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0107 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 107 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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yellow and white bands with black and red outlines. 3'x3 ".

Toy. vx. 071. Fr. of fresco, with four incomplete lines of Uigur chars. in black on white ground. 31" x 3f".

Toy. vi. 073. Fr. of fresco, showing group of five children all I to L. ; all white outlined black. Faint traces of pink on cheeks of largest child. Figures in two rows. All appear to be dressed in simple smocks, but each has head shaven in a different fashion. In back row fig. to R. has topknot slightly to L. p. of front of head tied in vertical tuft. Head to L. has small fringe over forehead and thin tail behind. In front row fig. to R. has two leaf-shaped locks curving R. and L. Middle, one love-lock in front curving to L. p. To L., fringe over forehead and long leaf-shaped lock at side.

All have their hands together in attitude of devotion. Lines of drapery on background. Parts of three front heads only remain ; bodies missing. Part of face of L. figure at back missing. Good drawing. 4f" x 2I".

Toy. vi. 075. Fr. of fresco, with red ground, showing traces of white drapery (?) shaded grey at one edge, and curved green band at another. 2h" x 2 ".

Toy. vx. 076. Fr. of fresco, showing on white ground a few very crude Brahmi (?) chars. in grey ; and a band of dark brown at one edge. 2e" x 2f".

Toy. vx. o80. Fr. of fresco, showing part of top of head (?) and nimbus. Hair bushy but close to head, parted slightly over centre of forehead ; lined black, with small thorn-like points of black round edges next forehead. Face missing. Above centre is part of grey disc (?). Background red. Field of nimbus emerald green, nearly all rubbed off. Border, red surrounded by outer border light blue. For ` thorn ' edge to hair, cf. 07. 31" x 3".

Toy. vi. o81. Fr. of fresco, showing curved bands, outer red, next white, then red. Prob. part of nimbus. 2)(" x 21".

Toy. vx. 083. Stucco relief fr. of hair of Buddha fig., in two pieces, painted blue. Hair shown in close zigzag ripples ending in swirl. 6" x 3/".

Toy. vx. 087. Stucco relief head ; male, surface of face almost entirely gone. R. eye survives, slightly oblique, and corner of mouth painted crimson. Flesh painted coarse light red ; eyes, eyebrows, and hair lying close to head, black. Large projecting ears. 2f" X 2 ".

Toy. vi. 089. Mass of frs. of paper, with impressions of stamp of seated Buddha in dull red, the same as Bez. viii. ox. Av. c. 2" X 2".

Toy. vx. ogr. Fr. of fresco, with traces of Bràhmï chars. and black band above, prob. part of Toy. vi. 016, etc. Abraded. if" x II".

Toy. vi. 092. Fr. of fresco, showing curved green band on chocolate background. 3" x 3".

Toy. vx. 093, 094. Frs. of fresco, showing a curved band of pink with black outline against a white ground. Size of the two pieces together 54" x 21".

Toy. vx. 095. Fr. of fresco, showing faintly ornamental details of scrolls and large petal-bordered jewel (?). All in red outline with traces of blue and brown-red. Part of tiara (?). 3" x 3".

Toy. vi. og6, 0103, 0104. Frs. of fresco, too abraded to be intelligible. Gr. (096) 4" x

Toy. vr. 097. Fr. of fresco, showing part of pink disc with black outline and an inner line parallel to it. A series of straight lines on buff proceed from the edges of disc. Background light blue. 2" x if".

Toy. vx. 098. Fr. of fresco, showing ornamental details consisting of three kilt-like shapes against black, with broad white edges, black within and outlined red. Band of red cross-hatching on white. Black sleeve-shaped object at one edge with ` cuff ' (?) of buff scallops. White background with red linear markings. Much abraded. 5" x 21„

Toy. vi. ogg. Fr. of fresco, showing on white ground lower part of black, three-legged cauldron. Small piece of black at lower edge. 5" x 3".

Toy. vx. oxoo. Fr. of fresco, showing a hand, and a background of a pink, a grey, and a buff band. Very abraded. 2f" x

Toy. vx. 010x. Fr. of fresco, showing conventional leaf or leaf-like drapery in black outline, shaded blue and black on dull pink ground. ii" x x ".

Toy. vx. 0102. Fr. of fresco, showing elbow, upper arm, and part of forearm of figure, against a background of faded green with a few black markings. Crimson near one edge. 2*" x 2js".


Toy. ox. Fr. of wall of pottery vessel, coarse red. (From ruined dwellings in Toyuk gorge, three miles above Mazar.) 2i" X 3}" X $".

Toy. o2. Stone handle (?). Soft greyish-white stone ; straight, elliptical in section, one end rounded off, the other cut flat and drilled for tang of blade of implement. This end bound with copper band, x" deep. Fair condition.

2f"xis" x (gr. m.) A   ".

Toy. 03. Glass bead ; spherical, opaque glossy black,

inlaid with straight and wavy lines of white paste. Good condition. Diam. a".

Toy. 036. Wooden ring ; round in section, showing remains of paint and gilding. Piece cut out through one side. Diam. external xi", internal I".

Toy. 037. Stucco hand ; L. fingers curved, thumb extended. Soft clay, mixed with hair, and painted pink over coat of white plaster. Plentiful remains of gilding on back of fingers. Fingers broken off, but intact. Length x r".