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0518 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 518 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.A. vs. ii. 0028. Fr. of silk fabric, brownish yellow, finely corded, with bit of rough stick to which short edge was evidently attached. Seam running lengthwise through silk. A banner (?). Silk c. I' 5-" x 6" ; stick (broken)

2iß .

L.A. vI. ii. 0023. Fr. of leather, thin, tanned. Gr. AI. 48".

L.A. VI. ii. 0030. a-b. Two leather shoes. (a) R. shoe complete. Upper made in two pieces, one forming the toe-piece, the other the heel-piece. Towards instep and middle of outside edge of foot where these uppers meet, their top edges are cut down towards sole, leaving wide V-shaped gap. Marks of stitches along top edges, for a binding. Broken. Sole of single thickness. 9e" X 3" (broken). (b) Sole of L. sandal. From hole between first and second toes come two thongs, secured by knot below. Holes for similar thongs by edge half-way down each side and on each side of heel. Single thickness of leather. ro" x 41-".

L.A. VI. ii. 0031. Fr. of leather shoe ; heel-part of sole with sinew stitching round edges; coloured purple underneath. 3*" x 31°.

L.A. VI. ii. 0032. Shoe-sole of woven string, part of; very close firm texture and much solidified by earth. 6i"

x 3a .

L.A. VI. ii. 0088. a-b. Frs. of grass and leather rope. (a) Of twisted grass, doubled on itself and knotted at intervals of c. I°; ends broken. Length C. 2' 4". (b) Of twisted thongs ; one thong doubled upon itself to give two strands, another (tied to the bend with sinew) giving the third ; second sinew binding at other end. Length, three strands 7".

L.A. VI. ii. 0034. Hemp-string (?) net, b:- oken ; for netting game ; meshes C. 2" sq.

L.A. v1. ii. 0035. Fabric frs., ragged, including one piece of fine brick-red woollen material, loose texture, with strip of similar yellow stuff sewn to it ; two frs. of coarser buff material, hemp, even texture ; and two scraps of fine buff silk, brittle. All plain weave. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Gr. length I' 3".

L.A. VI. ii. 0036. Fabric frs., chiefly buff hemp and silk materials, with scraps of dark blue silk and brown felt, and piece of string and fine red woollen thread. Texture of one piece of buff silk extremely fine. Ragged, plain weave. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Gr. length of fabric 8".

L.A. VI. ii. 0037. Fr. of felt, light yellow, much eaten away. Gr. M. 7".

L.A. vi. ii. oo38. Two bands of coarse woollen fabric, yellow; one single, edges oversewn; the other folded to give four layers thickness, much frayed. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Gr. length 91"

L.A. vs. ii. 003g. White stone bead, sausage-shaped, pierced lengthways ; rudely cut. r 8" x 14".

L.A. VI. ii. 0040. Miniature wooden spatula, with flat pointed blade. 24" xiv to An. Pl. XXXV.

L.A. VI. ii. 0041. Goose feather, drab-coloured. Length 4".

L.A. vs. ii. 0042. Fr. of felt, chocolate brown, with remains of woollen fabric sewn on face with dark blue wool. Woollen fabric has buff warp and red weft. Much worn. Gr. M. 3".

L.A. VI. ii. 0043. Two frs. of horsehair gauze, both warp and woof ` wrapped-twined ', and piece of dull purple silk twisted into cord. For gauze see also L.A. vi. ii. oo6o. Gauze, gr. m. 2k", length of cord t' 1". Pl. XXXVII.

L.A. VI. ii. 0044. Dried florets, stamens, etc. of saffron (?), tied up in small piece of coarse woollen cloth.

L.A. VI. ii. 0045. a-b. Fabric frs. (a) Fine striped woollen darn, woven in satin twill, in bands of colour in following order :—deep red, dark green, yellow-green, bright yellow, saffron, violet ; warp pale blue twisted yarn. I " x I•i . (b) Very fine figured silk, with eccentric meandering lines of white, bearing occasional leaf-andflower-like spots in green, blue, and yellow on rich red ground ; warp crimson ; weave a fine satin twill. x x Ir. P1. CXI.

L.A. vI. ii. 0046. Fr. of coarse woollen pile-carpet. Warp of thin brown string ; weft, four picks of loosely twisted yarn, well packed; pile, a soft woollen yarn, four-ply, c. 1" long, turned twice round each end' of warp forming a very firm knot. The length of pile is sometimes more than the in. There are about four rows to the inch (vertical), and about eight knots to the inch (transverse) : = thirty-two to one inch sq. On back, at intervals of five picks of weft, are rows of long woollen tufts. Each tuft consists of two soft woollen yarns very slightly twisted and c. 5" in length, slipped under every tenth ' end ' of warp, no knot being tied and the two ends of tuft floating free. The object of these may have been to prevent the carpet's slipping on a smooth floor.

The colours used are black, dull white, red, pink, buff, yellow, bright blue. A fine green occurs, but may be caused by damp and heat affecting the blue accidentally. The ground colour is red and pink, with indistinguishable pattern in lines, sometimes straight and sometimes meandering, of the other colours. The order of the colours in a band which seems to be part of the border is :—red and pink, white, buff, blue, black, red. The technique closely resembles that of the modern cheap Japanese rug. The tufts at back are now absent, and the pile knot is more simple and not so strong. The quality of wool (or fibre) is also inferior in the modern rug. Well preserved ; colours bright ; wool very brittle. 8 " x 9f'. Pl. XXXVII.

L.A. VI. ii. 0050. a-g. Seven wooden writing-slips, blank, (a) and (6) complete, rest broken. Condition good except (f) rotten. Gr. length (complete) 9g".