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0197 Serindia : vol.1
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Sec. v]   THE SITE OF AK-TEREK   141

is bound to hide more ruins than those which my treasure-seeking guides knew of at the time. It would be useless to speculate about the successive periods which may be represented among them. So much, however, is certain that, as erosion progresses, it is likely to bring to light remains far older than those which were left behind when occupation last ceased. Who could say how often the j5éritéties of the struggle between irrigation and desert have been enacted before on this ground—or how long it may take before the wind-swept débris now bare will be hidden again under fertile fields ?



A.T. 03. Stucco relief torso fr., with part of neck and R. arm of draped seated Buddha ; left shoulder missing. Drapery rendered by stiff closely-set grooves. Second system of grooves (folds) crosses part of general one. Cf. A.T. o' 7 (not from same mould). Light red clay. 5-i" x 5*" x Ii"

A.T. 05. Stucco relief fr. of Buddha, seated cross-legged upon lotus calix. Below is part of lotus-leaf border of plaque. Drapery rendered by close parallel grooves. Head missing. Red clay with remains of white slip. Delicate workmanship. 2h" x 2i" (head lost).

A.T. o8, og, 025 (joined). Stucco relief fr. of Buddha, draped, seated. Lower part of face, L. side of halo, R. upper arm and torso to waist. Drapery rendered by stiff closely-set grooves ; transverse folds round neck. From same mould as A.T. 017. Light red clay. 6 " x 8".

A.T. oil. a. Stucco relief fr. of halo, with L. shoulder of draped fig. attached. Red clay. 5r" x 4".

A.T. 012. Terra.cotta appliqué orn. Bull's (?) head. Very rude. I1"x r".

*A.T, o17, on. a (joined). Stucco relief fr. of Buddha. Plain peaked halo. Hair and Usnisa smooth like cap. Eyes nearly closed, elongated, slightly slanting. Ears large, lobes elongated and pierced. Mouth and chin delicately worked. Draped torso; both arms,L. shoulder, and all below waist missing. Folds marked by stiff closely-set grooves; transverse folds across R. shoulder. Light red clay. No signs on back of any attachment. 12" X 7r" ; 3" thick. Pl. VIII.

A.T. o6, o9. a, oI I, 013, 014, 015, 020, 021, 022+027, 023, 024, 028, 034, 035, 036; 00113; iv. 00112 from same mould.

A.T. 033. Stucco relief fr. of cylindrical object with hemispherical top ; perhaps human toe. Drab clay. 2" x


A.T. 038. Terra.cotta fr. of rider on camel; forequarters and hump of camel, R. leg and foot of rider (monkey ?) remain. Hair marked by rows of incised lines. 44" X 3". Pl. IX.

A.T. 040. Fr. of pottery, orn. with applied palmettes pendant from moulding of neck. Fine light red clay. H. 1 Ay" X I l ". Pl. IV.

A.T. 041. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, having appliqué elliptical jewel-like bosses. Bright red clay. Ii" x

A.T. 042. Fr. of pottery, om. with tool-incised lines, curves, and dots. Very fine terra-cotta coloured clay, highly finished surface. 1" x

A.T. 043. Upper part of terra-cotta monkey ; wears conical fur cap with tail falling from peak to waist ; clasps water-skin to breast. R. arm and all below waist lost; remainder still good and sharp. Body made in two halves, arms separate. H. i. ". PI. Ix.

A.T. 044. Terra-cotta head of camel ; small punched eye ; unworked tuft of hair over forehead. Condition poor; work roughly finished by hand. H. ff"; width 1"; thickness A". Pl. IX.

A.T. 045. Fr. of pottery. Upper part of handle. From attachment thick leaf-like projection curves outwards and downwards ; at back thin flat lip of vessel. Brown clay, very finely finished. 1f" X 1f". Pl. IV.

A.T. 046. Terra-cotta head and bust of monkey, wearing fur cap. Top of R. arm preserved, set forwards and slightly downwards. Probably a skin-carrier as A.T. 043. L. arm entirely lost and R. from just below shoulder; body from below breast. Rough work ; solid moulding; hand-finished. H. tr.

A.T. 046. a. Terra.cotta appliqué orn. inform of double leaf, from vase. Light red clay. 1i" x

A.T. 047. Terra-cotta torso of nude fig. ; base of neck to waist. Head, body below waist, R. arm and L. from below shoulder, lost ; front of body broken off diagonally from R. shoulder to L. flank. H. I$".

A.T. 051. Fr. of pottery from shoulder of hand-made vessel having appliqué orn. of palmette and grape-cluster pendant. Gritty red clay, very smooth outside ; re-fired. H. ii". PI. IV.

A.T. 056. Terra-cotta camel ; head and part of neck of; dot-circle eye ; hair incised in parallel rows; large tuft