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0492 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 492 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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_ I "X 1"xi". o6o, glazed rich sage-green inside. Ift"x I "x 25". o6r, fine grey-green glaze on both sides. IA" x I "X 3 ". 062, glazed inside only, pale grey mottled brown (` mildew '). Drilled for repair. 3"X I"X1" to F. 063, glazed outside only, mottled green and dark grey. 2"X I "X i".

Machi. o16. Fr. of alabaster (?) pot. Straight-sided; flat base. Diam. 1 i" ; II. I r.

Machi. oig. Fr. of porcelain vessel, white and translucent. Glazed fine white both sides. Outside, pattern in slightly incised lines, under glaze. I f" x I f" x }".

Machi. 020-3, 26-7, 43, 44, 46-50, 53, 54, 56, 61, 65, 66, 67, 70. Frs. of pottery vessels. Hard, buff, gritty body. Glaze generally white. Pattern painted in blue, sometimes outlined black. General character Chinese or Perso-Chinese, floral and scroll. 021, good pink-buff body, white glaze. Inside and outside floral pattern painted dark blue ; all outlines are in fine black lines. I"X If"X f". Pl. CXVIII. 022, pattern on outside conventional floral and bird (?) in blue line, with added washes. 2"X Ir. 027, upper surface painted with conventional (Chinese ?) landscape and bird (?). If" XIf". Pl. CXVIII.

Machi. 024. Fr. of shell•like object. ex f".

Machi. o30. Fr. of pottery vessel. Hard, buff, gritty body. Glazed white inside, outside mottled cobalt blue. I}"x1"x1".

Machi. 032-7, 82. Glass frs. All greenish white. Gr. fr. If"x 1f".

Machi. 041. Fr. of stone cup (?). Bottom complete inside. Foot and sides broken away. H. if", Diam.

Machi. 042, 58, 68-g. Frs. of vessels, glazed. Pale red, buff outside. IA" x I ". 058, buff. Inside plain rich green glaze ; outside green-buff glaze, abraded and dull. 1f"x Jr. o68, buff. White glaze with pale blue

pattern on both sides. I"X h". 069, buff. White glaze
with pattern on both sides in fine dark blue lines. A" X Ah.

Machi. 045. Fr. of porcelain. Glazed pure white.

Part of floral pattern in cobalt on one side. "x fill x Machi. 048. Fr. of glazed pottery. Glazed thin white.

Floral pattern outside in grey-green ; inside bright blue,

outlined black. I" X i".

Machi. 051-52. Frs. of pottery vessels. Glazed white. 051, painted outside with grass-like sprig, having light

brown stems and sage-green leaves. If" X If" x f". 052, similar ware ; outside painted sprig in madder brown. IA" x 1" X f". Pl. CXVIII.

Machi. 055. Fr. of pottery vessel. Glazed white inside. Outside, rich cobalt blue with five-pointed leaves in lighter blue, painted in opaque enamel over blue ground. Only example of this treatment in collection. 1"x f " x V.

Machi. 057. Fr. of copper plate. f" x •I". Pl. CXVI.

Machi. 062. Fr. of pottery bowl, glazed ; mottled pale turquoise inside and over top surface of lip. Chord 3", H. 1f". Wall of side i':

Machi. o80. Fr. from rim of pottery vessel. Glazed both sides pale green-blue. Painted outside wavy band in black outline, filled in with cobalt. Inside a pair of annular lines in black. "X"x}".

Machi. o86. Fr. of pottery dish. Faded turquoise glaze. Within, solid, black, silhouette painting of leaves. 1f"X 1". Pl. CXVIII.

Machi. 087. Fr. of vessel. Fine grey ; perhaps part of unusual foot. Ch. If" ; H. E. Pl. CXIV.

Machi. 089. Fr. of pottery vessel. Glazed dirty white both sides, painted pale blue inside. A pair of annular lines with Sasanian (?) leaf pattern below and traces of zigzag (?) above. 2 "x 1f"x E.

Machi. ogo. Fr. of glass bead. Deep blue or black, with scroll applied in white. Diam. F.


K.G. o1, 8. a, 3o, 40-I, 44-6, 80,121-2. Frs. of unglazed pottery. Unpainted. ox, pinkish-grey. Faint incised annular lines in pairs at unequal intervals on outside. H. 2r ; chord 3f" ; thickness f". o8. a, similar to ox, but thinner and channelling much shallower. If"X If". 03o, part of small cup ; nearly half broken away. Diam. 2"; H. I". Remaining frs. plain red, some showing fine red slip more or less burnished. Gr. fr. (o8. a) al" x21" .

K.G. or. a. Large pottery bowl, broken. Roughly made and distorted in drying and firing. Simple basin-shape with lip slightly out-turned. Lip painted brown-black. Inside, just below rim, a horizontal S ornament with scrabbled lines across limbs. 12"X 6f". Pl. CXIV.

K.G. 02, 5, 6, 114, 156, 157, 224, 229, 243 • Frs. of pottery, unglazed, with incised patterns. 02, greenish buff. Outside annular line with vertical lines at intervals falling from it. 3f"X3". 05, greenish buff. Band of

three channels and ribs and below a line. From last line are drawn three pairs of thin scratched lines, all at different angles. 2}"X 21". o6, pale huff. Three narrow irregular annular channels. Above, the surface covered with a double-line trellis ; below, top curves of combed meander. If" X2f". Pl. CXV. 0114, small fr. showing narrow annular band of close notches with faint plain line on each side. 1i"x I ". 0156, red, with deep red surface. Three deep narrow channels form annular band. If"X Ir. 0157, buff. A faint attempt to make annular band of short vertical ribs. Hanging from this two diverging pairs of thin incised lines with two irreg. zigzag vertical lines between the pairs. Ii"x 2}". 0224, series of dents made with edge of square stick ornament upper side of lip. At base of short neck, side curves outwards in concave form and then drops down to form body. A row of gashes decorate the hollow at base of neck. Below, traces of meander. 2}" X 3r. 0229, roughly scratched single line