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0039 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 39 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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  1.  Crest of Mazar-tagh hill chain, looking north-west from ruined fort .   94

  2.  Dead poplars and sand-buried structure, N. xLiv, Niya Site .   94

  3.  Ruined dwelling, N. XLIII, Niya Site, between tamarisk-cones before excavation   94

  4.  Fort on Mazâr-tagh hill, seen from north-west   94

  5.  Site of ruined shrine below tamarisk-cones, Kuduk-köl   .   94

  6.  North-western portion of ruined residence, N. ni, Niya Site, before final excavation   144

  7.  Ruined dwelling, N. XLII, Niya Site, seen from north in course of clearing   144

  8.  Site of ruin N. xLII, Niya Site, seen from south-west before excavation   144.

Ioo. Site of ruin N. Iv, Niya Site, seen from south-east   145

Io1. Site of ruined residence, N. in, Niya Site, seen from south-west   145

  1. Remains of foot-bridge across ancient river-bed, Niya Site .   145

  2. Roof of room in ancient residence, N. xxvi, Niya Site .   145

  3. Ancient arbour surrounding tank near ruin N. XLI, Niya Site   145

  4. Men at work on new barrage across flood-bed above Tülküch-tarim   145

Io6. Men of Vâsh-shahri guarding route from Charchan   166

107. Remains of shrine or Stûpa at Bash-Koyumal, seen from north-west   166

io8. Packing of fresco panels from shrine M. v, Miran Site   166

  1. Wall near centre of enclosure, Bash-Koyumal   166

  2. Men removing fresco panels from wall of shrine M. v, Miran Site   166

III. Remains of relievos in chapel at foot of Stûpa, Koyumal   166

112, 113. Portions of painted dado on north-west wall of rotunda passage in shrine M. V, Miran Site   170

114, 115. Portions of painted dado on north wall of rotunda passage in shrine M. v, Miran Site .   170

  1. Remains of shrine M. iv, Miran Site, seen from west   174

  2. Ruined structure, M. ix, on wind-eroded terrace, Miran Site   174

  3. Ruined shrine, M. xiv, Miran Site, after excavation   174

  4. Mound containing remains of collapsed shrine M. xv, Miran Site   174

  5. Ruined tower, M. xiii, Miran Site, seen from south   174

  6. Shér `Ali Khan, Bajauri trader, with two travel companions   174

  7. Camels being loaded with ice at Uzun-köl   175

  8. Ice-loads of camels being deposited at fort L.K., Lop Desert   175

  9. Dwellings in new village of Miran   175

  10. Making of cases for fresco panels at Miran .   175

  11. Nur Muhammad, headman of Mïrân, with son, in front of his house .   175

  12. Convoy with cases of mural paintings ready to start from Miran   175

  13. View across interior of ruined fort L.K., Lop Desert, from east corner   184

  14. Sections of south-western rampart, breached by wind-erosion, of fort L.K., Lop Desert   184

  15. Wind-eroded ground outside south-west face of fort L.K., Lop Desert   184

  16. Panoramic view of wind-eroded ground near ruined structures, N. xLiv, Niya Site   Between

  17. Remains of ancient vineyard, with posts once carrying trellis, near N. xLiv, Niya Site   pp 186-187

  18. Panoramic view of interior of ruined fort L.K., Lop Desert, taken from north corner

  19. Room i of dwelling in centre of fort L.K., Lop Desert   •194

  20. Timber debris marking wind-eroded dwelling, L.M. v, Lop Desert   194

  21. Yardang terrace with remains of dwelling, L.M. III, Lop Desert   194

  22. Remains of wind-eroded ancient dwelling, L.M. i, Lop Desert .   194

  23. Room iii of quarters within fort L.K., Lop Desert, after excavation   194

  24. Interior of room iii in quarters of fort L.K., Lop Desert   194

  25. Camels crossing wind-eroded ground, about 13 miles north-east of Camp XCII   208

  26. Yardang ridges and trenches, about 81 miles north-east of Camp xcIII .   208

  27. View to south-west across eroded ground beyond Camp xcIII   208