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0074 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 74 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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below hair at back of head. Ornamental discs in red with yellow dots and rings adorn the hair. Traces of black background on other edges of fr. For other examples of this coiffure see Kao. i. ii. o8, &c. 7" x 41"

Kao. z. ii. oil. Fresco fr. ; in lower R. corner, part of head of monk, with close-cropped black hair. All below R. eye and L. p. of bridge of nose missing, As background is seen white drapery with contours roughly painted in black. Over drapery is written in thicker brush strokes Uigur (?) inscr. in 2 columns (incomplete). 51" x3".

Kao. z. ii. oi8. Fresco fr., showing band of red, between pearl borders, white on black, and outer borders of blue. On red is floral scroll, green, the hollows filled by large pink flowers with blue centres. Beyond blue border are fine black lines on white ground and sweeping red drapery contour lines. 9" X 2" to 3".

Kao. z. ii. ozg. Fresco fr., showing part of halo (?), bordered by red band within buff band, on red ground ; and within halo, knot of orange-red drapery (?). 3" x 21".

Kao. z. ii. 020. Fresco fr., showing white drapery, indicated by heavy black lines, falling from covered blue band, with row of pearls along top. Above, again, remains of scarlet rosettes. Belongs to Kao. z. ii. 061-2 (q. v.). 6" x 3".

Kao. z. ii. 021. Fresco fr., part of chin, neck, breast and L. shoulder of male fig. in white coat, lined black. Short beard, and two ends of a red narrow band falling below chin. Black streamers or hair along shoulder as in Kao. iii. 019 and o20. Flesh, dark pink. Decayed at lower edge. Gr. fr. 5" x 4I".

Kao. z. ii. 022. Fresco fr., showing white drapery, lined black with two black ribbon-like ends on one side. In bad condition. 5f" x 3f".

Kao. z. ii. 023. Fresco fr., showing on fine blue ground green and yellow stems, lined black and partly furry at edges. A curved pink object at one side. Gr. M. 3f".

Kao. z. ii. 024. Fresco fr., much worn, showing remains of scroll and floral ornament in blue, green, and red. Gr. M. 3 i".

Kao. z. ii. 025. Fresco fr., showing on light blue ground a floating lotus with drooping petals, pink with white outline. 8" x 4" to 5".

Kao. z. ii. 027. Fresco fr., from border, showing fr. of return edge in clay. Surface shows band of buff by edge, then red ground on which is low-spreading broad-ended leaf (?), shaded in bands of black (centre), blue, grey and white, with black edge. On R. and L. ends similar green leaves almost meeting it. 71" x 2}" to 3".

Kao. I. ii. 029. Fresco fr., showing end of red drapery (?) with V-shaped folds, on red ground. Much worn. 3 " x 31

Kao. z. ii. o3o. Fresco fr., showing on blue ground a bolster-shaped object which may be a cushion or knee of a fig. resting on an emerald green pedestal (?). Cushion

white, covered with green lozenge latticework, with red spot in each lozenge prob. representing figured fabric.


Kao. z. ii. 032. Fresco fr., showing lower part of squatting figure (?) supported on a scrolling yellow stem. Tunic yellow, striped red. Yellow girdle loosely tied, outlined black. White pyjamas shaded grey, outlined black. Background crimson. 3f" x 2r.

Kao. L ii. 035. Fresco fr. ; top of head of Bodhisattva to R., against blue (?) halo. Black hair bound with white tenia supporting jewel in front. Tip of R. ear pink lined red. Background crimson with discoloured bands to L. Very faded. 5" X 21".

Kao. i. ii. 036. Fresco fr., showing long curved tapering bands of pale pink, with bright pink midrib and grey outlines, on green and pink background crossed by broad, wavy black lines. Free drawing. 41" x 3f".

Kao. z. ii. 037. Fresco fr., showing two rows of formal petal decoration, divided from each other and background by white bands, which are again subdivided along length by grey or black lines. Petals are arranged panel fashion, within black or grey outline frames ; one row red, the other blue. Perhaps from fig. in elaborately decorated armour, as Th. Buddhas, Ch. liv. 003, Pl. XXVIII. Traces of green background beyond. 3" x 3".

Kao. z. ii. 040. Fresco fr., showing blue band (colour almost gone), and red ground beyond, on which is part of circular rosette having blue petals edged with white and black. Gr. M. 41".

Kao. I. ii. 041. Fresco fr., much effaced, showing falling ends of green drapery with zigzag folds on buff (?) ground. 5/ x 2".

Kao. z. ii. 043. Fresco fr., surface much broken, showing fr. of floral (?) decoration. Gr. M. 2f".

Kao. I. ii. 045. Fresco fr., almost obliterated, showing frill of blue drapery making wave-like folds at bottom, and yellow band above, decorated with lozenge pattern in red outline and curves in blue. 51-" x 5".

Kao. z. ii. 050. Fresco fr., surface worn, showing row of formal lotus petals, or tabs shaded blue with white borders, and double buff band below and above. At extreme lower edge, red. Loop of beads hangs across petals ; red trefoil in corner by broken edge. Prob. part of costume. 6" x 4".

Kao. z. ii. 055. Fresco fr., showing forehead and part of hair of woman, to L. Same type of features and hairdressing, as in woman of Kao. i. ii. o8, etc. (q. v.), but less complete. L. eye preserved, somewhat oblique ; of coiffure, base only of loops with grey halo, and of red bud (?), preserved. c. 3" X 2".

Kao. I. ii. 053. Fresco fr., too fragmentary to be intelligible. 31" x 21".

Kao. z. ii. 054. Fresco fr., showing on grey ground curved transverse white bands shaded with grey and edged with