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0185 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 185 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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on each side from corner of mouth. Poor modelling. Akin to Ser. iv. Pl. I, Yo. 0012. m. H. Iilg", width I}", relief f". Pl. II.

Yo. 097. Terra-cotta deer•head ; red, glazed green ; high relief. Horns broken off short. Length 2r", relief PI. III.

Yo. 098. Fr. of terra-cotta beast•head; grotesque, roughly modelled, with long prominent nose (broken) and bulging eyes. Red, with traces of thick green glaze over whole. Length 2e".

Yo. ogg. Terra-cotta parrot head and neck, crude. Beak gaping ; deep holes punched for eyes ; and another drilled through from side to side on ear-level. H. 21". PI. III.

Yo. 0100. Terra-cotta ball, probably grotesque female torso, crudely modelled. Ring-punched omphelos, and pudendum surrounded by punched dots. Diam. II".

Yo. oIOI. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, semi-cylindrical ; outside crudely worked in form of monster head (incomplete) stretched out flat from neck or shoulder. Fine material. Cf. Yo. 081, Pl. I. Length 21".

Yo. 0102. Terra-cotta model of waterskin ; distended, hollowed inside, limbs broken off except one foreleg, short notched tail. Length I".

Yo. 0103. Fr. of terra-cotta bird (pigeon ?). L. side only, showing folded wing. Head, tail, and feet missing. Fine work. Length Ir.

Yo. 0104. Fr. of terra-cotta monkeyhead, much stylized ; similar to Ser. iv. Pl. IX, A. T. v. 2. Gr. M. IA". Pl. II.

Yo. 0105. Fr. of terra-cotta monkeyhead ; in relief, roughly modelled. Dots punched for nostrils, ring-punched eyes, heavy scored eyebrows, and deep grooves across forehead and crown. Lower part broken away. H. IA".

Yo. 0106. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey. Legs, kneeling ; feet lost. L. hand in lap grasps cylindrical object, through which hole is pierced to interior of fig. Bangles on wrist. Roughly modelled. H. 1i".

Yo. 0107. Terra-cotta monkeyhead and shoulders, in relief. Head turned over R. shoulder ; alert expression. Fur marked by incised dashes and dots. H. xi". Pl. II.

Yo. 0108. Upper half of terra-cotta monkey. Head leaning forward with out-thrust jaw ; round shoulders ; arms outstretched but broken above elbows and fig. at waist. Fur marked only on head ; face outlined by incised groove. H. I}".

Yo. wog. Terra-cotta grotesque fig. ; squatting, arms lost. Head, male, bald ; with big moustaches, well developed breasts and abdomen. Roughly modelled. H. I". Pl. II.

Yo. ono. Terra-cotta female monkey, squatting, with knees apart. Arms lost. Fur marked only on head and thighs. H. 1 i". Pl. II.

Yo. out. Fr. of terra-cotta fig., monkey or human ; seated apparently in European fashion with thighs together and pointing forwards, but broken just below knees.. Body leaning forwards. Mass of long hair (?) down back. Head gone, no arms, sex not indicated. Very rude work, and unfinished. H.Ir".

Yo. 0112. Terra-cotta monkey ; grotesque type, standing with feet apart and holding flat oblong obj. before body. R. arm broken off, and R. leg below knee. Loincloth. Roughly made. H. I;". Pl. II.

Yo. oî13. Upper half of terra-cotta monkey ; very badly made. Body a mere inverted cone, and arms curving bands applied to back of shoulders (R. broken short). Head a grotesque ball with groove for neck. Fur not marked. H. I".

Yo. 0114. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey ; evidently seated with legs apart, but both arms and legs are broken off at junction with body. Body and head erect ; impudent expression. Fur marked on head and back, but not front of body. H. xi". Pl. II.

Yo. ong. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey, very rudely made and in bad condition. Prob. seated, but legs (and R. arm) gone. L. arm by side. Head looking up from erect body. H.Ir".

Yo. oxi6. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey, squatting on heels. Legs only and fr. of body ; notched strip (loincloth ?) across thighs. Rough work. Gr. M. L".

Yo. 0117. Fr. of terra-cotta group. Bird astride long-necked bird (?), whose head and tail are lost, and whose legs form kind of pedestal. Legs and ends of wings only of riding bird preserved. Rough work. H. xi".

Yo. oI18. Terra-cotta monkey, as baby in cradle ; type of Ser. iv. PI. III, Yo. ooxo. a-b and 0038. a-d. Spoilt in making. Length I i".

Yo. 0119. a-g. Seven terra-cotta monkey-heads; grotesque, roughly made ; e-g miniature. Gr. M. L". Pl. II.

Yo. 0120. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey, roughly made. Legs apart, broken off at knees ; arms and face gone. H. r i"

Yo. 0121. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey, seated on horizontal bar, playing guitar. Head and L. arm lost ; wearing loin-cloth. Roughly made. H. i". Pl. II. •

Yo. 0122. a-c. Three frs. of terra-cotta monkeys, squatting and playing guitars. Heads of grotesque type. Loin-cloths. Most of L. arm of a, and head and legs of c, lost. Gr. M. i". Pl. II.

Yo. 0123. a-m. Thirteen frs. of terra-cotta monkeys ; mostly torsos only, but a, b, and c have heads. g has plait of hair down back ; i and j, hands meeting on breast, elbows held outwards. Gr. M. Ii".

Yo. 0124. Terra-cotta hoopoe ; beak, wings, and legs gone. Hole through body vertically. Length xi". Pl. II.