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0318 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 318 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Kuchâ. oio8. Graphite object ; triangular, two long sides convex, hole pierced through one lower corner. One side roughly cut into crude device, other side with irregular depressions. 1" x " x A".

Kuchâ.. wog. Fr. of lignite seal ; square, with tubular attachment at back. Device : Chinese fret similar to Ser. iv. Pl. V, Yo. 0089, but with more detail and finely cut. f" x

Kuchâ. ono. Bronze ornament, rectangular, drilled at each corner. Large rectangular slit occupying of lower part (as for use as buckle) ; upper portion occupied by good heraldic lion in relief (prob. riveted on), passant regardant, with foliate tail. Edges chamfered. Remains of red pigment. Back hollow. I" x I" x ". Pi. CXI.

Kuchâ. oIU. Fr. of bronze ornament, of irreg. shape, composed of shallow scrolls. Broken square loop at back.

x .

Kucha. 0112. Brass ornament, in low relief and pierced ; flat shank, drilled. Figure seated on raised seat holds mace in R. hand, resting on knee, and sword upraised in L. hand. Face worn away, but with one point above centre and one each side. Cf. rat-headed deity on wooden seal, U.Z. 05. I" x f". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0113. Bronze seal, circular, with loop at back. Device : a winged (or humped) stag, passant ; fairly modelled. Remains of red pigment. Diam. --i". Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0114. Bronze seal, square, square loop at back. Device : thin heraldic beast (horse ?), passant to L. p., with streaming mane (?) and floral detail on background by chest ; upward curved tail. Well modelled but corroded. Remains of red pigment. I" sq. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ.. 0115. Bronze seal, square, with two curved rivets at back. Device : sphinx, passant, crowned, upward curved wing, tail between legs. Well modelled: Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. V, Khot. 004. a. 1" sq. PI. CXI.

Kucha. oI16. Bronze seal, square, with square loop at back. Device : a stag (?), couchant regardant to L. p. Much corroded, but seems to be well modelled. 1 i" sq. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0117. Bronze seal, square, with square loop at back. Device : a leopard (?), passant to L. p. ; open jaws, long ear, much-curled angular tail with projecting node at first turn ; one fore-foot upward curled. Poorly modelled. I" sq. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ,. 0118. Bronze seal, lozenge-shaped, with square loop at back. Device deeply cut : grotesque dancing figure supported on two stems joined at lower point. 1"xH". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. song. Bronze seal, square, with large tubular projection at back. Device : Chinese lapidary chars. much defaced. I" sq. PI. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0120. Bronze seal, square, with broken square loop at back. Device : a much-contorted horse, couchant,

body bent at right angles at middle. Cf. Kuchâ. 0121. Fairly well modelled. I1V sq. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0121. Bronze ornament, hollow domical, with bar across back for attachment. Device in relief : a much-contorted kneeling horse. Accidental hole through surface. Cf. Kuchâ 0120. Diam. I", h. /". Pl. CXI.

Kucha. 0122. Bronze seal-ring, massive, with deeply cut device of severe floral type. Crude. Bezel i" x i" ; diam. of ring I". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0123. Bronze seal-ring ; elliptical table. Device: a leopard passant, surrounded by dots. Poor workmanship. Ellipse i" x I". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0124. Bronze seal-ring; elliptical table with traces of device, and thickened shoulders. Diam. f" x 1-4".

Kucha. 0125. Bronze bird's head, hollow, prob. hawk, broken at neck ; apparently meant for ornamental ferrule. Well modelled. Ii" x 15" x I i". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0126. Bronze seal, circular, long shank with whirling star pattern boss at end ; each of the five points of star a curved half Pipal-leaf shape. Device : a long horned goat with body much curved to fit circular form. Very spirited high relief modelling ; forelegs very freely curved. Diam. 15", length of shank ô", diam. of star nearly I". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0132. Lignite stamp, irregular cone-shaped, drilled near point. Face, parabolic, broken at R. side, with a pair of double circles across centre from which two diverging stems extend downwards and centre stem upward ; interspaces with solid fillings. Enclosing line all round. Very crude. Ii " x 1" x i". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0133. Lignite seal, two-sided, in form of flat round pellet drilled through sides. Obv. attenuated deer (?), tripping, with large leaf-shaped object placed horizontally behind head, perhaps antlers ; a raised dot over back, a second below body, a third below head. Rev. lion with tail curling over back ; lower part perished. Diam. Ipg", thickness r. Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0134. Lignite seal, piano-convex, elliptical, drilled through sides. Obv. traces of scroll-work in relief. Rev. prob. lion statant regardant ; stiff tail curved over back ; four petal-like objects in front of hairy neck. If" xI"x•". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0135. Lignite seal, circular, flat pellet-shaped ; Obv. seal : phoenix standing. Rev. stamp : two opposed enclosed palmettes with simple fillings in side spaces. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. V, Yo. 00159. /" x f". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0136. Lignite stamp, square, with barrel loop at back. Device : Chinese lapidary characters. ;4" x f" x ". Pl. CXI.

Kuchâ. 0137. Fr. of lignite stamp, with faint lines traceable on one face. f" x I" x }".

Kucha. 0144-7. Four miniature glass ducks, pierced for threading. 0144-6 yellow ; 0147 blue. Average size

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