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0546 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 546 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. XLVI. h. o8. Fr. of lacquered wooden object ; black. Form in section a hollow right angle, one limb slightly curved. Surfaces flat and smooth, with slightly projecting, very delicately cut ridge reserved at edges of curved surface which is broken away. Other edges of straight limb complete, except at inner angle where it is again broken away. Beautifully made. Straight side i" x f", curved side (incomplete) I" x

T. XLVI. h. 09. Wooden block ; rectangular, cleanly cut on all sides. , I" x - x

T. XLVI. h. oro. Fr. of wood ; oblong, broken away at one end ; r hole drilled through near perfect end, and chamfered down one side. Rough at back, with lateral knife-cuts about region of hole. Piece of woollen yarn with object. 2I" x r" x é".


T. XLVI. f. or. Fr. of pottery, buff glazed. Yellowish buff inside only, slightly ribbed outside. 2" x 11" x }".


T. XLVII. OI, 02. Frs. of pottery, light grey with close string-marks ; vertical ' stake '-marks on or, at intervals. Well burnt. Larger 5" x 21" x i". PI. XLVIII.

T. XLVII. 03-5. Frs. of pottery, grey surfaces, reddish inside ; with annular scorings and rough festoon ornament made with multipronged tool. Well burnt. Largest 4"x2f"xI". Pl. XLVIII.

T. XLVII. 06. Fr. of pottery, brown-grey, covered with basket markings. Well burnt. xi" x i I" x ". Pl. XLVIII.

T. xI.vuu. 07. Fr. of pottery ; from wall of vessel. Plain red, irregular shape ; showing wheel markings, pierced in three places as for rivets. 3g" x I " x I". Pl. XLVIII.

T. XLVII. o8, oro. Frs. of pottery (now joined); from bowl in similar material to T. XLVII. o9, but finer paste. Lip very slightly out-turned. 31" x 2" x t". For complete bowl, see K.E. x. or.

T. XLVII. 09. Fr. of pottery ; from rim and wall of vessel; buff, partly glazed grey-white. Part of lip present, otherwise broken on all sides. Ribbed as though worked on wheel. Ir x4" x I".

T. XLVII. oII. Wooden disc, rough on under-side, convex and smooth on upper ; edge rounded. Prob. cover or stopper. Diam. 2/" x $".

T. XLVI. j. ox. Bronze arrow-head, of type L.J. or, with iron tang. Corroded. Length r I", gr. width I".


Sh. ox. Fr. of pottery ; wheel-made, of dark red clay burning black on each face, fairly fine. Outside orn. with annular band of five to six roughly scratched lines and comb-drawn festoons above and below. Gr. M. 21".

Sh. o2. Fr. of pottery ; wheel-made, of blackish-grey clay well washed. Outside orn. with shallow annular bands, made with finger or broad round-ended instrument. Gr. M. I-".

Sh. 03. Fr. of pottery ; of red clay burnt black on outer face, which is orn. with straight comb-drawn band and parts of two comb-drawn festoons. Single horizontal groove on inner side. Gr. M. IN.".

Sh. 04. Fr. of pottery ; light grey clay, fine, hard-fired ; orn. outside with two bands of comb-drawn festoons, Gr. M. 2,V.

Sh. 05. Fr. of pottery ; wheel-made of grey-black clay, well washed ; outside orn. with band of six to seven incised lines, and (below) small fine-drawn slanting festoons. Gr. M. xi".

Sh. o6. Fr. of pottery ; of grey-black clay, ' mat-marked' on outside. Gr. M. I}".