal rods, flower type, each having yellow centre, red ring, and narrow petals of dark blue and light yellow alternately. Regular Western type, common in Roman Empire. Diam.

7 "   PI. IV.

Khot. 0073. String of beads :-five red cornelian, spheroid or faceted polygonal. One black opaque glass, inlaid with lines of light blue, cylindrical. Two pink-white stone, spheroid. Two small white stone, ring. One bright blue glass, iridescent, spheroid. One black glass, iridescent ring. One white glass, iridescent spheroid. Two thin flat mother-of-pearl discs, 4" diam., each with five holes for attachment. Also :-One malachite bead, of irregular shape. One lighter green malachite, irregular ring. Four turquoise, irregular shape, and three small pearls.

Khot. 0075. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat. Beardless head L. Bust treated as in Khot. 04. h, q. v. Profile coarse, rudely drilled. Back of head smooth with swelling curve behind, divided from face by straight sharp line projecting over forehead; perhaps intended for tight-fitting cap. Double ball ear-rings. Cf. Khot. 0076, 0079. A" x Pl. V.

Khot. 0076. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat. Beardless bust L. For treatment, cf. Khot. 04. h; Khot. 0075 and 0079 ; here grotesque. Forehead and nose rendered by groove ; behind in surface of seal curve of five drill-holes represents eye, nostril, lips and chin ; behind this again deep round depression indicates rest of face. Hair treated in long locks radiating from crown of head and ending in

round curls. Double dot ear-ring.   " x c. A". PI. V.

Khot. 0077. Elliptical intaglio of banded chalcedony. Male bust to L. Hair brushed from top of head forms heavy bandeau over forehead to back of neck. Features straight and fine. Long pointed beard. Drop ear-ring. Bust draped. Narrow collar, below which drapery wound round shoulders and made heavy double overfall on chest. Fine miniature work of early Persian type. TV x 4". Pl. v.

Khot. 0078. Elliptical garnet intaglio, piano-convex, edges chipped. Lion, R., meeting deer, L. Bold design, very roughly executed. 8" x 3-2". Pl. v.

Khot. 0079. Elliptical intaglio of banded chalcedony. Beardless bust to L. For treatment cf. Khot. 04. h, 0075, and 0076 ; but here still more crude. Profile, of series of dots, quite disconnected from cheek, and that again from shoulders and ear-ring. No back to head and no neck. Hair done in mass above head, treated with rows of drill-holes. Drop ear-ring. $" x Wig". Pl. v.

Khot. oo80. Lower half of elliptical garnet intaglio, plano-convex. Female bust L., up to mouth. Drapery over shoulders ; lock of hair at back. Fine work in classical style. Surface in cuttings highly polished. 1" x 4". PI. v.

Khot. oo8i. Elliptical agate intaglio, yellow veined with black ; flat. Lion, walking to L. Rough work. -ay" x -H". Pl. V.

Khot. 0082. Elliptical intaglio of banded chalcedony,

flat. Lion standing to L.   x â'. Pl. V.

Khot. 0083. Pottery handle, in form of grotesque winged horse, as Yo. oor5. f, type b. Length 4g".

Khot. 0085. Elliptical onyx intaglio, flat, bevelled edges. Design :-Central stem, bearing half-way up a circle, and at top a crescent. On each side, at base, a leaf curling outwards ; and a cross-band binding stem and leaves together. In space above leaves, on one side a crescent, on other a star. r x 3 ". Pl. V.

Khot. oo86. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat. Roughly scratched work. T.ion galloping to L. Coarse. A. x I". PI. v.

Khot. 0087. Round garnet intaglio, piano-convex. Head and fore-part of wolf (?), with jaws open, galloping to L. Very rude work. Diam. â'". Pl. v.

Khot. oo88. Elliptical garnet intaglio, piano-convex. Monkey of naturalistic type squatting on haunches to L., playing on long single pipe which he holds with both