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0188 Serindia : vol.1
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[Chap. IV

mentioned was struck again to the south-east. Here a belt of flourishing desert vegetation, including many wild poplars, indicated the course of still subsisting subsoil drainage, and we halted for the night near a brackish well known as Tar-kuduk.


Rawak. ooi. Pottery fr. of bowl of fine red ware. Plain rim ; orn. slightly below edge with two sunk lines. Exterior surface has irregular bands of pebble burnishing. X

Rawak. 002. Spindle-whorl of light red terra-cotta ; found near Stupa base. Diam. ii"; thickness i".

Rawak. 003. Stucco relief of standing Buddha,

resembling K. S. 007. (Brought by Kasim, of Tawakkel, as found at some ruins near Rawak.) Work, however, much looser. Halo has border marked by a groove. On robe traces of red. Feet broken off. Hard white stucco. 6" x 2 ".

Rawak. 004. a, b. Two pieces of plaster, soft, friable. Practically no surface left. (a) 2" X Ii" Xi"; (b) I-i" x I l" X i".


Kök-kum. oor. Pottery fr. of handle ; hard dark red ware covered with very dark blue-green glaze. Ii" x I!".

Kök-kum. 002. Pottery fr. of hand-made vessel. Illlevigated reddish-yellow clay. r "x ii".

Kök-kum. oog. Pottery fr. of hand-made vessel. Dark red gritty ware ; one surface is smooth, the other rough. I"xr".

Kök-kum. 004. Pottery fr. of splayed rim, in light reddish-yellow wire. Wheel-made. i" x

Kök-kum. 005. Pottery fr., dark grey ware ; rather gritty ; no ornament. I" x I".

Kök-kum. 006. Pottery fr., hard-fired, grey, quite free from grit ; outside shows traces of bright green glaze. InXg".

Kök-kum. 007. Half of white stone disc ; flat, smooth, polished, pierced at centre. Thickness A" ; diam. r i-'-ff" ; diam. of hole s".

Kök-kum. oo8. Short octagonal pencil, of substance resembling graphite. Pointed at one end, pierced through at middle; marks on paper. xi" x ".


N. of Suya. oox. Terra-cotta appliqué fr. of ornament, elliptical with bead setting. I" X I".

N. of Suya. 002. Terra-cotta appliqué fr. Rosette of nine round bead-like petals in circle round centre bead. Diam.


Ki. oi. a. Stucco relief fr. of lotus wreath, like Ki. 012. White stucco. i "x r".

Ki. oi. b. Stucco relief fr. of hanging drapery with zigzag folds. White stucco, burnt. 31" x

Ki. oi. c. Wood-carving ; part of Buddhist rail. Sq. post-bases in high relief bearing in-cut X's. These joined by two rails on lower plane, between which sq. holes. Broken above, below, and at each end, Hard, but split. "XIS"XI".

Ki. o3. Stucco relief fr. One of many representing flames ; each flame cast separately, an elongated S curve, with parallel grooves, ending in small whorl. White stucco, burnt. Full length 4". Ki. 03, 2". (a) From same mould Ki. o8, OII, 014, oo6, 009. (b) Corresponding, but with opposite curve, Ki. oq, 010, 013, 004, oo8.

Ki. 04. Stucco relief fr. . Spiral curl of hair, on a flat disc. Diam. ii".

Ki. 06. Stucco relief fr. of drapery in S curve. Traces of green paint preserved in the grooves. White stucco, burnt. C. 2," x x".

Ki. 07. Stucco relief. Fan-like end of drapery. Traces of red in grooves and on back. Light drab mud. 31" x

2"x A".

Ki. o8, og, ono, on, oi3, 014. Stucco relieffrs. Flame. See Ki. 03.

Ki. 012. Stucco relief fr. of lotus wreath. No colour. White stucco. 2,J" x Ir.

Ki. ors. Stucco fr. Tip of R. big toe of life-size fig. Outer shell. No colour. White stucco. Nail f" x " ;