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0167 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 167 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Ast. ii. I. 012-13. Two wooden wheels from miniature carriage. Rims only remain and three spokes of 012. Rim high and narrow, with outer circumference bevelled on each edge. Spokes, originally ten in number, are thin flat slips of wood fixed edgeways into grooves cut across back surface of rim.

The whole painted black, with decoration on outer face of rim in red, white, and blue. Design consists of double chevron band.; each triangular space treated as an acanthus leaf, with three short white veins, from inner and outer edge of rim alternately, filling triangles so formed. Outer circumference of wheel 7f", inner 5f", thickness f". PI. XCIv.

Ast. ii. r. 014. Fr. of padded garment, from breast of corpse. Made of patchwork of thin silk, padded with silk waste, and lined with buff canvas. Remains of patchwork show frs. of plain plum-coloured silk, and of red and blue printed silk, the same as Ast. ii. 1.015 (q. v.). C. 19" x 15".

Ast. if. I. 015. Frs. of printed silk and of thin plain buff silk. Printed silk shows red or blue ground, and `resist' pattern of repeating rosettes, formed of circle of seven circular spots round central spot, with larger single spots between. Much decayed. Gr. fr. 14" x Io'.

Ast. ii. I. 020. Pair of miniature cuffs or sleeves from miniature garment (?). Neatly made in double buff canvas, like small Kimono sleeves, with bands of printed silk covering outer ends, and remains of printed silk (detached). Garment prob. of silk and canvas only lining.

Silk printed by ` resist ' with blue ground and pattern of spot rosettes similar to Ast. ii. I. ors ; but rosettes are here separated by crossed diagonal lines of small spots forming regular lozenge lattice-work with larger spots at crossings. Sleeve length 2f", width 2" to 2r.

Ast. ii. 1. 021. Fr. of small padded bag or cushion. Pointed fr., cover made of small patchwork of printed silks, brown, red, and blue, of same pattern as Ast. ii. r. 015, and stuffed with silk waste. Gr. M. 3".

Ast. ii. 1. 022. Pair of model shoes of figured silk. Made in three pieces, sole, uppers, and band round ankle. Sole made of four layers of fine canvas ; uppers of two layers of canvas and outer layer of figured silk with narrow binding of green silk between it and ankle-band ; latter of figured silk only, upper edge raw. Remains of green silk binding also round edge of sole of one.

Figured silk in warp-rib weave, with crimson ground and pattern in white, buff, and yellow. Pattern (very fragmentary) seems to consist of much conventionalized wyverns with waving tails repeating across material, interspersed with large angular cloud scrolls, lozenge-shaped yellow quatrefoils, and small square white ones. Soles 3E x I". PI. XCIII.

Ast. ii. I. 023-6. Four wooden pegs with face rudely drawn in ink at top and Chin. chars. below ; cf. T. xxll. d. 027, P1. XLVII, &c. (q. v.), and Ser. ii. p. 767, T. 002, &c. Pegs fiat, with short point at head and long tapering point


at bottom. No signs of wear. Chin.'chars. the same in all ; long wavy ink line down back. Lower half of 026 lost. Length 6" to 6k". Pl. CIV.

Ast. H. 2. 01. Lacquered tray, similar to Ast. o1, PI. XCI, but colour black only. Broken into many pieces, mostly re-joined. Made in two halves, and now separated. No canvas under lacquer. Very badly damaged, perished and soft. 18}" x 13"

Ast. ii. 2. 02. Seven willow twigs with frs. of thin silk muslin attached. Prob. flags or banners. Also frs. of willow twigs and muslin. Very fragile. Gr. length 22f".

Ast. ii. 2. o3. Piece of sheet bronze, doubled over fr. of lacquered wood and riveted through. Belongs to Ast. ii.

2. 02I. I".X Ir.

Ast. ii. 2. 04. Fr. of wooden comb with elliptical back. Roughly made. 2}" x

Ast. ii. 2. 05. Wooden fig. of woman ; roughly blocked out in three parts only-head, body, and skirt. Body cut perfectly circular, and flat down front, presenting disc-like appearance ; on this the arms were prob. painted, with hands folded over waist. Features also are only painted on face, in light blue, like hair, which shows curved topknot in long ridge on crown. Skirt portion a solid mass, segmental in section, widening towards foot, and painted in wide stripes of blue and white. White mostly lost, as from body, which apparently was covered with it. H. gj", width 3", thickness If". Pl. CIII.

Ast. ii. 2. 06. Wooden fig. of man, roughly carved in style like preceding, with blue tunic close fitting at waist reaching to knees, and white under-robe reaching to ground. Arms in this case made separately and attached by wooden pegs to shoulders ; painted blue, as covered by long sleeves of tunic. No hands carved, but narrow end of R. arm shows slanting hole with remains of wooden peg for attachment of some object.

Vertical long narrow head, flat on top, painted over all blue for hair ; features also painted in blue with long moustache and straggling beard. Arms just slightly bent at elbow. H. 9 ". Pl. CIII.

Ast. ii. 2. 07. Wooden fig. of man, roughly carved in same style as preceding ; but lower portion here cut away in middle to indicate legs in long blue trousers, though feet are not carved. Arms again attached separately by pegs. Tunic painted white. Head long and narrow, tapering upwards in long point which is cut flat at extremity ; in flat space a small hole in which are remains of feather. Features painted in blue, with moustache and beard. H. ro".

Ast. ii. 2. o8-10. Three wooden legs of cow or bull, standing ; pair of forelegs and R. hind leg. Inner surface at top unpainted, cut flat, and two pegs driven through each for attachment to body. Remainder painted white, with line of black ` herring-bone ' down middle of front, and blue hooves. Length (forelegs) 5e", (hind leg) 6}".