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0188 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 188 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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coral, green glass, blue frit, &c., and date stone. Gr. M. (stone) 'a"


Kh. 023. Fr. of bronze finger-ring, set with elliptical glass seal. Device probably Athene ; poor workmanship. Length of fr. I", seal T" x y6". Pl. X.

Kh. 024. Glass seal similar to that of Kh. 023, but without setting and either worn out or never properly made. Device is merely a shallow depression. a" x

Kh. 025. String of glass, paste, and shell beads. Three with light lines on a dark paste, as Ser. iv. Pl. IV, Khot. 0069, &c. One, tubular, red paste longitudinally streaked with grey and darker red. Gr. M. ig".

Kh. 026. String of glass, paste, shell, and agate beads. One with light wavy line on dark paste. Gr. M.

7 It

Tv •

Kh. 027. Six glass, stone, and paste beads. One green glass with ` marbling ' in yellow lines. Three dark grey paste with light lines. One dark grey paste with translucent blue spots set in light grey cement, as Ser. iv. Pl. VI, Togujai. 002I ; Khot. 0072. One barrel-shaped grey stone. Gr. M. if". Pl. X.

Kh. 028. Fr. of fine paste, of curiously blended buff and dull brown frits giving a marbled character which extends through the substance of the fabric. Completely vitrified and coated with extremely thin glaze on both sides. An abrupt change in thickness occurs in a curved line on one side. Well preserved. For another example, see K. E. or ; A. K. 07, Pl. LI. }" x I" x All to

Kh. 029. Fr. of glass bead, translucent pale green ; hexagonal prism, slightly convex in length and drilled through axis. Length }", diam. fg".

Kh. 03o. Fr. of handle of glass vessel ; pale green, translucent. Surface exhibits delicate metallic lustre. r" x}"x

Kh. 031. Fr. of agate bead ; large barrel-shaped, of pale honey-colour ; decorated with transverse and diagonal lines by a process of decomposition of surface, cf. Kh. 07 ; and Ser. iv. Pl. IV, Khot. o2. q, r. -" x A.". Pl. X.

Kh. 032. Fr. of glass bead ; dark green with pale yellow bands, introduced by millefiori method. }" x }".

Kh. 033. Fr. of paste bead ; opaque dark grey with white inlaid surface pattern. 31" x a". Pl. X.

Kh. 034. Fr. of glass bead ; opaque dark grey (iridescent), with remains of applied spots of translucent glass. }" x

Kh. o35. Translucent glass boss ; dark blue surrounded by light grey glass cement. Detached from surface of bead. }" x"

Kh. 036. Fr. of graphite stick ; polygonal, worn by

rubbing.   "x â" x }".

Kh. 037-8. Frs. of small glass beads with inlaid spots. 037. Millefiori type ; translucent blue and white ; diam. }". 038. Dark grey paste, with translucent blue spots set

in whitish cement, as Ser. iv. Pl. VI, Togujai. oo2 r ; Pl. Iv, Khot. 0072. Diam. }".

Kh. 039. Stone fig. of squatting monkey, dark grey. Elbows tight to sides ; hands at breast with tips of fingers meeting. Face very long ; eyes circular and deep. • Crude work, chiefly in straight cuts, prob. done with cutting

  • '   "

wheel. i x x i }". Pl. III.

Kh. 059. Pottery spinning-whorl ; roughly made. Irreg. six-petalled flower incised on under-side. Pottery whorl. Diam. r}", h. }".

Kh. o6o. Circular disc of red pottery, with thin upright mitre-shaped solid handle. R. and L. of handle pairs of holes. Prob. cover of vessel. Half broken away. Diam. 5}", thickness }", handle 2}" x i}" x }". Pl. XXV.

Kh. 070. Paste cabochon jewel ; very fine sky-blue, semi-ellipsoid ; with piece of jeweller's cement for fixing, adhering to back. 4" x -" x }".

Kh. 071-98. Misc. paste, glass, stone, and shell beads.

07.r. Spherical ; opaque buff paste with translucent yellow-green rods pressed obliquely into surface. Diam. r. 072. Four-sided tubular ; dark yellow translucent glass ; made by pressing warm glass round a mandril. Length ig". 073. Polygonal ; yellowish glass, iridescent. Diam. }". 074. Spherical (fr.) ; black paste decorated with lines of white. Seems to have been made by shaping from a strip of paste first painted with lines of white vitreous enamel, applied with a brush, and not by the more usual process of inlaid rods. Diam. }". 075. Spherical ; red carnelian, roughly made. Diam. g". o76-.8z. Small drum-shaped and spherical ; dark blue, green, and yellow translucent glass. Gr. diam. }", 082. Small barrel-shaped ; black paste orn. with impressed white wavy line. Diam. }". 083. minute tubular ; opaque brown paste. Length l'", diam. A". 084-6. Small drum-shaped ; translucent blue glass. Gr. diam. 3g". 087. Small ring-shaped ; prob. stone, black. Diam. }". o88. Small drum-shaped ; much corroded dark paste. Diam. }". 089-97. Cube-shaped, ring, drum, &c. ; white shell. Gr. diam. 098. Cube or sphere ; pale buff opaque paste with remains of superficial millefiori pattern, in translucent blue and white. Diam. a".

Kh. 0189. Misc. frs. of glass, stone, paste, gum, &c. Gr. M.-s~.

Kh. 0190. Pottery fr., from upper edge of small vessel ; prob. a crucible used for melting lead. I" x }" x ylo".

Kh. 0191. Misc. seeds, grain, fruit-stones, peas, stalks, &c.

Kh. 0192. Misc. iron frs. ; thin sheet, twisted and folded. Gr. M. I}".

Kh. 0193. Misc. glass and paste beads ; small spherical and ring-shaped ; black, grey, yellow, green, and turquoise. Gr. diam. i".

Kh. 0194. Misc. frs. of metals, including lead ore, gold (?), silver, iron, &c., all small. Gold piece shows fine soldering. Gr. M. s-".