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0534 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 534 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. xxII. d. i. 02. Frs. of vegetable-fibre string, various thicknesses, knotted together. Gr. length 9".

T. XXII. d. i. 03. Fr. of vegetable-fibre fabric ; warp widely spaced and weft of pairs of picks, wrapped-twined. Prob. part of shoe sole. Io" x i". PI. XLVI.

T. xxii. d. i. 04. Handful of silk waste, natural buff.

T. XXII. d. i. 05-7. Three frs. of plain silk ; red, buff, and blue, resp. Gr. length 7".

T. XXII. d. i. o8. Fr. of cane, perhaps from writing-slip. Blank. 2!3" X I".


over whole, and of Chin. inscr. on four faces, mostly in small neat hand but almost effaced. Wood hard. Length (both frs. joined) 16", gr. thickness e" x -i". Pl. XLVI.

T. XXII. e. 012. Wooden seal-case, as Ser. iv. Pl. LIII, T. xix. ii. oor (cf. ii. p. 771, T. yin. 5, type A), but unfinished. Block squared, and three grooves sawn across, but cavity not cut out. rk" sq. x I". Pl. XLVII.

T. xxii. e. 013. Broom of feathery-headed grass, tied round with string; see Anc. Kholan, ii. Pl. LXXIII, D. ix. orr. Length r' II", diam. 14". Pl. XLVI.

T. XXII. d. oIo. Bundle of silk (?) waste ; c. 3" x (diam.).

T. XXII. d. oII, 012. Specimens of grain.

T. XXII. d. 025. Wooden writing slip, blank. Decaying wood, warped and broken. Gr. fr. 61" x r".

T. xxii. d. 027. Wooden peg ; roughly cut, with grotesque face roughly drawn in ink at top. Cf. T. XLIII. j. or, and Ser. iv. Pl. LII, T. vi. b. i. 002-4. Si" x i" x i". Pl. XLVII.

T. XXII. d. i. oz. Frs. of cotton (?) fabric ; coarse, plain, natural buff, knotted together, with scrap of plain buff silk sewn to it. Gr. M. 9".


T. xxII. e. oi. Fr. of pottery. Part of wall of wheel-made vessel ; unglazed. Reddish grey. 3i" x 21" x â".

T. XXII. e. 02. Wooden comb ; parabolic back with fine teeth, of which many broken. Similar to T. xxii. d. 04. 3" X 2".

T. xxit. e. ou. Fr. of wooden bow or cross-bow (?), in two pieces. Irregularly pentagonal in section. Outer face shaved down at upper end. Broad transverse notch r?" wide and i" deep, cut at 31" from end. Opposite end twisted, tapered, and broken. Remains of pink paint


T. XXII. f. oi. Fr. of horse's bit. Made of iron rod, doubled and twisted closely upon itself, leaving loop at each end, of which one is corroded through. Rusty. Length 2f", thickness of stem i". Pl. XLVII.

T. xxxi. f. 02-3. Two bronze arrowheads ; cf. C. xcvi. orb ; Lal S. 015 ; Kum. or. Barbs cut well back ; small triangular depression in each face ; iron tangs (remains of). Good condition. Lengths IA" and II". PI. XLVII.



T. xxii. f. 04. Fr. of plain silk, very fine, natural buff. Gr. M. 51".

T. XXII. f. 05. Bronze strap-end (?). D-shaped plate ; slightly convex in front, flat at back, with hole through for pin at each end of straight side, and two holes close together in middle of long curve. Fair condition. Length i", gr. width 24", thickness c. 4`z". Pl. XLVII.

T. xxIII. ox. Wooden object ; peg (?), square at one end, chamfered and tapering towards other ; square reversed again, abruptly forming nut-like end with outer corners chamfered into octagon. Roughly made. Originally painted black. 6" x r". Pl. XLVI.

T. xxiIi. a. ox. Shoe, well made of string with open-work string uppers ; as Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVII, L.A. vi. ii. 0025. 8k" x 3". Broken. Pl. XLVI.

T. xxIII. a. o2. Fr. of shoe ; part of uppers, similar to preceding but of finer string very closely worked.

T. xxiii. a. 03. Wooden stopper (?); shaped like bottle cork. Roughly cut. 2i" X I}".

T. xxIII. a. 04. Wooden stick ; natural form, with bark


T. XXIII. b. 01. Leather. Rough strip, thick, with several pieces sewn to it with leather thong. 6i" x

T. xxIII. b. oz. Small wooden cleat, with nick in centre

removed, sharpened at one end, chisel-shaped and broken at other. Split and weathered. I9" x

T. xxIII. a. o6. Ball of woollen string, fine but strong. Appears to be wound round core of cloth. Diam. 21". Pl. XLVI.

T. xxIII. a. 07. Wooden spatula, with long narrow blade broadening towards end. Marks of usage suggest a stirring implement used in cooking. Length of whole r6]F", blade 3" x Xi". Pl. XLVI.

T. XXIII. a. o8. Flat strip of wood, spear-head shaped ; one edge cut with small regular notching. Much cracked and split. Length II", width râ". Pl. XLVII.

T. xxIII. a. og. Fibre. Large hank of fibre resembling bhang. r8}" x 5" x 3".


and tapering at both ends, as Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xiv. iii. 0017. 2$" x ".