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0542 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 542 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. XLIII. i. 0L Fr. of wooden saddle-tree (?); naturally curved and cut knee-shaped with shouldered mortice cut through near one end which is thinned to wedge shape. Hard and heavy. Charred at thick end. 9i" x 21" x 1 s".

T. XLIII. i. 03. Wooden writing slip. Surface charred ; broken at one end. Plain. 9' x $" x ï z"

T. XLIII. i. 04. Fr. of cane (?), with traces of perished lacquer. 8" x i" x i".

T. XLIII. i.. o6. Wooden seal-case with three grooves for string ; as Ser. iv. Pl.LIII, T. xtx. ii. oox. 21" X Ii" x r. Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIII. i. 07. Fr. of iron implement. Hollow, wedge-shaped curved keel, broadened at one end, where the two wings of wedge are turned outward at approx. right angles to surface. Both ends broken. 6f"xI 7" to 2i" at turned up portion ; back of wedge I"; solid edge s". Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIII. i. o8. Specimen of oats.

T. XLIII. i.. o19. Wooden needle (?), unfinished. Long straight pin, tapered to fine point, with flat oval head, unpierced. Length 4f", gr. width é".

T. XLIII. f. 020-2. Three frs. of wooden writing-slips (020 in two pieces). Charred, effaced. Gr. M. 3i" x i".


T. XLIII. j. 01. Wooden peg; roughly cut spindle of approx. even thickness, supporting at upper end a geometrically carved head. Face broad oval, pointed at chin, keel shape. Minute depressions R. and L. of keel near lower end, for nostrils ; cross cut for mouth. Straight eyes very high and widely spaced, painted in black. Rounded at back. Hair rises in tall black coiffure bent forward in kind of hood (broken), the back of which is chamfered flat, recalling head-dress in Han sculptures of the Wou Leang Ts`êu tombs, cf. Chavannes, Mission archéologique. Black hair down sides of face. Sides show bark of twig.

Head resembles, on a small scale, the example given in Chavannes, Mission archéologique, Pl. CCCLXXXI, No. 815, described as `génie protecteur des routes en Corée', and perhaps serving a similar purpose in household worship. The object of the tent-peg-like stakes, shown in Ser. iv.

Pl. LII, T. vI. b. i. 002-4, and others in this collection, may perhaps also be similarly explained. 5g" x ri" x i". Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIII. j. 02. Wooden heel-piece of shoe last, grooved down back, slightly diminishing at top. Scratches made by awl or needle round edges on bottom. 2i" x 2i" x 1r. Pl. XLVI.

T. XLIII. j. 03. Fr. of wooden bowl ; bottom with broad ring-foot ; slit in centre, plugged with slip of wood. Sides burnt away. Diam. 51". Thickness 1" nearly. Pl. XLVI.

T. XLIII. j. 04. Fr. of basket-work mat, of same material and structure as T. XLI. i. o8. Thick twigs are plaited single, thin ones double. Weaving very close and firm. Circular. Diam. c. 12". Pl. XLVI.


T. XLIII. k. oI. Block of wood ; oblong with wedges notched like modern key-wards. Rounded at one end and square at other. Roughly made and broken away at one side. 4i" x xi" x I". Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIII. k. o2. Fr. of wood ; broken and perished slip, one edge partly notched into saw-tooth form. Traces of ink-marks on both broad sides ; cf. T. xxIII. a. o8. 4"x

i" x -6"•

T. XLIII. k. 03. Wooden comb, with rather widely cut teeth and segmental back. One side broken away. 31" x 2i". Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIII. k. 04, 05. Frs. of lacquered wooden bowl, similar to T. XLIII. k. 07. Red inside, black outside. 3" x


3s y x i/,

T. XLIII. k. o6. Fr. of lacquered wooden bowl, similar to T. XLIII. k. 07. Lug and portion of side. Red inside ; lug black. Outside black with red splashes on lug. 41" x ii".

T. XLIII. k. o7. Fr. of lacquered wooden bowl, elliptical form, with bold projecting lugs for handles at long sides. Red inside, black outside. One side broken away ; much weathered. 6i" x 21".

T. XLIII. k. 08. Fr. of wooden disc ; circular, in two


pieces, has been cut away at edges in several places. Remains of black (?) paint or lacquer which has been applied by a mechanical circular motion. Diam. 5 z," x i".

T. XLIII. k. oIo. Wooden spatula (?), similar to T. XLIII. k. oI1, but more roughly shaped and the angular sides slightly curved. No notch. Traces of black on one side, and pink distemper on other. Worm-eaten. 5i" x 1 i" x Pl. XLVI.

T. XLIII. k. on. Wooden spatula (?). Thin flat oblong, rounded at one end, cut to angular point at other, with large notch cut in one side of angle. Broken at round end and split. 4" x Ii" x

T. XLIII. k. OI2. Wooden spatula. Long handle and rectangular fiat ` bowl ', roughly rounded at end and with sloping shoulders joining to flat handle. Roughly made.

7i" x   f".

T. XLIII. k. o13. Wooden stylus or brush handle; round and tapering with opposite end roughly flattened. 6i" x~.

T. XLIII. k. 014. Wooden spatula similar to T. XLIII. k. 012, but more carefully made. Edges of blade on one surface chamfered, and handle round. 64" x 1" x i".