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0527 Serindia : vol.1
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border at this part. Perhaps from side of cupboard opening, the raised border making its frame on one side. 8' X Ii" X fu" to Tg". Pl. XXXIV.

L.B. Iv, v. 003. Ivory rod, broken both ends, roughly rounded and tapering ; cf. L.B. iv. ii—v. oor. Length 3', diam. i" to A.. Pl. XXXVI.

L.B. Iv. v. 004. Fr. of carved wood, perhaps upright from piece of furniture. Both sides apparently finished though not true. On one side fr. of cross-piece in same piece of wood. One end sq., other broken and charred, with remains of dowel-hole parallel to cross-piece. Back plain. In front, two rows of chess-board pattern, alternate squares sunk 116". 4" X c..4" X V". Pl. XXXIV.

L.B. Iv. v. 005. Wooden needle, flat and oblong in section towards eye, rounded towards point ; a notch cut in blunt end ; eye, a round hole " in diam. 9r" x


L.B. Iv. v. 006. Wooden shaft of bird-arrow, showing attachment of wooden head (broken). At one end rounded notch cut for string, and shaft slit clown sides for insertion of feathers. Splices of horn remain in slits, but feathers gone. Marks of tight binding. Towards other end shaft is cut to a long V-point and spliced into another length of wood ; prob. end of head, but cf.' L.B. Iv. 005. Fastened prob. with gum, as no signs appear of binding. Length 7f", diam. ?g" to ".

L.B. Iv. v. 007. Half of wooden knife-sheath, flat on inner side but bevelled on outer to half octagon. Inner side hollowed out, the hollow ending in a rough point towards one end. At this end, sheath is finished off sq. ; other end partly cut, partly broken. 7' x " X

9 "

TI •

L.B. Iv. v. oo8. Fr. of lacquered wood, two sides and one corner squared, others broken. Two small bolt-holes on short side, one near same corner on long. Running into long side parallel to short side a dowel. Wood on each side overlaid With cloth woven of fibre, over which lacquer is applied. Much destroyed ; on one side black, on the other red. Cf. L.B. Iv. v. 002. 10k" X 2*" X

L.B. Iv. v. oog. Fr. of lacquered wood, straight, sq. or oblong in section, but back split away. At one end tenon, at other traces of hole, Tg" in diam., pierced from front to back. Three finished sides lacquered black. ro" x r x C. r.

L.B. Iv. v. ooio. Fr. of wooden knob, lathe-turned, shaped like thistle-head, orig. painted red ; counterpart to knob of L.B. n•. i. a. H. 3"

L.B. rv. v. ooI1. Bundle of white felt cuttings ; narrow strips tied together. Gr. length c. 7', gr. width

L.B. Iv. v. 0012. Part of wooden panel or bar, carved in relief. Design, an undulating stein broken by.a joint at each turn ; a line of nail-head orn. running along its centre throughout. Each joint throws out three long lily-like leaves which palmette-like lie one beside the other in

receding planes in hollow of stem. On convex side a single small leaf is thrown out. Work vigorous and well designed, style very Hellenistic. Ground sunk, leaving sq. moulding at one edge. Both edges finished, both ends broken. At one end is part of mortice transverse through thickness, T" wide, and-in the back (surface split off) are marks of two dowel-holes for securing tenon. At same end but on other edge is part of mortice through the width. On broken edge mark of transverse dowel-hole. I' z" X 33ag"X Ia". Pl. XXXIV.

L.B. rv. v. 0013. (S.E. corner.)' Wooden upright from piece of furniture, probably chair, carved in form of grotesque beast standing with large head sunk on breast, and lacquered red, black, and yellow. Resembles in general shape N. xii. 3. (animal carving), Ancient Kholan, ii. Pl. LXX, and like it recalls Persepolitan design. Beast has rounded muzzle, crocodile jaws and teeth, small upright horns.

Detail of upper part behind not clear, but back flat with mortice near top to take rail (4" x - "), and small projection on top cut in hook form towards back, probably for securing cushion. Triangular opening also cut through sideways behind horns. Below, body and legs run into truncated mass, the lower part roughly leg-shaped and divided in two vertically ; but hoof part solid and projecting backwards.

Lacquered red, except muzzle, sides of head, and space between horns, which are yellow with black and red markings to indicate mane or shaggy hair. Hoof also carved in circles, orn. with black and red spirals on yellow ground to show hair round claws, which are black. Inside of openings through head, and between legs, lacquered ; but groove cut vertically between feet in front showing signs of attachment, and dowel in breast unlacquered broken off flush with surface. Upper part most carefully finished in front, lower behind. Fine work, somewhat decayed. Cf. L.B. Iv. v. 0023. 9*" x I*" x I". Pl. XXXIV.

L.B. Iv, v. 0014-0016. Frs. of three lacquered wooden hoops, one sq. in section, the others flat ; flexible and covered with canvas under lacquer ; prob. parts of rim (sq.) and side (flat) of tray or dish. Rim was applied separately, and has come apart. Lacquered : inside red over black ; top of rim black with thin red line along each edge and red lozenges along centre ; outside of rim black with red line. Diam. apparently c. I'.

L.B. Iv. v. oo17. Fr. of side of lacquered wooden bowl ; black lacquer both sides rather decayed. Gr. M. 4r, thickness s'.

L.B. Iv. v. 0018. Fr. of lacquered wood, strip from angle of sq. upright. Black lacquer with floral (2) design in red. Length 7. ', width r (broken).

L.B. Iv. v. ooxg. Wooden stick, cut round very carefully and tapering quickly to one end (broken), slowly to the other. Through latter is small hole (barely fig" diam.), and thickness has been shaved down on one side. Prob. carpet-weaver's needle ; see L.B. ooi I ; rv. i. oo6. Length 7r", diam. ia' to }".