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0566 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 566 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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M. r. xii. oos. Fr. of reddish-brown silk damask, ground plain, pattern twill, loose weave ; pattern, repeating hexagons in outline, each containing six-petalled rosette; much decayed. 9" x 4r.

M. I. xii. oo6. Bundle of felt cord, as M. I. oo86, but finer ; made of two or three buff strands laid side by side and joined by a coating of red felt. Average length 2'6".

M. 1. xii. o07. Strip of thin cotton gauze, buff; twined weaving very open but regular ; warp threads run in pairs, and, after every three rows of woof, the threads in each pair are crossed over each other, the R. thread becoming the L. They remain thus for another three rows of woof, and are then crossed back to their original positions ; the crossings occasion interval in which there is no woof thread. Decayed. (Analysed by Dr. T. F. Hanausek.) 4' X C. 3r.

M. I. xii. 008. Fr. of thin blue-green silk ; plain weave, even texture ; much decayed. 2r x I$".

M. 1. xiii. o01. a. Flat oblong pouch of yellow felt, cut out in four pieces-front, back, flap cover, and long strip forming bottom and sides-and sewn with buff thread. Cover is cut in pointed trefoil shape, and by means of red string at point was tied over to another string attached to bottom of bag in front ; handle made by another (pink) cord attached to top corners of bag; front edge of mouth and edge of flap bound with buff silk sewn with red, and flap also orn, with row of red stitching.

Ears' left on strip forming sides to protect top corners. H. 3*", with flap 7", width 5$", depth (back to front) â". Pl. L.

M. 1. xiii. ooi. b. Skein of goat's-hair yarn, dark brown, wound upon stick. Length 4-k"

M. I. xiii. ooi. c. Piece of leather scale armour, prob. from same suit as M. I. ix. 002. 2"

M. 1. xiv. 0073. Fishing net of stout string ; meshes (average) I-"-I8" ; knotted together and considerably broken. C. 4' sq.

M. 1. xiv. 0074. Piece of leather scale armour, lacquered inside dark red-brown, outside brilliant red; orn. with fig. like reversed S with short detached bar above and below. Pattern scraped out as in M. I. 0069, etc., showing underlying coats of lacquer (red-brown and yellow); central line raised and consequently red. Three holes down each long side, and two across top end ; also pair of holes parallel to latter, but r from edge. No top coat of lacquer down side where next scale overlapped. Condition good. 31" X 21". PI. L.

M. 1. xv-xvi. ooi. Three frs. of coarse woollen fabric, plain weave, red to buff, loose and somewhat irregular texture. Largest piece, c. 6r sq. Also fr. of brick-coloured twill fabric (two-ply weft), much eaten away, Gr. M. 4i", and piece of hemp cord (2 strands), knotted. Length c. 5y

M. I. xv-xvi. 002. Fr. of bronze plate, thin, corroded. Irx I".

M. I. xv-xvi. 003. Bronze slag, irregular lump. Imo" x 8" X 8" to r.

M. I. xv-xvi. 004. Piece of leather scale armour; green ' leather, lacquered black outside and in ; holes as in M. t. xxiv. 0040 ; bronze rivet near one edge. Condition good. 24" x 2k".

M. I. xvi. oox. Bar of horn ; in section, triangular with flat top ; bevel taken off each end ; bevelled surfaces and sloping sides, and under surface covered with fine oblique lines, as of file. Length 4-'g", H. 1", width of base 6".

M. I. xvi. 0014. Fr. of red woollen fabric, loose plain weave ; with small ball of ends of light buff thread and tangled mass of the same. Length of fabric c. I' 2". Ball, Pl. Li.

M. 1. xix. oos. Frs. of birch-bark ; surface stained blue-black and lacquered red. Largest fr.

M. 1. xx-xxi. o01. Fr. of coarse buff woollen fabric. Regular weaving, threads running in pairs ; one edge and end turned in and sewn ; remains of felt lining behind; perhaps part of heel-piece and side of shoe. 6" x 3" Pl. XLVIII.

M. 1. xx-xxi. 002. Fr. of pinkish•buffwoollen fabric; loose twill weave ; dirty and discoloured. 6" X 5".

M. 1. xx-xxi. 003. Three frs. of salmon-coloured woollen fabric, sewn together with buff thread ; evenly woven, rather loose texture ; ragged, insect-eaten, and faded. 8" x 6".

M. I. xx-xxi. oo4. Fr. of string netting, as M. I. xiv. 0073. Length I' 8", mesh II" sq.

M. 1. xx-xxi. 005. Frs. of Sat plaited band of buff wool, knotted ; shoe-string (?). 64 x c. s".

M. I. xx-xxi. oo6. Fr. of very coarse buff woollen fabric, with edge turned in and signs of stitching ; lining of shoe (?). Woof pressed closely together, and warp threads almost invisible. 5k"x 3k". Pl. XLVIII.

M. I. xx-xxi. o07. Fr. of buff woollen fabric, plain weave, two-ply weft ; very soft and decayed. Gr. M. 4"

M. I. xxi. 1. Reed pen with slit nib. Length 3r"

M. I. xxi. ooz. Fr. of bottom of lacquered wooden box, as M. I. iv. 0030. 5" x Is".

M. 1. xxi. 004. Two frs. of woollen fabric (darn), same type as M. I. oo88 ; warp dark brown ; woof red (ground colour), yellow, dark green, and blue. Pattern : variety of key, outlined with band of green and yellow. Gr. M. 6". Pl. XLIX.

M. I. xxi. 005. Fr. of coarse red woollen fabric, roughly woven. Length 41"

M. 1. xxi. 006. Fr. of muslin-like silk (?) fabric, resembling M. I. 0087 ; pinkish red. C. 3" X 2â".