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0162 Serindia : vol.1
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[Chap. IV

Yo. 007. d. Terra-cotta monkey head, grotesque, entirely without modelling. Hair indicated by incisions on brow and lip. Eyes formed by small round stamp. Moustache incised. H. t".

Yo. 007. e. Terra-cotta mask of monkey ; from front mould. Features indicated by stamping and incision. Rude work. H. i-".

Yo. 007. f. Terra-cotta monkey head in round. Though worn, head is carefully executed, eyes set in sockets, chin and cheeks modelled. Hair on face rendered by punctured dots, longer hair on back of head by stamps of semi-circular punch. Closely resembles Y. or I. a, q. v. H. 1a".

Yo. oo8. a. Terra-cotta fig. of camel ; hind-legs and hump lost ; shows traces of rider or load behind fore-hump. Very crudely modelled. H. I i" ; length 28". Pl. II.

Yo. 008. b. Terra-cotta Bactrian camel. Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLVII, Y. 0012. I. Hair scored, mane below neck incised. Eyes compass-incised ; fore-legs missing. Poor work. H. 18"..

Yo. oo8. c. Terra-cotta camel of normal type but slightly larger size ; traces of burdens attached to either flank between humps. Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLVII, B. ool, j. H. 3j". Pl. II.

Yo. oo8. d. Terra-cotta miniature camel of normal type. Hair scored. Rough work. H. Is".

Yo. oo8. e. Terra-cotta head of camel, normal type. Length Iiu".

Yo. oog. a. Terra-cotta head from male fig. High forehead. Hair straight across middle, then looped down

heavily to ears.   Dotted circle (Tilaka) on forehead.
Eyebrows scored. Eyes almond-shaped, in relief. Thin nose and small mouth ; drooping moustache. Back of head missing. Poor work. H. Ir.

Yo. oog. b. Terra-cotta fr. of male face. All above L. lower eyelid and R. of nose lost ; nose round-ended and not very prominent, large rope-like moustache. Three lines enclosing two rows of dots follow contour of lower jaw representing gorget (?). Lower eyelid and cheek well modelled. Original length of face c. 4". Pl. I.

Yo. oog. c. Terra-cotta male face from statuette. High forehead. Hair makes horizontal line across and is then looped down to top of ears. Eyes long and narrow, slightly slanting, deeply incised on plane of face. Eyebrows incised and punctured. Small nose. Short mouth with corner punctured. Long moustache and short curly beard. Rings in ears. Good effective work. Back of head missing. H. IA". Pl. III.

Yo. oog. c. 1. Terra-cotta male head (front cast). Straight moustache, small beard on under-lip and slightly curly beard on edges of jaw. Forehead bald, thick masses of hair on either side of head. Eyes slanting, in relief. Much damaged. H. r-A".

Yo. oog. c. 2. Terra-cotta male head. Hair cut in straight fringe along brow ; eyes long and narrow ; incised. Small moustache. Back of head missing. Poor work, much worn. H. xi".

Yo. oog. c. 3. Terra-cotta fr. of male head, moulded. Forehead high, narrow and bare ; eyebrows very thick and prominent ; eyes prominent, wide nostrils, straight thin moustache and curly beard round edge of jaw. Bold work. H. 2". PI. III.

Yo. oog. c. 4. Terra-cotta head and trunk of male fig. Eyes prominent. Hair parted in centre. Straight moustache, small imperial beard. Round neck strap from which hangs knife (?). H. zA".

Yo. oog. d. Terra-cotta male face. Long narrow eyes, prominent. Straight, stiff moustache. Beneath ears are indications of hair, either whiskers or tufts brought round behind ears. Hair brushed up over forehead as Yo. 009. d. 1-7, with turban above. Top and back of head missing. Good detailed work. H. â". Pl. III.

Yo. oog. d. 1-7. Terra-cotta female head from statuette, one of series. All these differ in details (cf. Yo. 009. h), but have common style of hair-dressing. Hair brushed straight up from forehead with central parting, making double pompadour. This kept in place by elaborate comb, consisting of decorated front bar with pendants at each end reaching below ears, and a cushion behind. From top and front of head hair, gathered in short pigtail, was brought between bar and cushion of comb and hung back over latter. Two short curls were curved out over cheeks almost to corners of mouth (not in all examples). Back hair fell straight ; then was gathered in pigtail which was turned up to back of head and pinned over short pigtail that passed over cushion. See Yo. 0041. f, g. Front hair, forming pompadour after passing through comb, was brushed sideways and down over main mass of back hair. Cushion is four-pointed ingot-shaped.

Faces full and round ; eyes long and narrow, à fleur de life ; mouths small with upturned corners; receding foreheads and chins.

Series includes Yo. 009. d. I-7 ; 009. e. I ; 009. f ; 0041. f, g, h, 1, m. Length of face varies from i" to 1", and 8" to •".

Yo. oog. d. r. Pompadour complete. Curls on cheeks come almost to corners of mouth. Back of head missing. Eyebrows punctured, with dot between. Good work. H. 'E. Yo. 009. d. 2. Small, with fr. of bust. Rude work. Back missing. H. ri". Yo. 009. d. 3. Small. From behind pompadour rises pigtail which falls over roll cushion and is met by long pigtail rising from nape. Side-hair looped over ears. Features rudely marked. H. r. Yo. 009. d. ¢. Small and very rude. Compass-incised eyes, str. slit mouth with punctured corners. Hair only suggested. H. xi". Yo. 009. d. f. Large. Pompadour complete; pigtail and back of head missing. Eyebrows punctured ; features strongly incised. H. ri". Vo. 009.