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0273 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 273 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Y. Ii. og. Wooden implement, prob. plasterer's float'. Piece of wood, roughly rectang. oblong ; face smooth, back very roughly cut to give sq. raised loop handle. Very rudely made. Io}" x 2;" x 2". Pl. CX.

Y. II. oio—II. Pair of string sandals ; same type as T. XXIII. f. OI and Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVII, L.—A. vi. ii. 0025. Cord sides were continuous all round sole. ozo, complete except for extremities of sole ; ozz, middle part of sole only, with cord side, preserved. Well made. Length was c. I0" to II".

Y. ii. 012. Part of sole of string sandal ; same type as the preceding ; with remains of cord sides. Sole felted, and caked with soil. 81" x 31".

Y. Ii. or3. Fr. of wooden implement ; flat bar, oblong in section, but with upper edges rounded, and rounded ends. Though one end is hole, $" diam., in which is stout close-fitting wooden peg with conical head to prevent slipping. Peg projects 1" below bar, and is slit up middle till bar is reached ; two small wooden pins driven horizontally through it to hold in slit some object now lost. On upper side of bar, 24" from other end, are beginnings of excavation of oblong hole 1" x i". Bar 81" x " x I" ; length of pin 21". Pl. cx.

Y. Ii. 014. Frs. of painted paper. Several frs. join and show a Chinese building in front elevation consisting of a loggia (?) with two supporting columns and a central attic story above closed by two doors (or windows) each furnished with a ring handle. Roof ridge of loggia is orn. with knobs.

Under loggia a bell (?) appears to hang to architrave, and to L. a plant in flower-pot. To R., outside loggia a grotesque figure approaches, wearing Chinese soft clubbed hat with tails, and carrying a second flower-pot with plant. R. and L. of attic are cloud scrolls which may be tails of grotesque animals or birds ; but if so, bodies are torn away.

Drawing very rough, in red lines reinforced here and there with black ; whole punched with holes following many of the lines of drawing. Eyes and mouth of figure are pierced.

Two other frs., which join together but do not fit to above frs., show a grotesque beast rampant, drawn mainly in scrolls but with quasi-human head, long ears and bump on head. Eyes, mouth, and ears are pierced. Above to R. are lines in red which seem to be architectural and are pierced. Near lower edge a horizontal line. To L. a few faint red Chinese chars. The drawing is on roughly made laid paper. Size of paper of main subject, II " x 71" lesser subject, 74" x 5$". Pl. CVIi.


Y. III. 01-2. Two wooden eating-sticks (?). 02, complete, shows strip of wood, oblong in section, cut down after length of 31" to long tapering pin, round in section. or shows similar ` handle ', plano-convex in section, and pin broken off short. Length of 02, 71". Pl. CX.

Y. Iv. 01. Two frs. of woollen canvas ; very coarse, ragged. Gr. M. c. 9".

Y. Iv. 02. Two frs. of vegetable fibre rope ; two strands, somewhat perished. Gr. length 9f", diam. 1".

Y. Iv. 03. Tangle of vegetable fibre string ; much decayed. The mass c. 4" x 3".

Y. Iv. 04. Tangle of goat's-hair string ; soft, broken. 3" x I1„

Y. Iv. 05. Handle-end of wooden implement (eating-stick ?), as Y. Ili. 01-2. Pin broken off. 3e" x " x f'.

Y. v. 01. Specimen of reed fascine ; from SE. corner of watch-tower. Length 7".


Y. vs. oi. String sandal, of type Y. ii. oio, &c. Cord sides were continuous round sole. Toe of sole lost. Length (extant) 9".

Y. VI. 02. Fr. of plain silk ; dark buff, fine weave. Gr. M. 6".

Y. vi. 03. Fr. of woollen fabric ; coarse plain weave, buff. Gr. M. 7".

Y. vi. 04. Fr. of stout hair (?) rope ; caked with sand and much decayed. Length 9", diam. c.


Y. vi. o5. Fr. of woollen fabric ; loose plain weave ; buff ; very ragged. Gr. M. 6".

Y. vI. o6. Fr. of woollen fabric ; buff ; close string weave, with double weft giving marked ` grain ' to surface. Length 7k".

Y. vi. 07. Fr. of woollen fabric ; coarse plain weave, loose texture ; discoloured buff. Gr. length 4".

Y. vi. o8. Fr. of plain silk ; fine buff, very ragged. Length c. 18".