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0501 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 501 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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pairs of annular lines. Above, panels of vertical lines and horizontal zigzags. 31"X 2}". Pl. CXV.

R.R. vii. o17. Fr. of waterworn stone. 2" X ff".

R.R. vu. o1849, 21-2. Frs. of alabaster vessels. or8, from side of small bowl. Marbled grey. If"X I". 019, from mouth of jar. Usual outward hanging lip with broad flat upper surface. Marbled grey. Ch. of fr. ii";

H. r. 021, from mouth and side of bowl ; yellow streaked with red. IZ"X Ii". 022, thick disc foot of bowl and beginning of wall ; pale pink. Diam. of base it" ; H. of fr. i".

R.R. vu. 024-6. Stone arrow-heads. 024, grey pointed oval. 025, brown jasper, pointed oval. 026, black chert, unusually thin. Pl. CXII.


R.R. Vin. 02, 17-18, 30. Frs. of alabaster jars or bowls. Gr. fr. (030) 2"X Iz".

R.R. viii. 03, 4, 7. Flint (?) chips.

R.R. viii. 01o,16. Frs. of pottery. Thin grey, ` chalcolithic '. Each shows painted straight lip of vessel and below a pair of annular lines. Inside, a pair of festooned lines with slightly oblique hatching. Gr. fr. (oz6) ii" X I iS ".

R.R. viii. on. Fr. of pottery. Lip painted with solid brown-black band. Outside, below lip, between broad annular lines, painted ornament consists of a pair of stepped lines repeated. 2 "x d". Pl. CXIII.

R.R. vin. 012, 24. Frs. of pottery ; buff ; painted. 012, pair of annular lines round root of neck ; below, a hook shape with cross-hatched limbs. 3"X 31". Pl. CXIII. 024, from wall of jar. Four grouped vertical rows of large zigzag. To one side a pair of vertical lines. 3i"x 3i".

R.R. vIII. 014, 19, 21, 23, 25, 28. Frs. of pottery, painted ; buff. 014, annular band and ` scrabbled ' zigzag. I" X I". or9, a pair of plain lines and to L. a vertical band of three parallel zigzags. 2" X 3a". 021, part of two broad ` scrabbled ' zigzags. If x I". 023, two annular lines and below two zigzag lines. IA"x I". 025, pair of thick annular lines and part of scrabbled' pattern. 2"X Ii". 028, two pairs of lines touching each other at right angles. It"x ii".

R.R. Ix. o1. Fr. of pottery vessel, buff. Painted in brown with zigzag in double lines and cross-hatched kite shapes. 2+" X 2 "X A". PI. CXIII.

R.R. ix. 02. Fr. of pottery vessel, grey body, green-buff outer surface. Painted in brown-black, with band of hollow-sided hatched squares ; long hatched leaf shapes meeting at points below double line. 3f"X3-1"X4". Pl. CXIII.

R.R. Ix. 03. Fr. of small pottery vessel, buff ; outside, greenish. Orn. in brown-black lines, two bands and narrow hatched leaf pattern. i ft" x xi" x A".

R.R. Ix. 05. Jasper arrow-head, pinkish-brown, notched. Pl. CXII.

R.R. ix. o6. Jasper arrow-head, red, pointed oval, imperfect. Pl. CXII.

R.R. Ix. 09. Fr. of pottery, buff, with traces of brown pattern. leg" XI".

R.R. Ix. 010-21. Flint chips.

R.R. ix. 022. Fr. of bronze. Section like that of two-edged sword blade. Ii" X

R.R. ix. 026. Bronze rod, tapering very gradually towards one end and rapidly towards other. Corroded and broken into several pieces. Length 5" ; gr. thickness 16". Pl. cxvI.

R.R. xi. or. Fr. of alabaster jar, pink-banded, prob. lathe-turned. Part of bottom and wall. Bottom flat ; wall cylindrical, spreading slightly and gradually towards base. Inside of wall is not parallel with outside. Inside, bottom is bowl-shaped, while outside, the slightly spreading wall comes down squarely to base. Ch. of outside curve 2" ; H. Ii" ; thickness of wall 3~" to A".

R.R. XI. 02. Fr. of alabaster jar (?), with red-brown strata bands. Ch. ii" ; H. xi".

R.R. xi. 03-8. Frs. of pottery vessels, grey. Painted with brown-black lines and hatched leaf-forms. Gr. fr. (05) 1„x 4"x ré".

R.R. xi. oio. Fr. of pottery bowl, buff. Painted inside with border of extended triangles and in each triangle a ` scrabbled ' curved line ; outside eroded. 3"X 3f".

R.R. xi. o11. Limestone pendant, black and white, perforated. Pl. CXII.

R.R. xi. 012-13. Two bronze wire loops, probably link broken into two pieces. "x". Pl. CXVI.

R.R. xI. 014. Bronze seal, in relief, imperfect, prob. intended for making ink impressions. Square face, with central quatrefoil and four circles, one in each corner. Two concentric circles within each circle. At centre of each side of square a small loop, filling spandrel. All device in simple raised lines. Loop at back for cord. 4"X Ii". Pl. CXVI.

R.R. xi. 015. Chert point, grey, sand-worn. PI. CXII.

R.R. xi. 016. Chalcedony arrow-head, part of, discoloured by burning. Pl. CXII.