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0174 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 174 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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crimson boots, now perished. R. compartment, head and shoulders of female figure in dark crimson robe spotted white, white kerchief, and blue braces. In hair, which is dressed turban fashion, a large gold double-barred ornament at R. side. Head / to L. p. delicate pink, deeper on cheeks, small red lips, red crescent mark with stem at outer angle of R. eye. A few thin hairs over ear. L. hand, raised to shoulder level, holds black object (toupee) with circular rosette (jewel) of gold red and pearls. A kind of palm-tree stem rises at back.

To R. p. stands an attendant (page ?) in soft pink robe, spotted pink, to ankles, and black girdle from which depend six ribbons studded with pearls. Sleeve long and pendent, hands missing. Hair black, parted in centre and tied in large close bunches over ears. Face long but full. Red stripe at R. eye and spot on forehead. Shoes (small part only remaining) orange vermilion. All outlines black.

To L. p. two small patches of orange vermilion drapery spotted white. 23" x 15 ". Pl. CV.

Ast. iii. 4. 010. b. Fr. showing two female heads I to L. p. That to L., smaller than the other, has straight narrow eyes ; red mantle V-shaped at neck ; large blue head-dress, with dark spot pattern, projecting above forehead and carried down each side of face covering ears. That to R., round face, straight, long, narrow eyes, turban coiffure with double-barred gold pin. Mantle yellow green with red spots. Stole dark green with red spots ; braces and girdle blue. Caduceus-shaped mark on forehead. Breasts indicated at V. Thin brown tree trunk at back. Split and pieces missing. 7r x 41". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. 010. c. Upper half of female figure / to L. p., to slightly larger scale than others. Face and neck full. Petal-shaped mark on forehead. Blue head-dress (missing) over centre of turban coiffure. Dark green stole, spotted dark over shoulders, and white fichu falling from V-opening. Yellow-green coat spotted red with orange red lining. Robe dark plum with spot pattern widely spaced, of white flower and green leaves. Indications of tree at back (corroded). A separate small piece of robe with part of stole and coat not joined up. 7" x 21". Small piece if, x a". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. 010. d. Fr. of orange-red robe spotted with white lozenge pattern, white band and braces. Point of white hangs from waist. To R. portion of pink drapery spotted dark pink. 51" x Ii". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. 010. e. Two pieces which do not join. In front, } to R. p., back view of woman's head, with coiffure as worn by attendants. Usual shaded pink cheek and red marks. Dark-green stole just visible at neck. Behind, another woman / to R. p. with fox or wolf tail head-dress over a kind of blue wimple, and gold oms. above. No hair visible. Portion of L. side of face missing. Long-sleeved pink robe spotted darker pink.

Fig. behind appears to hold large stringed musical instrument resembling a genkan with gilded edges, five frets, and long yellow head. No strings shown. Head of first woman obscures most of body of instrument, the sides of

which are foiled in prob. nine slight curves; that at top running up to neck. Both hands of musician are covered by her long sleeves.

To R. the gold-edged green cape or stole of a third person is just visible and is lined vermilion ; the robe, of which only traces remain, dull crimson. 5" x 2f". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. ozo. f. Fr. of head of woman, I to R. p., bending forward ; slanting eyes, pointed nose ; turban coiffure (part missing) ; trident-like mark on forehead ; thick eyebrows ; crimson stole. An indistinguishable object (perhaps her R. hand and cuff), pale yellow and white, touching R. cheek. ii" x I f". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. 010. g. Fr. of woman. L. p. corner of cheek with part of hair. Green stole and green coat with white spots ; crimson skirt with pink waist-band and braces. L. hand supports by its edge a transparent brown elliptical object (fan ?), the other end (handle ?) being prob. held in the R. hand. Much broken. Traces of outline of tree to L. p. 21" x ii". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. 010. h. Fr. in two strips (now joined) showing L. shoulder and upper arm, and part of face of woman in orange-red robe spotted white. Hair dressed over ears. Petal-shaped mark on forehead. Pose, bending slightly down to L. p. ; perhaps looking back over L. shoulder. White buds with pink chalices are falling from branches of tree above. Near R. edge of piece, a broken strip of dividing damask. Iol" x 31". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. 010. i. Fr. of tree with leaf resembling that of Ficus Indica. Each leaf outlined black, and the mass in two tints, dark and light. ay" x 2". Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. o1o. j. Mass of frs., both painted and plain, including remains of birds, of branches of tree bearing white buds with pink chalices, of foliage from tree, &c. Pl. CVI.

Ast. iii. 4. on. Painted silk. Miscellaneous small frs. painted in white body and brown body colour with coarse black outlines. Some frs. closely related in silk and painting to K.K. T. i. b. oI, Pl. LXI. Gr. fr. c. 41" x 3#".

Ast. iii. 4. 014. Clay model of pot or basin on stand (?). Exact significance undetermined. Shows deep round vessel on top of flat square lump of clay, with triangular piece of ` wall ' with stepped edges rising up at back. Whole roughly modelled in very soft pink clay full of fine hair, and painted over all light blue. Gr. H. 3r", gr. width (base of wall) 5}", gr. projection (from wall) ze". PI. XCIX.

Ast. iii. 4. 015. Clay Bactrian camel ; standing, with neck thrown back and head in air. L. foreleg lost ; otherwise complete and in fair condition. Animal is of clay plentifully mixed with straw, and body is built up on solid core roughly formed to shape, of bundles of straw bound together with string. Curving neck has core of one bundle of straw, bent to shape, and coated with thin layer only of clay, which is largely cracking off. Cores of legs are solid wooden sticks, }" in diam., projecting 3" to 4" below hoof.