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0180 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 180 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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beard. Remains of buff silk covering adhering to face, and dark-blue silk wrapping round head.

Ast. vi. 2. o8. Pair of model shoes, of silk and paper. Soles paper, from Chinese MS., writing almost effaced. Uppers of purple silk lined with buff canvas ; remains of purple silk binding round opening and edge of sole. Fair condition. Length 6". PI. XCIII.

Ast. vi. 2. 09. Imitation dagger-sheath, made of silk and paper ; of long finger-shape, paper entirely covered outside with blue silk, bound round mouth and down seam with purple. Length 5f", width of mouth Ir. Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 3. oI. Pair of shoes, made of paper and covered outside with crimson silk. Sole of strong canvas. [Paper used bears Chinese memoranda relating to purchases of wine and wheat.—Dr. L. Giles.]

Inside a few frs. of fine silk canvas. Well preserved. Length of sole c. 9" ; breadth at toes c. 3f". Pl. XCIII.

Ast. vi. 3. 02. Frs. of silk, plain white and lustrous, from garment padded with silk wool and lined with silk muslin. Very brittle. Largest 3' 6" x 3'.

Ast. vi. 3. 03. Two frs. of crimson silk, lozenge pattern with circle in each lozenge ; all in dots of pale yellow by ` resist ' process. Larger 4" x I". Pl. LXXVIII.

Ast. vi. 3. 04. Frs. of mitre-shaped hat, made of stiff paper covered with plain black silk, the paper being first painted black. The portions are : a semi-elliptical piece 7" x 6" ; rectangular piece (incomplete) 9" x 3f" ; oblong, pointed at one end, cut askew at opposite end on one side, other edges broken away, 9" X 4" ; pointed end of similar oblong 5" x 3f". Smaller frs. and pieces of brown silk. Brittle.

Ast. vi. 3. 05. Painting on paper, in black outline and roughly coloured here and there with red, brown, and green. Probably a single scene is represented. In the upper part an important stout personage with scanty beard and long moustache sits or kneels on a platform placed on ground. His hair is down to the nape of his neck in a close pad, his head covered by a mitre, without streamers. Pose I to R. p. In left hand a round fan with straight handle. R. hand extended to take funnel-shaped cup from kneeling attendant.

On ground to his R. is a painter's palette (?) divided into squares containing colours. Two brushes (?) rest on the palette. Behind him a cloak or rug hangs on a rail with his bow-and-arrow cases, and on the ground a sugar-loaf shaped object. An attendant at back ; his head appears, with hair flattened down and bunched into a small knot at each ear, a short thin wisp escaping downwards from each and curving upwards. Attendant in front wears hair arranged the same way, but only straggling wisps from one knot. He (or she) wears a vest with straight neck ; coat to thighs with V-opening to waist, which is girdled ; loose trousers and black shoes. The cup is offered in left hand with affected pose of fingers. In right hand is a ladle hanging by the hooked handle to his little finger. Behind

him are two figures, man and woman, kneeling, in voluminous coats and mitred heads. Hair of both is tightly dressed as that of principal figure. Evidently a visit. Above is looped drapery in red and green, probably of a Shamiana'.

In the lower register are to R. two musicians kneeling, one playing long whistle or flageolet, while the other beats

a small kettle-drum placed on short stool. Both wear mitres, with curtain hanging at back. Hair as of principal

figure ; costume as of attendant above. A skirted figure

with arms extended and long sleeves hanging beyond hands evidently dances, but the agitation is confined to the pendent sleeves. Bodice close fitting and over hips,

with waist-band and braces. A touch of red on each cheek suggests a female. Hair as of others with addition of large butterfly knot on top, a long upcurving wisp on each side from below, and a single angular thin wisp from one side above.

In foreground at R. corner, a figure in loose garments with one sleeve rolled up leans down, gathering grass or

making a fire. In centre foreground a three-tier table

supports a curious black object somewhat helmet-shaped
with three prongs at top, a tiny handle at one side and some-

thing hanging from the other ; on the whole resembling inverted cauldron. Below table, a vase ; farther along is a snare with coil of string attached.

To L. of dancer a table with three legs at each end, the three having a continuous three-arched foot (as in the

Ku K`ai-chih roll), and cauldron with ladle, as in Ast. ii. I. 01, 07, Pl. CIV, CVII. Below a squat bottle-shaped vase in a stand which has a hoop-handle arching right across.

A bullock-cart arrives from L., with a large awning over it supported by three hoops ; no driver. An orchard lies

between upper and lower registers, confined within a rectangle to L. of the picture. One or two other objects, among them a butter churn, probably of culinary use, lie to extreme L. of foreground. Paper is in two sheets joined across centre.

Note. In the above picture we have a rendering of a scene frequently depicted in the Han sculptures as repro-

duced in Chavannes' Mission archéol., e. g. on third stone

of Tsiao Tch`eng ts`ouen group, Pl. LXXVIII. In this
and others of the same type are found dancers, musicians,

cooks, and the butter churn. The whole scene suggests an elaborate picnic, perhaps connected with burial rites. 161"x18 ". Pl. CVII.

Ast. vi. 3. o6. Thin twig, with silk wool twisted round it. 2' 2k". Pl. XCI.

Ast. vi. 3. 07. Fr. of silk garment, made of blue silk spotted white similarly to Ast. vi. 3. 03, to which are attached two rectangular panels of embroidery on pale buff. Their border is composed of lines made like a brush stroke varying from thick to thin throughout its length, and coloured red and brown alternately in its length, with alternating lines of buff and white. Within a very stylized