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0192 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 192 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Badr. 0110. Circular bronze boss, hollow, top moulded in form of conventional six-petalled rosette. Good condition. Diam. i" h. i". Pl. X.

Badr. oui. Bronze buckle.ring and catch. Ring, thick, nearly round, lozenge-shaped in section. Catch, a shield-shaped plate with double hoop passing round tongue-bar of ring to back-plates, and single rivet joining front and back plates. Remains of head of iron tongue between hoops of catch. Cf. Badr. 0109. Length II", diam. of ring 16". Pl. X.

Badr. 0112-3. Bronzespoon handle. Flat, wedge-shaped ; broad end notched on obv. edge, narrow end expanding again where it joined bowl. Back plain. Front om. with raised central rib, incised line by each long edge, and across broad end two pairs of incised lines with row of circle and dot orn. between. Fair condition but broken in two. Length 5a", gr. width 1aa", thickness iu". PI. X.

Badr. 0114. Bowl of bronze spoon, large size, pear shape with beginning of handle (broken off). Handle flat, set at wide angle with bowl, beginning with slight waist, and expanding to i" width. Hole worn through bowl. Length of whole 3r, bowl 21" x x ". Pl. X.

Badr. oI15-16. Frs. of two bronze pickaxes, orna-

mental or ceremonial.   0115 has long barrel-shaped
vertical ferrule between head and point. Head is formed of grotesque boars' heads, one behind the other, facing ferrule, the outer or rear one fused by its snout to back of neck of inner one. Inner one has its snout buried in about middle of side of ferrule, and apparently reappearing as the long square-sectioned point on the other side.

Boars' heads are roughly modelled and the large jaws fringed with hair or bristles. Ears small and upright ; crest pointed ; eyes round. At angles of mouth are two risorial furrows. Under-side shows depression between jaw-bones. Square-sectional point of pick has its diagonals vertical and horizontal. Tip missing. Ferrule is closed at top, and its wall is broken at one side at bottom.

osi6 has only one beast-head which probably faces away from ferrule. Hair-marking not visible. Two furrows curve forward round neck under jaws and up centre of face (?) to ears. Ferrule closed at top ; side and lower end missing. Pick point missing.

Both specimens rather roughly cast. Bronze-brown patina with patches of green. o115. Length over all 3$", present length of point la", vertical thickness through heads is", length of ferrule ri". orz6. Length of fr. ,r, vertical thickness i", present length of ferrule i ". Pl. X.

Badr. 0117. Bronze button ; round, with flat centre and edge recessed in two planes. Pair of large loops behind for attachment. Good condition. Diam. i", projection of loops I". Pl. X.

Badr. 0118. Fr. of bronze plate ; flat, and relatively long for width, with one end rounded off, and sides in concave curve expanding to width of a" at other end. Length iv, width }" to a".

Badr. 0119. Small bronze bar, with sq. block in middle showing small depression in two opposite sides. One end of bar is club-shaped ; other end forms small hollow hemisphere. Length of whole $". Pl. X.

Badr. 0120. Bronze stud, with thick disc-shaped head, hollow and filled at back with lead, and long pin cut off sq. at end. On head, within plain line border, is design of broken curving and spiral lines. Fair condition. Diam.

of head c. 1", thickness c.   Pl. X.

Badr. 0121. Bronze seal ; flat, sq., with pierced shank at back. Intaglio device, a four-legged beast (dragon ?) standing with uplifted head in profile to L. Some object possibly under forefeet. Plain line border round. Corroded ; c. 16" sq. Pl. X.

Badr. o122-8. Seven glass beads ; ring-shaped, blue, green, or dark grey, transparent and opaque. Gr. diam. i".

Badr. 0123. Carnelian seal ; flat, circular, with edge bevelled both to back and front. Intaglio device of antlered deer standing in profile to L. Rather rough work. Good condition. Diam. a". Pl. X.

Badr. 0130. Fr. of talcite, prob. intended for bead. Gr. M. a„

Badr. 0131. Misc. stone and glass frs., &c., comprising one red carnelian bead ; one turquoise paste bead ; one yellow paste ; one green translucent glass ; one brown paste with wavy yellow line round middle ; also fr. of white stone or paste (?) bead with turquoise-coloured film on surface in places (cf. Badr. 0188), and two broken sticks of coral. Beads ring-shaped or cylindrical. Gr. diam.

Badr. 0132. Small basin.shaped stone object, of black and green marbled stone, with short pedestal cut off sq. Hole pierced upwards through pedestal and bottom of basin. Edges slightly chipped, but condition good. H. fr. Pl. V.

Badr. 0134. White jade (?) pendant, in form of monkey (?) sitting on hind quarters, with body erect, head sunk on breast, forepaws under chin, and tail over R. shoulder. Width of shoulders exaggerated, making wedge-shaped fig. tapering to ground. Tip of nose and R. hind leg broken off.

Crude work without detail ; fur indicated by incised dashes on limbs and tail in front, and parallel bands of the same across back. Latter is cut flat, except for two low oval projections in position of shoulder-blades ; perhaps intended to keep surface of fig. from rubbing against other surface when in use. Slanting hole for suspension pierced through middle of hunched shoulders above head. Length 1 a", gr. width I i ", gr. thickness a". Pl. V.

Badr. 0135-9. Five stone or clay spinning.whorls. 0135 and 0136, black stone, echinus-shaped ; 0135 flattened on top, and with flat bottom to which side is bevelled ; 0136, with flat bottom, bevelled round lower edge of hole ; 0137, grey clay, of flat echinus shape, sides turning in