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0202 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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124   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

slightly hollowed behind, widening gradually towards bowl end, but narrowing quickly to form neck immediately before bowl (which is broken off). Length 3 ", gr. width a".

K. Yar. 07. Fr. of bronze handle (?). Straight-sided, flat, slightly curved from end to end. 2}"

K. Yar. o8. Bronze spoon-handle, same shape as that of K. Yar. 09, Pl. X, and broken across beginning of bowl in same place, but break smoothed over. Tip of other end also broken off. Length 3+", gr. width ".

K. Yar. 09. Bronze spoon, with oval bowl pointed at tip, and straight handle proceeding from it at angle of about 30° and curved slightly back at free end. This end slightly broadened into leaf-shape ; thence handle first narrows and then widens very gradually to f" above bowl, where it narrows to form short ` neck '. Bowl broken off near neck, but preserved separately. Graceful shape ; fair condition. Length 51", gr. width of bowl I*". Pl. x.

K. Yar. oio. End of bronze handle (?) ; flat band, forming convex curve from end to end. True end finished off sq., with nick in middle ; other end broken. Surface orn. with faintly incised cross-lines and diagonals. I}" x I".

K. Yar. ou. Bronze knife-blade (?). Straight, with one cutting edge, and other thickened. Much corroded. Broken each end. 4" x

K. Yar. 012. Bowl of bronze spoon ; wide oval as K. Yar. 09, but tip rounded. Handle lost. Corroded. ni" x I". Pl. X.

K. Yar. 013. Bronze plate ; pear-shaped, with short stud behind at each end. Length 1".

K. Yar. 014-16. Three frs. of bronze plate ; corroded. Gr. M. xi".

K. Yar. 017. Fr. of bronze hinge. Two flat plates, with adjacent side of each finished respectively in two and three projecting loops, so placed as to fit in between each other when plates are placed together. Bronze pin then passed downwards through the five. Short studs at back of free ends of plates. Corroded when plates spread flat ; hinge no longer working. " x

K. Yar. 018. Bronze strap-loop. Long D-shaped plate, with oblong slit in middle, and rivet-hole in each corner and in middle of curved side. One rivet remaining. I" x 4".

K. Yar. 019. End of bronze handle (?). Curved, end to end, convexly ; surface channelled with ridge down middle. True end finished in fish-tail, by nick in centre, as ono, other broken. H" x

K. Yar. 020-2. Three frs. of bronze bangles (?) ; 020 and Oat round in section, orn. with incised cross-lines on outer edge ; 022 elliptical in section, plain. Gr. length n tr, thickness i e".

K. Yar. oz3. Bronze tag ; straight tongue-shaped, with convex surface and hollowed at back, from which project two studs. Surface orn. with cross-grooves at alternate intervals of c. }" and". Length I}", gr. width A".

K. Yar. 025. Bronze strap-loop (?). Elliptical loop (broken), with ogee projections at outer extremities of long axis, and one at end of short axis, and with straight arm projecting from opposite side. Piano-convex in section, curved surface orn. with channelling. Back of arm hollowed, with stud projecting from it. Length }".

K. Yar. 026. Fr. of bronze ; flat strip, slightly curved, with rivet through it near one edge. " x c. r.

K. Yar. 027. Bronze plate ; shield-shaped, with two

long studs projecting at back. Corroded.   "x r. •

K. Yar. o28. Fr. of bronze pendent orn. Straight, with ring (broken) at suspension end and below, three annular rings forming cincture ; one end broken off in round base of four closed claw-like limbs resembling a Vajra. Length

K. Yar. 029. Small bronze buckle-tongue. Flat strip, curving strongly up at back and then down again to form loop for passing round bar. Where tongue comes free of bar its sides expand outwards to form shoulders, then taper to point. Corroded. Length r.

K. Yar. 024,030-x. Three lumps of bronze, corroded. Lengths r, fr, and A".

K. Yar. 032. Fr. of bronze rod, doubled to form loop. Round in section, surface moulded in spiral. Length ", thickness r.

K. Yar. 033-4. Two frs. of bronze wire, each bent so as almost to form ring. Round in section, but one end of each is beaten flat and has small rivet through it. Diam. of ring c. r, thickness of wire c.". •

K. Yar. 036. Fr. of bronze wire ; round in section, one end thickened, other broken off. Length (crumpled) 1".

K. Yar. 037. Straight copper bar ; plan-convex in section, one end broken ; the other pointed, perhaps complete. Groove channelled along middle of top side from this end to rfrom other. 2¢" x " x }". Pl. X.

K. Yar. 038-40. Three frs. Of terra-cotta relief plaques, showing seated Buddhas, as Ser. iv. PI. VIII, A. T. iii. 089. 038. Head and shoulders preserved, with part of plain nimbus and vesica ; fair condition. Gr. M. 2k". 039. Fig. only, with hands folded in lap. Surface much eroded. Gr. z". 040 (on larger scale). Hands folded in lap, R. leg, and both feet, crossed and hanging down with fr. of lotus-petal border between. Gr. M. 2f".

K. Yar. 041. Terra-cotta relief fr. of face ;. conventional type with long half-closed eyes in somewhat low relief, high sharp nose, very short upper lip, and small well-curved mouth. Remains of light buff slip on face. Gr. M. 3}". Pl. IX.