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0319 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 319 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.A. vi. ii. 04. Fr. of paper, buff, well made ; torn and blank. 6" x 5".

L.A. vi. ii. 05. Fr. of loom-woven textile in blue and buff. Counterchange stripes, the pattern being a three-pointed narrow leaf half blue and half buff. Evenly woven double cloth. 4" x 3". Ragged but well preserved. PI. XLIII.

L.A. vi. ii. o6. Crimson silk bag, with narrow green edging, and thick drawing string of double buff colour silk tied in bow at each side. Mouth relatively large ; bag lined with buff corded silk. Prob. for charm. Worn. x2"

L.A. VI. ii. 07. Fr. of hemp string, three-ply, well made. 1' 1" x I".

L.A. vi. ii. o8. Wooden ' dead-eye', U-shaped, as Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xxix. ii. oor. b. 3116" x 2;".

L.A. vi. ii. og. Wooden cleat as N. xLII. i. 03, &c., and Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xiv. iii. ooi7, &c. Prob. used in Ioom for supporting heddles. Well preserved. 3f"Xx".

L.A. VI. ii, oio. Wooden spoon, roughly made, with bowl slightly askew. 6r" x r x;", bowl 2" X I". Pl. XXIX.

L.A. VI. ii. oii. Dome-shaped wooden object, pierced through centre ; somewhat like spinning-whorl. Diam. Ii", h. 8". PI. XXI.

L.A. VI. ii. or2. Wooden disc, roughly made, pierced and showing wear on one side of hole on each surface,—the wear being in opposite directions on two sides, as though used as some sort of check on a straight cord. Traces of black paint on one side and red on other. Diam. If", thickness A".

L.A. vi. ii. 013. Piece of wooden stick, rounded at one end, partly broken at other. Seems to have been drilled through part of its length. Length 21", diam. 3 g ".

L.A. vi. ii. 014. Fr. of wooden lath, plain. 24" x }” x


Tg •

L.A. vi. ii. 015. Twig of wood, with yarn twisted round it, used as a spindle. Length 4r", diam. T". Pl. XXI.

L.A. VI. ü. ox6. Fr. of carnelian bead, red. Gr. M.

7 F,

Y_e •

L.A. VI. ii. oi7. Fr. of side of pottery vessel, partly glazed on exterior with poor green glaze. Outer surface scaled ; saline eruption. Finely washed and levigated red body. Gr. Di. 4", thickness h".

L.A. VI. ii. 018. Mass of woollen silk and hair frs., including firs. of buff and crimson plain woollen fabric; one fr. of plain crimson silk ; flat plaited goat's-hair band ; twisted cord ; fine rosary-knotted cords of same, and mass of fine white wool. • Gr. length (twisted cord)

3, 2

L.A. VI. ii. 057. Part of box-lid, shaped like rectang. cover-tablet, and with similar seal cay. and string-grooves, but rabbeted below, round edge, to fit into top of box. Along inner side of rabbet, at one end, a deeper groove is again cut. About two-thirds of the lid are preserved (in width) ; complete in length. Obv. seal cay. (I" x r incomplete) ; seal and strings lost. Part of 311. Khar. across one end, and of one 1. across other ; clear black. Underside blank. Wood hard and in good condition. 3A" x (incomplete) x(gr. thickness) i". Pl. XVIII.

L.A. vi. ii. 058. Rectang. cover-tablet ; miniature ; corners chipped, but otherwise good condition. Obv. seal cay. (A" sq.) and string-grooves ; both empty. No writing obv. or rev. 2iß" X I" X (max.) il;". Pl. XVII.

L.A. w. ii. 059. Small silk bag, oblong, one end open ; inscr. one side with 4 11. Khar., on other with 2 1I. Some holes, but writing clear and black. Silk natural-coloured ; rather open weave. Bag 2f" x Ir. Pl. XVII.

L.A. VI. v. 01. Part of wooden comb, with unusually high-arched back ; rather roughly made. H. 3f", length of teeth ii", width (broken) xFe"•

L.A. VI. v. 02. Wooden cleat, similar to L.A. vi. ii. 09, &c. Well preserved. Length 3a", width n", thickness r.


L.D. oI. Circular wooden lid with overhanging rim, slightly domed on upper side and drilled in centre for handle. Broken away at two sides. Split and weathered. Diam. 4r, gr. thickness f".

L.D. 02-3. Two wooden ' dead-eyes' ; 02 as Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xxix. ii. oor. b ; 03 horseshoe-shaped. Both much perished. Lengths 32" and 3}", span of each 3r". Pl. XVI, XXVI.

L.D. 04. Fr. of wooden cov.•tablet, showing portion of seal cavity and three string notches. Much perished. 3f" x Tr.

L.D. 05.Fr. of side (?) of iron cooking-pot ; round, with two slightly raised ridges. Similar to N. :LI. or, PI. XXVII. Surface corroded. 4" X 2/".

L.D. o6. Horn spoon, with curved bowl, shaped by

cutting the material concavo-convex. Long handle, broken. Perished and split open at the laminations. Length 6r, gr. width of bowl ri". Pl. XXI.

L.D. 07. Wedge-shaped wooden cov.•tablet, with seal cavity and hole near point. Bleached, split, and corroded. 13" x 21" (gr. width).

L.D. o8. Fr. of rim and shoulder of pottery vessel, large, thick and heavy. Well-curled lip with squared edge presented directly outwards, very short neck, and abruptly out-curving shoulder. Dark grey clay, poorly washed, very hard. Good condition. 7r x 31" x f", orig. diam. of mouth c. ii". Pl. XXIX.

L.D. 09. Fr. of bronze mirror, showing on back plain raised outer edge ; then band with Chin. chars. between two narrow rayed bands ; and raised band of circle-