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0100 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 100 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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band, with blue ground on one side and pale green on other. 4" x40.

Toy. iv. ii. 03. Fr. of fresco, showing buff object near one edge with detail in raised gold. At opposite edge an object in form of calf and back of knee, deep crimson, with a small patch of same colour near. Background dark blue-grey. Colours mixed with some strong medium giving a quasi lac-like surface. 3" x 2,I".

Toy. iv. ii. 04. Fr. of fresco showing floral pattern on white ground. Near one edge a patch of green, with dark-red rosette in profile, bordered white and with dark spots on red. Near opposite edge an elongated bud in shaded grey, on grey-black stem. Outlines black. 2" x Ii".

Toy. xv. ii. 05. Fr. of fresco, probably belonging to 03, but not joining. Same crimson colour suggesting parts of two legs with additional bands. Between bands and ` legs ', pale yellow green which also occurs in front of ' legs'. Remainder of background dark blue. ii" x I}".

Toy. iv. ii. 06. Fr. of fresco, showing R. hand grasping sword with raised gold handle, on dark-pink ground. At wrist, raised gold bangle. Lower part of hand and wrist missing. To L. of hand a mass of emerald green drapery (?). Hand, flesh colour ; sword white, shaded with pale grey. 3r X 2}".

Toy. iv. ii. 07. Fr. of stucco head ; R. side, showing ear and black hair combed smoothly back over top of head. Face-mask, now lost, was moulded separately ; see Toy. xv. ii. 059, o61, Pl. LXXII. Poor condition, sand-encrusted. H. 3".

Toy. xv. ii. 08-9. Two frs. of stucco head, resembling preceding, but smaller. Possibly belonging to Toy. iv. ii. 061, Pl. LXXII. o8 shows larger part of back of head, covered with black hair which has been combed smoothly down over it with fine-toothed instrument, and descends on to neck. White band passed round head above ear level ; ear not preserved. Fr. of neck painted red, shows in L. bottom corner. 09 shows only part of smoothly combed black hair. H. of o8, 2" ; width I" ; 09 (gr. m.),


Toy. xv. il. 01o. Fr. of stucco relief lotus petal, as on Padmâsana Toy. iv. ii. 075, Pl. CIII. Outer end only, showing tip and volute within. Gilded. 3" x z}". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. xv. ii. onI-15. Five frs. of painted stucco, prob. all from some monster fig., but 014 doubtful. All are painted in dark blue and red, and show, so far as preserved : orr. Part of white eyeball, red-rimmed with blue flesh adjacent. Eyeball convex with flesh falling away from it. 012. Tusk, white, curved, springing from red ridge of jaw, and overlying blue-painted surface. 015. Claw, small white, curved, projecting from blue- painted toe, red on under-side. Edge of sheath marked by ridge ; stick core. 013. Detached claw, painted pale blue. 014. Convex fr. with smooth surface painted in bands of red and blue. These last two colours seem to

have been mixed with a medium which gives a hard glazed surface. Gr. M. (0.12) 2*" x 2 " ; length of ors, 31". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 016. Fr. of stucco relief woman's fig. ; L. shoulder, breast, and upper arm with trace of black hair behind shoulder. Painted white. Well modelled. It" x 2r". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 017-33. Sixteen small stucco feet, and one pair (024) side by side. Majority broken off in front of heel ; a few at ankle, the latter mostly showing gilded ankles. Of varying sizes and painted red, white, or blue. In most cases, upper surface of foot seems to have been moulded separately, and foot then stuck direct on base (e. g. 019-22) ; in others, foot is moulded with rounded sole which is painted red or blue (e. g. 017-18, 031-2).

Toes marked, but not painted differently from foot except in the pair (024), where feet are painted vermilion and toes white, and 028 and 029, a pair (blue) where toes are also white. The red and blue slightly glazed and hard. Lengths 2" to I". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 034-40. Seven small stucco hands ; five R. and two L. All have fingers curled over towards palm in greater or less degree, from o38 where they are almost straight, to 037 where they are doubled right into palm. In many the tips are broken off. 034 is painted white (glazed) with red palm ; 035, 036, 039, red ; 037, white under-wash only remains ; 038, pale blue with red palm, and 040 fine dark blue (glazed) with gilded bangle and red palm. To last prob. belongs arm among Toy. iv. ii. 080-94. Bangle also on wrist of 037. Gr. length I}". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 041-53. Thirteen frs. of stucco relief orn., resembling branching flame. Short arms branch off irregularly from forked stems. Outline followed by incised line throughout. Painted red. Gr. M. (o4r) 3r x 3f". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 054. Fr. of stucco relief orn., prob. from head-dress. Formed of series of vertical bands expanding like sticks of fan, bound together at both ends by double band of plain, raised moulding.

Outside, and adjoining band at expanded end, is row of five circular jewels with punched depression in centres. Remains of red and green paint much dimmed. Moulded in fine stucco and applied to background of coarse grass-bound stucco, some of which still sticks. 2" X (gr. width) 2r". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 055. Stucco relief jewel orn. In form a cross, the centre stem formed of two sq. jewels on top of each other, and the points of four heart-shaped jewels. Angles of cross filled in with floral orn. The whole gilded, but gilding much dimmed. Cf. Toy. iv. 04o, &c. 2f" x xi".

Toy. Iv. ii. 056-7. Two stucco relief skulls ; flat and broad across upper part of head ; ending below in wide upper row of teeth ; no lower jaw or chin. Two large shallow depressions for orbits, and inverted V-shaped depression to mark nose. Hollows in sides of head.