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0602 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 602 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. II. 0120, 0157. Fresco frs., painted in seven horizontal bands probably representing pavement. From below upwards, bands are black (plain), buff (plain), light blue, pinkish buff, light blue, light green and light blue, the blue bands narrower than others, and all ornamented with scrolls in brown outline, partly shaded. Ornamented bands bordered with narrow red lines. At R. upper corner of 0120 one (farther) leg and part of frame of platform drawn in perspective with boarded (?) floor (buff). Foot of leg is inverted red lotus ; leg, brown ; frame red on side, green on top. For piece of similar design see K.K. II. 0165. Gr. fr. 9" x 10".

K.K. II. 0124. Fr. of clay stucco drapery, red, with white or pink stole hanging down it. From large figure. Roughly modelled. 8" x 9".

K.K. II. 0125. Fr. of stucco ceiling or vault (?), surfaced with fibrous clay of the texture of loose felt. Shows painted portions of two long octagonal coffers divided and bordered by gold band, I" broad. Edges of coffers in bands and lines of black and shades of grey and white, simulating mouldings. Field of coffers bright red of two tones on which very free and good grisaille floral ornament, in two tones of grey and white, outlined with red. Upper edge of fr. chamfered, and surface generally shaped as though to fit coving of ceiling. Very good work. 8" x II". Pl. LV.

K.K. II. 0126. Clay stucco negro head, coloured grey over red. Deep-sunk sockets for eyes which may have been made of beads ; pouting mouth with thick lips ; flat nose, heavy V-shaped brows. Close, Arab head-dress on top of head, and two thick turban-like rolls at back. Thick neck.

Pierced below for wooden core of attachment to body ; well modelled. Height ii". Pl. LIII.

K.K. II. 0127. Clay stucco animal's skull, painted white with dark eye sockets. Broken away at top. 21" x


K.K. II. 0130. Fr. of clay stucco flattened cloud scroll, gilded. 1i" x I8".

K.K. II. 0132. Fr. of clay stucco, in form of single coil of cord (?) painted grey above and red below. Diam. 2f".

K.K. H. 0134, 0136. Frs. of stucco architectural (?) ornament, coloured in same manner as K.K. u. 0125, Pl. LV. 0134, irregular raised band and deeply sunk panel. 4i" x 4i". 0136, a flat scrolled band. 6" x 31".

K.K. II. 0135, 0206, 0207. Frs. of clay stucco scroll orn., prob. all from same mould. 0135 shows portion of ` sunflower ' rosette with petals in two tones of pink with a pair of blue reversed scrolls rising from behind and throwing off two smaller pink ones above, which support between them a central green petal shape. Adjoining L. blue scroll is a green one issuing from behind rosette and turning in the same direction as the adjoining scroll. All scrolls are in a light tone on outer curve and dark inside. Broken on both sides and at top. Scraps of MS.

paper on back. 41" x 4". 0206 shows R. side of similar orn. 4"x 2". 0207 shows central upper part, the colour of pair of top scrolls vermilion, and above central petal shape a vermilion knob. 34" x 3f". Pl. LIII.

K.K. H. 0137. Fr. of clay stucco human R. hand, open, life-size, painted pink. All fingers missing. 51" x 3i".

K.K. H. 0138, 0148. Frs. of stucco, painted as coffering ornament similar to K.K. n. 0125 (Pl. LV). 0138 badly damaged. 5f" x 3f". 0148 has one edge segmental, bordered with gold, and outside, following same curve, are bands of shaded pink, shaded blue and white (?). 4$" x 3".

K.K. II. 0139, 0213-15. Clay stucco panels, and frs., in low relief. Oblong, square at one end and indented at other. Plain band border at the three straight sides turning inwards and downwards at fourth side into two half-trefoil palmette forms whose lower scrolled ends touch on middle line of panel. A half-rosette fills lower end ; from this springs centre stein opening out into scrollwork which fills panel. Coloured chrome yellow. Proh. parts of border. 0139, 2i" x 5". 0213, 4" x 2i". 0214, broken away at upper L. corner, and with fr. of paper Chin. IlS. adhering, 4"x24". 0215, lower fr. only, 2}"x 21". Pl. LIII.

K.K. II. 0141. Clay stucco human ear, pink, with cable-like black hair bordering inner edge and curved round lobe. 5i" x 3". Pl. LIV.

K.K. H. 0143, 0154. Frs. of stucco painted in grisaille on red ground. Very elegant design cleverly executed. Prob. portions of K.K. II. 0125. 6" x 31". 6" x 24". Pl. LV.

K.K. II. 0144. Clay stucco toes and forepart of L. human foot, life-size. 3g" x 3â".

K.K. II. 0145, 0159, 0170. Clay stucco frs. of bodies of leopard in relief, yellow spotted black. 0145, hind half only, in crouching pose, tail curled against side. 2i" X 1". 0159, advancing to L. mouth open, tail upraised, broken. Hind feet and one forefoot missing. 3i" x 2". 0170, same mould as 0145. Complete ; two front paws together, head resting on them. 3a" x Ii". Pl. LIII.

K.K. II.0146, 0153. Fr. of clay stucco orn., consisting of green scrolls rising from row of gilt pearls supported by red band. To L. end of 0153 is pink petal of rosette resembling that of K.K. u. 0135. Prob. latter is central orn. of coronet. MS. paper sticking to back. 6"x2".

K.K. II. 0147. Fr. of clay stucco pearl band, with double plain band on one side. Gilded. 21" x

K.K. II. 0149. Clay stucco amulet (or jewel) ; rectangular ; within plain border, scrolls rising from half-rosette. I g" x I -•".

K.K. II. 0151. Fr. of clay stucco, pink, with three Chin. chars., the upper and lower partly broken away. 2i" x I".