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0582 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 582 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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oz. Fr. of small Pôthi leaf, x x cm. high, 6 11., no writing on back. Stiff brownish paper.

M.B. IX. 02-04. oz. Small fr. of Chinese MS. roll with Thousand Buddhas stamped on in red ink (very little remaining).

  1. Small fr. with illegible Uighur cursive.

  2. Part of a Uighur document in very cursive characters (Turki). Rough paper, very brittle. Study can only be undertaken after careful treatment. There are about 13 II.,

some defective, on a space of about 21 X 17 cm. Some

illegible writing on back.

M.B. XII. 04-08. 05. Fr. of Chinese Buddhist text with

some cursive Uighur writing on back.

o6. Corner of Uighur Pôthi leaf (Turk!).

07. Corner of Uighur Pôthi leaf (Turk!).

o8. Small fr. of Uighur P6thi leaf (Turk!).

M.B. XII. og-oxo. 09. Fr. of a document in Uighur

cursive of earlier character, but hardly legible.

o10. Very small piece with a few Uighur characters.


Toy. I. ii. oxo. Fr. of Chinese Buddhist text. On back remains of some Io ll. of Soghdian text in a fair running hand.

Toy. III. 031. Badly preserved fr. of Uighur document (Turk!). Small fr. Soghdian.

Toy. III. ii. 03. a. Very small piece of a leaf composed of two sheets of paper (' parts ' of a Chinese book-roll) pasted together. Uighur. b. L.-hand side of a Uighur (Turk!) document much cut up. Only the line endings preserved. On back other cursive Uighur writing. Too much defaced and cut up to allow of study in its present state. PI. Cxxvi.

Toy. IV. 089. Frs. of Chinese texts with illegible Uighur (Turk!) on back.

Toy. IV. i. ox. A few frs. of a Chinese book-roll. On back, very badly soiled, a number of Turki words, uncial letters (of the Uighur alphabet) of rare and interesting form. These are the most interesting frs., to my thinking, in the whole collection ; we have but one or two scraps with badly executed specimens of these letters. They are hard to read.

Toy. IV. iii. 02. a. Uighur document (about 12 X 11.5 cm.), very thin paper, very cursive writing. b. Remains of a receipt, Uighur writing (Turk!). Three 11. of cursive script


on large piece of coarse document paper, 25/7 X xo cm. c. Bone with a few illegible Uighur characters.

Toy. IV. vi. ox. Small piece of paper with cursive Uighur writing.

Toy. IV. vii. ox. a. Three small pieces of Chinese text. b. 1 small fr. with one 1. cursive Uighur writing (Turk!). C. I small fr. from well-written Uighur Pbthi leaf (Turk!).

Toy. IV. vii. 02. a. Upper part of a piece of Chinese MS. book-roll. On back clumsy Uighur cursive writings (attempts of an illiterate person). b. Document, very badly crumpled and blotted; cursive Uighur writing(Turki). Whitish paper. c. Document, torn, crumpled, and blotted (only part of the L. side of document). d. Piece of stout paper with four attempts to write Uighur (Turk!) words. e. Fr. of small-lettered block-print, badly soiled.

Toy. 040. (Purchased.) Four leaves of Uighur block-print folding book in original order of attachment; in fair preservation. Five 11. to each leaf. Dhârani. The Sanskrit words in Brâhmi characters placed inverted over the corresponding groups of Uighur letters. Size of each leaf: 26 x 10.9 cm. Pl. CXXV.


Yâr. 041-58. 041, 048. Two pieces of the same document in cursive Uighur, Turk!. Begins on 048 with name Il A1mg sängiin', at the end ` hand over ' (birgz7). There is mentioned a bed.

042. Small fr. of document, one word ' bzlgälärinz' complete.

043 Small fr. of document, öziimiiz and ädgii legible. 044. Corner piece; legible words batiy rägninip.

  1. 47. Small pieces.

  2. 046 b, 050. Three frs. of an Uighur book-roll (Turks). 46. ` having washed (and) cleansed their bodies .......'

`having thought     Tenthly    

46 b. ' my mother    

5o. ' The god of gods, B(uddha)    

The animated beings    


049. Small piece with Chinese seal impression.

  1. Larger document, much torn, beginning with kiiskii yïl, ` in the mouse year'.

  2. Document, writing on both sides, beginning lun fil, in the year ' dragon '.

  3. Fr. from middle, bold writing.

  4. Fr. from middle, name (?)yäpking sale.

  5. Small fr. with one word ; reading uncertain

  6. Small fr., with parts of words only.

058. Small fr., illegible, one complete word. Fr. of Chinese book-roll. On back one word in Uighur characters.