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0098 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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other and sewn through. All silks much worn and faded. Diam. of flowers c. 3", gr. length of band 12". Pl. XLIII, LXXXV.

Toy. III. 034. Frs. of woollen and silk fabrics ; including one fr. of woollen rug, buff, with crimson and brown stripes ; one strip of plain grey silk, knotted ; one fr. of woollen cord, twisted of purple, red, and buff strands ; one fr. of figured silk, satin weave, pattern much perished but shows rosette in blue. Also fr. of figured silk, a double cloth, figuring yarn of fiat soft silk, yellow and dark blue ; no design on fr. preserved. Silk worn. Gr. M. figured silks 4" and 3", rug 6" x 4".

Toy. III.035. Wooden spoon, fr. of ; found with fabrics. Bowl oblong or elliptical, • slightly hollowed, end broken off ; handle straight. Roughly cut. Length of fr. 3r"

Toy. Iu. i. 02. Knife in wooden sheath. Sheath of wood, covered with thin paper lacquered black, with silver (?) ferrule on end and silver (?) binding round opening. Contains knife with straight blade, thick rounded back, edge

ground in a curve towards back at point. A deep broad channel runs along each side of blade near back, dying away as it reaches point. Black horn handle ; made in two flat pieces which are laid on either side. of tang of iron blade and secured to it by four iron rivets passing right through. Over end is small copper plate, through which also passes rivet-like end of tang.

Sheath shaped to contain, besides knife, two slender black wooden chopsticks (broken off), short, but still stuck in holes for their reception. Condition otherwise fair. Iron ring for suspension, attached to silver binding of sheath. Length of whole 9}", length of sheath 7", diam. c. r x f".

Toy. ni. ii. 08. a. Fr. of paper, with part of six columns of bold Chinese written text. At top of each. column a very imperfect impression of seated Buddha put on with a stamp. Paper stiff, discoloured (probably burnt at one end) and torn on three sides. 3}" x 4".

Toy. III. ii. 03. b. Fr. of paper cut in form of bilobate petal, shaded blue from base into pink at tip. 2" x if".


Toy. Iv. 07. Stucco relief fr. of bird flying to R. as Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXVI, Mi. xv. 0020. Head, tail, and lower wing lost, and tip of upper wing. Body punched to represent close plumage, and wing moulded to indicate quill feathers and short feathers at top. Painted, and blackened by fire (?). Wooden peg driven through body for attachment to other surface. 2" x 2r". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. 08. Stucco relief fr. Branching tongue of flame or spray of foliage as Toy. Iv. ii. 041-53, Pl. LXXII. Painted vermilion ; broken. 3f" x I "

Toy. xv. og. Stucco relief fr. R. arm (small), bent at elbow. Broken off at shoulder and below elbow. Painted vermilion with two armlets on upper arm, one a plain bead band, the other the same with a long oval plaque of floral orn. rising from it. Orns. moulded separately and appliqué ; gilded. Stick core as Toy. iv. ii. 080-94, Pl. LXXII. Length 3f", diam, 1".

Toy. xv. orn-16. Stucco relief frs., representing falling end of drapery, gathered in spiral scroll at top. oro and o16 fall straight and are painted greenish grey ; remainder are wavy, the drapery confined by ornamental band an inch or so below top and thence falling in zigzag curves. Remains of paint, vermilion and green, and of gilding. Length complete c. 3f" ; some are frs. only. Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. 017. Stucco relief fr. Part of upper arm as Toy. Iv. 09, with gilded armlet and plaque. Painted pink. Length I+f",

Toy. Iv. 018-23. Stucco relief frs. ; short triangular flame or jewel orn. rising from skull. Latter orn. as on bands Toy. Iv. 052-8. Front of jewels and teeth of skull 019 gilded and slightly blackened ; backs of jewels painted

vermilion ; backs of skulls left rough for application to other surface. 021-3 have lost skulls. Length with cap I}", gr. width r. Pl, LXXII.

Toy. iv. 024-5. Two frs. of small stucco cadavers ; head and bust only. Bodies mere tapering cylinders without arms or shoulders, broken off at waist or higher. Skulls broad and flat, with deep punched holes for eyes, no projection for nose but two holes for nostrils, and no lower jaw or chin but only upper row of teeth. Resemble on miniature scale Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXII, Mi. xviii. 007. 024 has two skulls one above other. Remains of dark grey paint. H. (024) If", gr. width fg". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. 026-7. Two stucco relief skulls ; small grotesque, with painted plaques of moulded floral orn. on top. Faces round, of semi-monster type, with holes punched far apart for orbits, small triangular snouts, and wide mouths. 027 in poor condition. Remains of pink paint partially discoloured black on faces ; of light red paint and gilding on head-dress of 026, and of gilding on head-dress of 027. H. I}", gr. width A".

Toy. xv. 028-39. Twelve small stucco relief skulls ; as preceding but without orn., except 029 and 03o ; orns. of these are broken. All considerably worn ; majority show paint discoloured to black. }" x

Toy. Iv. 040-51. Twelve stucco relief orns. ; small triangular moulded plaques of conventional scroll orn., from armlets as on Toy. Iv. 09, 017, or from heads as Toy. Iv. 026-7. All excepting 042, 043, and 048 consist of three tiers of cabochon jewels supported by scrolls and terminating in a point. The remaining three are entirely scroll-work terminating in circular jewel: All gilded, over