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0097 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 97 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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upper line, similar lines are also cut upwards at right angles. Gr. M. 3 ".

Toy. m. 010. Fr. of pottery vessel ; grey fine texture, wheel-made. Shows shoulder, with ridge running round above, and neck turning out immediately to everted rim (?). Gr. M. 3".

Toy. in. o11. Fr. of pottery spout ; dark grey, wheel-made, straight, broken each end. Length 3", external diam.

Ir.8 .

Toy. m. o12. Fr. of pottery ; showing band of comb-drawn wave-pattern between two bands of incised lines. Om. carefully incised. Grey, wheel-made. Gr. M. 5k". Pl. CIII.

Toy. m. 013. Pottery handle ; straight, turning in at right angles at top, as if from jar like N. xL.III.03, Pl. xXV. Surface blackened. H. 4", thickness c. f".

Toy. III. 014. Fr. of large pottery jar ; with (prob.) globular body, small mouth out-turned, and ear-handle rising from shoulder and joining lip at right angles. Grey, wheel-made. H. 6", gr. width 6". Pl. CIII.

Toy. in. o15-16. Two frs. of pottery saucer ; flat-bottomed, with curved side and plain straight rim. Fine clay, grey, surface blackened, wheel-made. Gr. M. 3}".

Toy. m. 017. Fr. of rim of pottery vessel ; short wide neck with everted lip ; fine clay, grey with black surface, polished smooth on inside of . neck. Wheel-made ; well shaped. Chord 4". Pl. CIII.

Toy. m. 018. Fr. of wall of pottery vessel, straight-sided ; with loop-handle attached. Plain straight rim, marked by incised groove I" below edge on outside. Grey blackened on surface, and polished prob. with steel tool, the downward strokes of which form irregular streaks on exterior. Roughly made, and worn. H. 4f" ; width preserved 3r". Pl. CIII.

Toy. III. 019. Pottery fr. Mass of coarse' clay, red, burnt hard, and blackened on fiat upper surface, which is pitted with rows of deep round holes as if punched by finger. One row of four preserved, and traces of another at each side. 4" x 24" x ii".

Toy. III. 020. Fr. of iron implement ; heavy ferrule, of which half only preserved, longitudinally. Apparently elliptical in section when complete. Cast in two-piece mould, the joint causing ridge down each side at long axis of ellipse. Broken at one end irregularly ; at other rough, just beyond a thickening which ran round pipe. Hole, f" diam. through wall for pin to connect to wooden handle. Rusted. Length 2", diam. 2r", thickness (average) f".

Toy. m. 021. Fr. of pottery from side of large vessel. Thick, grey, wheel-made, much encrusted with sand. Outside carefully polished and orn. with two bands of comb-drawn wave pattern, and incised annular line. Gr. M. 5 ". Pl. CIII.

Toy. m. 022. Small wooden ' cork'; roughly drum-shaped, with two notches cut opposite each other on upper


edge, to receive string for securing in mouth of vessel. Traces of red paint round outside. Roughly cut. H. Rff, diam. I}"•

Toy. III. 023. Fr. of pottery cup or bowl ; grey, fine texture, wheel-made. Side almost straight with plain straight rim. Painted black inside and out with dull glaze, to depth of r below rim. Well made. H. 2".

Toy. III. 024-5. Two frs. of pottery, prob. from same vessel. Grey, wheel-made ; 025 polished and in part scraped vertically with metal tool. Gr. M. 21", and 4f". Pl. CIII.

Toy. III. 026-8. Three frs. of pottery ; grey with

blackish surface, wheel-made.   026 part of slightly
inturned rim ; 028 part of out-sloping rim ; 027 flat. Gr. M. 2/".

Toy. III. 083. Misc. frs. of silk fabrics (found with Toy. III. ox). Including pale blue silk damasks ; one woven in diaper of concentric lozenges ; the other in diaper of elongated hexagons, the angular ends of one row fitting into spaces between angular ends of contiguous rows. In each hexagon an evenly spaced row of three square spots placed anglewise.

Outline of hexagons and solid square dots, in twill ; field of hexagons and fine dividing line between hexagons in tabby. As the transverse diagonals of square dots equal width of field of hexagons, the tabby spaces between squares form small hexagons with squares in centre. In some of the rows there are four squares in each long hexagon, the two end ones in twill surrounded by tabby and the other two in tabby on twill field.

Another fr., pale buff, seems to have pattern of rows of elliptical cartouches overlapping in direction of long axes and nearly touching in other direction. Border of cartouche is an angular cloud scroll. In centre, an eight-petalled rosette in outline ; in spandrels, four simple palmettes, open ends outward, the two horizontal palmettes longer than the vertical ones, and pointed, to suit shape of spandrel ; short ones, round.

Another fr., buff.with pink stains, shows part of elongated ellipse of cloud scroll, surrounding very stylistic tree (?). Coarse work and fragmentary. Two other frs., crimson, show parts of roughly drawn cartouche composed of broad outer and narrow inner band ; within, pair of confronting standing birds (phoenixes ?) with pair of scrolled pointed leaves in profile below. In spandrel, rosette composed of probably four fleur-de-lis-shaped arms extending from corners of curved-sided lozenge. Both frs. are cut from selvedge part of cloth and the pattern is cut across, above birds, by selvedge.

Other frs., buff with small lozenge spots ; pale pink with herring-bone pattern ; pale purple with elongated hexagon pattern described above ; and plain dark blue and buff. The pale blue forms a band (?) several.layers thick, and the other frs. are made into silk flowers, some of which remain sewn to band, others detached. Flowers composed of layers of silk of different colours, cut in whorls. of rosette shape of diminishing size, placed one over the