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0469 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 469 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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elongated vesica forms in grey outline, and pairs of lines. Each has a dab of turquoise on it. White glaze discoloured. I$"x24"

Zah. ozo. Fr. of plaster (?). Two surfaces of white plaster (lime ?). Within, a surface of brick-red plaster. 2g"X Ii"

Zah. ozl. Fr. of pottery ; from flat dish with part of low ring foot ; red. Glazed white with carefully drawn scrolls and clouds in cobalt blue. I4"X xi".

Zah. on. Fr. of pottery. Buff ; prob. from near centre of dish. Inner surface glazed with fine deep turquoise. Pattern shows two leaves, veined, in black only ; well painted. Patch of glaze on back. I â"X 1".

Zah. 012. a. Fr. of pottery ; from edge of dish. Buff with white glaze both sides. Inside, a border of very stylized curves on ground hatched in various directions in fine cobalt. Outside, a single line where contour changes. 2rX

Zah. 0X3, 014, 015. Frs. of pottery ; from dishes. White, gritty body. White glaze over blue pattern outlined grey. 013, shows on inside thin black angular stems with thin five-petalled blossom, with patch of blue on it and another near edges. Outside, glazed, and part of black scroll. Ii"X

I4". 015, from scalloped edge of dish ; body as above. Inside border, between pairs of annular lines, thin stems and flowers outlined black, with patches of blue on flowers. Outside, four pairs of thin grey lines. I "X z". 014, from edge of dish ; body as above. White glaze. Inside, between a border of two pairs of lines in grey, four-petalled flower with scrolling stems and leaves each side. Flowers and leaves washed in blue. Outlines grey. Outside, two pairs of annular lines. I }" X ii".

Zah. ox6. Fr. of pottery. Pink body. White glaze one side and bold pattern of large petal-shapes in black, between black lines. II"x ii".

Zah. 020. Fr. of pottery. Thin porcelain ; shows gently out-turning lip of Chinese type of bowl. White body, vitrified ; white glaze. Conventional pattern both sides, in soft hazy blue. 2k" X g".

Zah. oui. Fr. of pottery ; from thin lip of bowl. Glazed white all over. Body white and gritty. Inside, within a pair of fine blue lines, a stem bearing flower and small leaves ; all in blue outline with wash of blue on flower and leaves. Outside, pairs of thin annular lines, with a small circle surrounded by small buds. Washes of blue to strengthen pattern. -" x ya".


Gh. Ta. ox, 07, 09, 015, 016, 017. Frs. of pottery glazed green. or, fine brown-grey body with grey-green glaze on inside and part outside. I "x I-'~". 07, grey-green glaze inside, thick wave of dark green on part of outside. 1"X 0z5, buff sandy body with dark green glaze both sides. 21"x2". o16, buff sandy body. Part of flat rim of bowl covered with dark green glaze. I8" x i". 017, buff body. Fr. of rim, glazed both sides green. 2"x Xe". 09. Outside, below edge, a raised band closely notched with long upright notches. Inside, two thin incised border lines widely spaced. Glazed all over yellow-green. Badly flaked. If"X I4".

Gh. Ta. 02. Fr. of pottery vessel. Wheel-made. Warm buff, green-buff outside ; plain. IrX I$".

Gh. Ta. 03-05. Frs. of pottery vessels. Wheel-made ; terra-cotta ; decorated with curves and meanders made with toothed tool. 03, has three vertical curved bands. Between a vertical meander. All made with four-pronged tool, z"X 2". 04, curves, and meanders made with six-pronged tool, and deep annular line round shoulder. 2e"X 3". 05, curves made with five-pronged tool. 3"x 24". Pl. CXV.

Gh. Ta. 06. Fr. from pottery vessel. Wheel-made ; terra-cotta. Coated with thin pale pink slip, and painted inside with band of plain red, outlined on inner side with dark brown line. Within this, part of pattern in light brown lines and a spot of brilliant green. The whole glazed, but now dull. Light brown and green have ` run ' in the firing. I$"X xi".

Gh. Ta. o8. Fr. of pottery vessel. Wheel-made ; pale terra-cotta. Outside divided into two bands by groups of incised annular lines. In one band is a twelve-petalled rosette, delicately modelled in relief, and in the other a broad tassel shape placed sideways. These ornaments are done with stamps. I "x 1". Pl. CXv.

Gh. Ta. ow, on, 013, 014. Frs. from wall of pottery

vessels. Wheel-made ; terra-cotta.   Ribbed outside
similarly to Gha. 02, &c. 0zo, has unribbed space at one end. 2g"X 2e". ozr, very deep rich colour, has plain band between ribbed portions. 3a"X z ". 013, burnt black from inside to near outer surface. 1 "x 2 ". 014, very evenly ribbed. 1r x 2$".

Gh. Ta. 012. Fr. of pottery vessel. Wheel-made ; terracotta with fine surface colour. Regularly lined with annular rings inside, and irregular rings outside. 21"X 2$".


B.i-A. ox. Pottery fr., from wall of vessel. Red, evenly ribbed with softly rounded ribs and channels. z"X 2k". PI. CXv.

B.i.A. 02. Fr. of pottery. Rich red. Incised ornament

shows two ` willow-leaves ', drawn with triple-toothed tool. From between diverging sides of leaves a triple zigzag hangs vertically ; closely resembles ` chalcolithic ' painted pattern. 2g"X Ir. Pl. CXV.