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0195 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 195 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Inside of bowl orn. with incised pattern of two pairs of bars, crossing each other at right angles so as to form lozenge with projecting arms at each corner. In external angle of each pair of arms is incised leaf. Front of handle similarly orn., square with a St. Andrew's cross, lozenge with quasi-arrow-shaped or wedge-shaped figs. Back plain and smooth. Resembles Scandinavian work. Good condition, but end of handle detached. Length of whole 51V, bowl 2i" X if". Pl. V.

Badr. 0250. Stone bead ; of black and grey marbled pebble, cut in fourteen facets, with three holes pierced through from opposite axes. Diam. 6' to I s". Pl. X.

Badr. 0251. Black stone pendant ; flat lozenge-shaped, with edges bevelled each side. Suspension hole in one corner. " x i".

Badr. 0252. Paste bead ; spheroid with flattened axes. Dark red-brown paste mixed with yellow, which produces irregular broken markings over surface. Diam. i". Pl. X.

Badr. 0253. Bronze seal ; sq., with rounded back pierced horizontally. Linear design (?) or Chin. chars. on face ; but whole badly corroded and device unintelligible. H. ft-", face 16" sq.

Badr. 0254. Bronze seal ; elliptical (one edge broken off), with long shank behind pierced at top. Part of curving leaf device remains. Corroded. H. i", face if x c. i". Pl. X.

Badr. 0255. Terra-cotta monkey-head ; small grotesque, with prominent mouth, and V-shaped fringe marked by grooves as forehead. H. i". Pl. IL

Badr. 0256. Fr. of bronze plate ; thin, slightly corroded. Gr. M. l i".

Badr. 0257. Bronze tag ; made of strip of plate bronze, doubled, with iron rivet through ends. Length (doubled) iv, width i".

Badr. 0258. Bronze loop ; tyre-shaped, thickened at middle of base, from which projects round knob. Ends slit to take small flat bar forming a ` gate ', which was hinged at one end by 16" rivet and pierced at the other for a movable pin, and closed aperture. Well made ; good condition. Length â", gr. width i". Pl. X.

Badr. 0259. Fr. of curved bronze rod ; moulded in spiral, round in section. Arc I8", thickness i".

Badr. 0260. Two bronze frs. ; small lump, split and

corroded, and curved fr. of fine wire. Gr. M. sis "


Badr. 0261. a-b. Two beads : a, black paste, spherical, with groove round middle, prob. for inlay ; b (fr. only), blue glass, translucent, spherical. Gr. M. 28".

Badr. 0272. Fr. of plate bronze, slightly curved, with engraved curved and straight lines on convex side ; unintelligible. Gr. M. I â".

Badr. 0273. Fr. of bronze mirror, with scalloped edge. Parts of outer and inner border, and fr. of field (?) preserved; but not centre. Outer border has raised outer edge follow-

ing scallop, and sunk field within each scallop on which are rosette and leaves in relief.

Inner border also has relief orn. of flowers and leaves, bounded by raised band on inner side. Thickness diminishes continuously from T:1-" at outer edge to under 6" at inner edge of fr. Corroded. Gr. M. 2f". Pl. X.

Badr. 0274. Bronze seal ; sq., with short broken shank at back. Device : within plain line border, a two-handled vase with two trails of foliage issuing from mouth and hanging to ground upon either side. Corroded. i" sq.

Badr. 0275. Paste bead ; elongated spheroid, opaque black with band of white inlaid round middle. Badly made. Length TV, diam. I".

Badr. 0276. Cowrie shell. Length i".

Badr. 0277. Bronze ring ; small, flat, prob. corroded Chin. ` cash '. Diam. i".

Badr. 0278-80. Stucco relief frs. Portions of three hands, prob. from Buddha figs., with curled fingers, and hole pierced horizontally within curve. 0278. L.-hand fingers, with tip of thumb closed over forefinger ; grey clay. 0279. Two fingers only of L. hand ; pinkish clay, on obv. covered with creamy paint. 0280. Three fingers and part of palm of R. hand ; red clay. Back not worked ; rough modelling. Cf. Ser. iv. PI. VIII, A. T. v. 0072. Gr. M. (o28o) zi".

Badr. 0285. Stucco relief fr. Three extended fingers of L. hand with beginning of back of hand ; little finger and thumb missing. Fingers slightly apart, and web (?) left between them. Pinkish clay. 3" x (gr. width) 18".

Badr. 0282. Stucco relief fr. R. hand with fingers shut on palm and thumb resting on forefinger, as Badr. 0278, but complete. Hole pierced within curve of little finger, but does not come through. Grey clay, burnt. 21" x I $". Pl. V.

Badr. 0283. Stucco relief fr. ; nose, mouth, chin, and R. cheek of male face with moustache. Finely modelled features of conventional type ; long straight nose, short upper lip, well-curved mouth ; cf. Bal. 092, &c. Small tuft of moustache, appliqué. Pinkish clay, with remains of white paint. Gr. M. 2". PI. III.

Badr. 0284-5. Stucco relief frs. from two faces like the preceding. 0284. Nose, upper lip, and fr. of R. cheek only ; grey clay. 0285. End of nose, with mouth and chin ; modelling accentuated, giving air of determination ; pinkish clay. Gr. M. 2". Pl. XI.

Badr. 0286. Stucco relief fr. Head of Buddha ; conventional type, modelled somewhat askew. Usnia and ears missing. Pinkish clay. II. 3". Pl. V.

Badr. 0287. Stucco relief fr. I-Iead of Bodhisattva with fr. of rippling ribbon on R. side. Broken off in straight line below nose ; top of tiara also missing. Part of fillet and crescent orn. remains on hair, and wavy locks parted on forehead and hanging behind ears. Ears were elongated ; eyes oblique. Head in high relief. Pinkish clay. 2i" x 3n" x Ii". Pl. v.