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0182 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 182 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Lower part painted white and orn. with large yellow spots encircled with red and smaller red dots ; upper, black with white spots, and open V at neck. Flesh white, with features coarsely painted in black ; black hair done in flat mass on top with rudimentary topknot. H. 9#". Pl. CIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 06. Wooden fig. of man, very roughly hewn. No arms, but exaggerated shoulders as in the preceding. Short legs also formed as in the preceding, with feet rudely cut at ends of stumps and painted black. Black band also round middle of body. Remainder of fig. painted white with large yellow spots surrounded by red line, as in o5. Head cut flat on top and painted black ; features painted in black on white, with black moustache and beard. H. 91".

Ast. vi. 4. 07-8. Two wooden figs. of men-servants ; pair to 03 and 04 ; standing stiff and straight, division between legs carefully cut away and legs rounded with rude feet at ends. Slight shoulders on body, cut flat at ends, to which arms were originally gummed (?). Both arms of 07 remain (detached) ; and L. arm of o8.

Dressed alike in half-length emerald-green jackets, red-bordered, and with black belts having sword-loop at side ; white stiff trousers finished with emerald-green band at mid-shin ; black boots ; and round white skull-cap with black seam. Hair below cap, black ; features painted black on flesh colour, with red lips, but surface of o8 mostly destroyed.

Hole pierced obliquely through R. hand of 07, and horizontally through L. hand of each, for shafts of weapons (?). H. (07) Ion" ; (o8) 81". Pl. CIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 09. Wooden animal ; weak representation with long flattened sausage-shaped body and fish-like head. No ears. Mouth painted as black line within wide orange ellipse on under-side of snout ; eye as black spiral with orange and black centre within wider circles of black and emerald green. Narrow groove cut in ridge of snout up to top of head, probably to receive a crest of hair or feathers, and a similar one at ear. Legs long thin flat slips of wood gummed to sides of body ; but only hind legs remain (one detached). Long flat curving tail fixed into groove at back.

Body and legs orig. painted white, with feathery leaflike decoration in emerald green and orange flowers outlined black, over whole except under-side. Length Ion", h. 61". Pl. CIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 010—II. Two parts of one wooden wheel, with two spokes remaining. Felloes painted on one side, red outlined orange with green borders. Spokes round at felloes and inserted in round holes, flattened at nave ; red. Diam. 73", width of felloes r, thickness 1". PI. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 4. OI2. Fr. of wood, in leather sheath. Wood merely a rough stick, cut sloping at both ends and broken along one edge. Sheath a finger-shaped piece of leather, sewn up one side and stained black outside. Sewing mostly perished. Length of wood 6r, sheath 4f" x If". Pl. XCIII.

Ast. vi. 4. 013. Imitation canvas boot. Small shoe of buff woollen (?) canvas, roughly stitched to canvas sole; and with long tubular piece added at top. Outside painted black. Length of foot 31", h. 4", Pl. XCIII.

Ast. vi. 4.014. Two frs. of cane skein matting, closely woven in diagonal bands. One piece I2" sq., other 12" x II .

Ast. vi. 4. 019, 020. Two strips of wood, cut at one end into thick chisel edge, with many small dowel-holes in which are a few broken dowel-pins. Prob. part of model carriage. Length 6!" ; thickness (oz9) i", (020) a". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 02I. Wooden flag-shaped object. Cut in one piece, with straight staff', sq. in section, and small sq. ` banner ' at one end. Front side of ` staff ' and lower (raised) edge of ` banner ' painted red. Probably part of some model. Length 41", ` banner ' lib" x Ii". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 022. Wooden hub of wheel, long cone-shaped hollow and blunt at both ends. In broadest part nine holes for spokes, three with broken ends of spokes. Roughly made and split ; no paint. Length 3", diam. of outer end 13", inner end 1". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 023. Wooden foot of piece of furniture, consisting of flat strip carved in profile at each end in form of rudimentary recumbent lion claw. These claws' linked by two festoons giving three blunt points about equally spaced in the length of the piece.

In upper aspect three holes drilled down, right through, one at each point probably to receive rails. All edges roughly chamfered. Similar to foot of table leg seen in Ast. vi. 3. 05 and also in the Ku K`ai-chin scroll. 8i" x

x ., r. Pl. XCI.

Ast. vi. 4.024. Wooden box ; flat, circular, lathe-turned with check and raised inner collar for lid. Outside lacquered bright red on which a band of adjoining rosettes. Each rosette composed of four pinnate green petals round small yellow ring as centre, outlined yellow ; small yellow ring between upper and lower pairs of petals, and in interspaces between rosettes. Green line on top and bottom of red band. Lid missing. Diam. 51", height Ir. Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 025. Circular wooden box, similar to Ast. vi. 4. 024. Pattern outside on red ground ; four green bull-nosed fishes in profile, each holding in mouth a wreath of green pearls outlined yellow and forming a sort of nimbus encircling head. Cf. fish in fresco, Anc. Kholan, ii. PI. II. A group of yellow pearls of different sizes project on yellow stems from side opposite noses of fishes. Much abraded. Diam. 4", height I ÿ". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 026. Two bronze plates, broad, flat, hook-shaped, held together at their curved ends by iron pin. Length II" x width I". Length of pin ". Pl. CIV;

Ast. vi. 4.027-8. Part of wooden clotheshorse, consisting of leg with foot, and straining piece or rail. Leg rectang. 1" x1" in section, uniform in size for length of