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0603 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 603 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. n. 0152. Clay stucco lozenge•shaped jewel

with ornament in slight relief. Gilded. 3" x 2". K.K. u. 0155. Fr. of clay stucco sole of human Gilded over pink. Heel missing. Poorly modelled. .)•

K.K. II. 0156. Clay stucco monkish figure, seated ; enveloped in single green robe edged red and covering hands and feet. Head shaven, flesh pink ; eyes small and staring. 3"X I*". Pl. LIII.

K.K. II. o158. Fr. of clay stucco human ear ; edges damaged and lobe broken away. Gilded. Badly modelled.

5g" t„ X2ç .

K.K. u. 016o. Clay stucco lotus petal ; surface convex with keel down centre ; painted in five bands of grey, from very pale outside to nearly black centre. 7" x 4".

K.K. II. o161. Wooden terminal orn., long triangular ; carved roughly in low relief in symmetrical cloud scroll ; both sides alike and upper edge cut to contours of scrolls ; at highest point a r hole to receive tenon of finial (?).

Lower edge has central shallow groove, I" wide f" deep, cut from front to back ; and near each end, at under-surface, a projecting dowel for attachment to whatever it surmounted. Traces of red and black colouring on one side. 5*" x 2" x 1". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. u. 0162. Wooden leg of small stand, curved like elephant's trunk with lower end turned outwards and upwards and cut to flat point. Upper part flattened at sides and back, slightly keel-shaped in front ; flat on top, in which remain two small wooden dowels. Painted red. 4}" X i". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. n. o163. Fr. of clay stucco lorica, from life-size figure in painted stucco. Part of R. breast. Lorica seems to have a rigid double frame in which is flexible ` caltrop ' mail panel. On shoulder, a knot of drapery, broken. Outer frame, red ; on inner frame and mail panel, traces of gilding.

For other examples of ` caltrop' mail, see K.K. II. 084 &c., 0I01, 0103, 0197. 13"x 7r. Pl. LV.

K.K. II. 0164. Fr. of clay stucco head. L. side of face only, with smiling mouth, large eye, and Tilaka. Much broken and defaced. Pink. Height Io". Pl. LIV.

K.K. II. oî65. Fresco fr. belonging to K.K. u. 0120, and having similar details. Only four pavement bands shown, and foot and part of leg of platform. To L. of this a broad green band extending from buff to top of fr. 7" x 6".

K.K. u. 0166. Fr. of stucco architectural painted decoration ; modelled in cusped border round sunk moulded panel ; same style as K.K. II. 0125, Pl. LV. 5r"

K.K. II. 0167. Fr. of clay stucco frill of drapery; green with gilded edge, bound at top with pink turban-like twist. 6f" x 4--i".

K.K. II. o168. Fr. of clay stucco head (?), covered

with close ` snail-shell ' spirals of black hair, applied separately, Some missing. 3f" x 4". Pl. LIV.

K.K. u. 0169. Clay stucco arm of figure, painted yellow, and flexed. Hand missing ; upper arm 3", fore-


K.K. II. 0171. Fr. of clay stucco drapery, painted red. 5i" x 4k".

K.K. II. 0172. Fr. of fresco of architectural features, composed of lines and bands in grey yellow and red. 31" X 2i".

K.K. n. 0173. Clay stucco lotus petal, convex, with strongly defined ` keel '. Blue border, centre floral scroll in yellow, pink, green, blue and white on dark red ground. 5" X 3f". Pl. LV.

K.K. II.0175. Fr. of clay stucco figurine of warrior (?) ; in a kind of red tabard, short in front, and to haunches at back, with V opening in front at neck, bordered gold. Loose red Dhbt1 tied with white girdle. Middle of body bare in front.

Legs, arms and head missing. Wooden pegs for attachment of legs. 5k" x if' x I ". Pl. LIII.

K.K. II. 0182. Fr. of clay stucco drapery, with two channels down its length. Blue. Io}" x

K.K. II. 0183. Fr. of stucco, architectural (?) painted decoration, of same type as K.K. u. 0125. A well-modelled volute painted in lines of pink and gold, opening out in blue and white diverging lines. 61" x 5k". Pl. LV.

K.K. II.0184. Fr. of clay stucco demon's face, showing eye and part of cheek. Flesh yellow, spotted red. Eyeball (broken) shows mark in centre of applied iris. Massive eyebrow, black. Groove on lower part of cheek prob. shows edge of wide grinning mouth. 5" x 5". Pl. LIV.

K.K. II. 0185. Clay stucco mask of Buddha. Small well-marked features ; long oblique eyes nearly closed, with brown irises and black pupils ; nose delicate and slightly aquiline ; curves of upper lip very arched, and edges defined by incised. line ; cleft in upper lip, chin, and dimples at corners of mouth well marked ; chin small and square, defined by deep folds extending from wings of nose to bottom of chin ; nostrils small ; cheeks plump and smooth. Eyeballs appear to have been inserted from back of mask, and Tilaka from front (like a cork).

Colour generally yellowish pink with pale green under brows (either discoloration or shadow) ; green traceable on upper lip and chin ; eyebrows black, well arched and emphasized by grooved line ; red line round Tilaka. The whole well proportioned and well modelled. Damaged by water. 6" x 5". Pl. LIV.

K.K. II.0186. Fr. of clay stucco mask of face ; gilded. All R. side broken away above chin. Mouth nearly all cut away. L. eye, nearly closed, long and oblique. 6" x 6".

K.K. II.0187. Fr. of clay stucco mask of face ; gilded ; L. side, eyes and ear missing. Well-shaped features ; the

foot. 4" x