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0217 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 217 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Bal. oii6. Fresco fr. Haloed fig., perhaps Maitreya, seated European fashion on lotus cushion. Feet rest on lotus footstool with toes turned well out ; knees wide apart.

Outer robe brown ; under garment white, showing at ankles and R. hip. R. arm bare ; painted yellow, all other parts broken away. R. and L. adoring attendant figs. To R. p. vertical bands of red, from behind which one of the attendants is looking. Lotus cushion has frill of green suggesting petals, and top chequered to suggest seed-table ; lotus rests on square mat. Colour much abraded. Backing as Bal. 01 17. 61" x 51"

Bal. 01x7. Fresco fr., showing kneeling (?) fig. of youth, with shaven head and tuft of hair at side, dressed in long buff coat ; black belt with four short tabs (sword slings ?) at L. side, and black boots. Reaches up with R. hand, in which is brush or chisel, performing some operation on pyramidal shrine (outlined red), on base of which are portions of two written chars. (Brâhmi) in black.

Background above, dark red ; below shrine and fig. a black band on which are rows of triangular shapes composed of red and white dots. Across R. upper corner diagonal bands of grey and pink. Fine fibrous mud, backed with coarse. 7" x 6k".

Bal. oxx8. Fresco fr. of predella, showing donors kneeling to L. p., hands together holding lotus buds. Front fig. bearded on chin ; cheeks shaven, moustache, full eyes, black hair hanging to shoulders ; wears close-fitting narrow-waisted long coat, buff, with collar, cuffs and band down front and round skirt of orange spotted diagonally with white ; also black belt, with slings in front holding sword (or knife) and kidney-shaped pouch at hip.

Second fig. (front only) similar, but coat only to hips. Ground dark red. The whole closely resembles second and third figs. in Ser. iv. Pl. CXXVI, Tar. 009. 6" x 7".

Bal. 0119. Fresco fr. ; upper part of Buddha f to R. p. ; brown robe, green vesica, buff nimbus, red brown background divided from band of purple brown to R. p. by thin white line. Style and type of Ser. iv. Pl. XI, Kha. i. 0054. 7" x 6".

Bal. 0120. Fresco fr. ; Buddha, seated } to R. p. in meditation, as in Buddha diapers. Red robe, green

(perished) halo.   To R. p., border of buff imbricated
scales and edge of red-outlined nimbus, similar to those on Bal. 05. a., to which fr. evidently belongs. 9}" x 7r".

Bal. 0121. Fresco fr., showing part of two figs. kneeling side by side, hands together in adoration; f to L. On R., haloed warrior fig., heels and L. side lost. Armour generally resembling that found on Lokapalas (cf. Ser. iv. Pl. LXXXIV, LXXXV), but not treated in detail. Fig. has necklace, bracelets, mass of black hair falling behind R. shoulder.

On L., boy ; details of dress effaced except for close-fitting tunic with square-cut neck and snake (?) hood or cowl, the snake's head and neck rising erect above the boy's. Drawn in red outline with touches only of black, and washes of white or grey ; background behind boy, pale

green. Before knees of figs. is a cable-like band, painted blue, outlined red. 4" x 3k".

Bal. 0122. Fresco fr. Flat fr. of fine stucco, with remains of painting on front and back. On one, part of Buddha (?) face, drawn in red and black ; on other, fr. of blue border orn. with scrolls in red and white. 6" x 3".

Bal. 0123. Fresco fr., with painted surface front and

back like the preceding. Obv. Buddha head,   to L.,
looking down ; curved features. Rev. in L. corner, small Buddha head, f to R. Remainder is white with red outlines and traces of blue flower orn. ; subject indistinguishable. Gr. M. 5k" x 6f".

Bal. 0x24. Fresco fr., split off a double-fronted piece like the preceding. Remains only of Buddha head I to R. and curving lotus stem, in white and red. 4" x 21".

Bal. 0125. a-b. Two fresco frs., portions of one design but not joining ; evidently from double-fronted painting like the preceding, showing number of small scattered Buddhas seated in meditation. Rough work. Gr. fr. 7k" x 6".

Bal. 0126. Fresco fr., showing part of lotus plant, one flower supporting a seated Buddha (fragmentary). Colouring mostly white, with red outlines, on plain green background ; some blue. Gr. M. 5$".

Bal. 0127. Fresco fr., showing girl kneeling in adoration k to R., lotus-bud between hands. Drawn entirely in red outline with black eyes, eyebrows, and hair. Latter parted in middle and done in roll round neck ; dress apparently a long jacket, no detail shown. Object of adoration, a standing Buddha whose R. foot rests on large lotus, almost conpletely effaced. 5 " x 71".

Bal. 0128. Fresco fr., painted front and back as Bal. 0x23, and showing on R. orig. R. edge slightly curved. Obv. slightly curved green and pink border of vesica, with fr. of red robe and outstretched hand within. Rev. by edge, blue border orn. with red and white plant design ; within Buddha seated } to R. 8" x 5I".

Bal. 0129. Misc. fresco frs., on thin fine layer of stucco, evidently facing of one side of double-fronted painting like the preceding. Three frs., apparently adjoining, showing hanging L. hand and flying white stole, outlined red, with kneeling fig. (yellow) in blue Dhôti on R. Chief of other frs., not joining, show (a) male face (Ganda?), in white peaked cap, I to R. ; (b) L. bent arm and part of body of male (?) fig., arm covered with long clinging sleeve in red and white ; (c) seed vessel in middle of white lotus. Gr. M. 4".

Bal. o13o-2. Three fresco frs. 0131 and 0x32 show impress of reeds on back of clay ; 0130 painted on each side. 0132 shows seated fig. k to L., prob. monk, against blue background. Colour gone from robe ; face lost above chin. Much effaced. 0z3z, perhaps adjoining, shows face of monk k to L., with green circular nimbus. 013 shows Buddha head, } to R., with grey circular nimbus, and blue vesica red-rimmed. Flesh white, out-T2