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0354 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 354 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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sewn to another slightly finer. Lining of L.C. v. o6. a. Dull grey-brown. Very rotten and torn. C. z' 6" sq.

L.C. v. 07. Fr. of woollen tapestry border, consisting of two bands of plain colour, crimson and black (faded). Edges torn and unravelled. 9" x

L.C. v. o8. Portion of hemp or hair (?) string trace, with loop at end. Composed of four twisted cords placed side by side and sewn together, leaving loop between centre pair. Remains of covering of fine wool which was prob. padding and covered with fabric. Perished. 14" x r " x +". PI. XXVI.

L.C. v. og. Fr. of woollen tapestry border, prob. part of body-band. On red ground, eight-petalled flower, centre buff, alternate petals resp. blue and yellow arranged in square plan. L. a lily-like flower in profile with three yellow petals and two alternating, brown ; two outward recurved blue stems with buff tips issue from lower side. To L. probably similar flower, modified. At extreme L. a bird (buff) with uplifted wings.

On each side of red band a band shading from blue to buff. Above, a band of groups of four buff squares placed lozenge-wise, with pairs of red and green . curved petals diverging R. and L. On one side a further band of buff, beyond which again traces of purple.

All very stylized and of same type as L.C. v. o6. a (Pl. XXXI). Colours well preserved. 8" x 4i". Very fragile.

L.C. v. mo. Fr. of woollen ' box•cloth', as L.C. i. or, and same colour. Well preserved. 2i" x xi".

L.C. v. on. Fr. of woollen repp fabric, as L.C. ii. 05. . Warp, a perfectly made buff thread of fine glossy fibre, very tough. Weft, a fine pale green wool. Tough, but ragged and discoloured. c. 6" sq.

L.C. v. 012. Fr. of plain silk, buff, fine weave, very ragged. 8" x 6".

L.C. v. or3. Silk-covered felt-pad, suggesting a badge. Made of ' vesica '-shaped fr. of fine felt, covered on obv. with fr. of finely corded crimson silk cut from larger piece of embroidery, and showing parts of lines and spirals in yellow and blue chain stitch. Back covered with plain buff finely corded silk. Edge bound with brown silk lozenge pattern damask, with lozenge-shaped piece over lower point.

Narrow blue ribbon for hanging attached to top point. Very neat work. Fair preservation. ' Badge ' ri" x2 r, ribbon 31" x z}". PI. XLV.

L.C. v. 014. Fr. of figured silk. Pattern of ' stepped ' scrolls, indistinct in blue, buff and red. Torn, faded and brittle. 6" x

L.C. v. 4315. Mass of silk frs., very ragged and brittle ; plain silks, buff, green, crimson, &c., much faded, and two pieces of tapestry cloth with indeterminate and unimportant .fr. .of pattern. Buff fr. z'3" x ro".

L.C. v. ox6. Fr. of cotton fabric, coarse plain weave, fine crimson. Well preserved but ragged. z' 8" x re. _

L.C. v. or7. Two frs..of figured silk, in bronze and dark green. Pattern : rows of rectang. billets, alternating with rows of varying patterns, e. g. meander, concentric circles and dots, a sort of dumb-bell, chevron, and so on. Cf. fr. in bundle L.C. ii. 05. a, and Ser. iv. Pl. LV, T. xv. a. 002. a. Colour good. Fabric brittle. 4" x r" (washed), and 6i" x ri". Pl. XLII.

L.C. v. oi8. Cuff (?) of woollen repp, crimson, edged with green silk, lined with felt, and patched with finer brown repp. Sand-encrusted. Length 6k", diam. of mouth 6".

L.C. v. ozg. Strip of woollen tapestry, in dark blue, red, yellow, and green ; both edges torn.

Along centre, a band of transverse bars alternately blue and red. On either side a band of yellow, shading to green and blue. Outside one of these a band of small chequer, blue and red ; outside the other a plain line of red and a broader band of blue. Finely and evenly woven. Rather brittle and discoloured. 9" x ii". PI. XXXi.

L.C. v. 020. Frs. of plain felt and silk waste. Gr. M. 3 ".

L.C. v. 021. Fr. of buff felt, in two pieces, with four-petalled flower of thin blue felt, appliqué, secured by stitching. Rather perished. 3i" x 3}", flower 2" x 2"..

L.C. v. 022. Scrap of thick gauzelike silk (?) fabric ; blue, woven in lines of solid and open-work, each about I" wide. Fragile. x ' x z". Pl. XXXVI.

L.C. v. 023. Scrap of figured silk, similar to L.C. v. 027. b (Pl. XLIII). Fragile, much faded. c. 3" x e".

L.C. v. 024. Mass of woollen and cotton fabric frs. ; coarse, plain weave ; red, dark brown, and buff ; one fr. red in herring-bone weave. Gr. fr. 13"xir ".

L.C. v. 025. Three frs. of woollen repp fabric, red and buff, with flannel-like surface. Cf. L.C. ii. o16, &c. Ragged and perished. Gr. fr. c. 7f" x 6".

L.C. v. 026. Fr. of woollen damask ; same weave and pattern as L.C. v. 02. b, but light brown. Fair condition.

7" x 5".

L.C. v. o27. a. Three frs. of figured silk, with pattern in greenish buff, and buff on a grey-blue ground. The surface is divided into lozenge shapes by lines crossing in opposite directions at about 6o°.

At the crossings are rosettes, and in each space a pair of rams with heads and forelegs meeting and bodies curved backward and upward, the hind legs approaching in upper angle of lozenge, where a small leaf occurs between them.

The pattern is reversed (turned over) in the adjoining spaces above and below ; cf. L.C. v. 027. b. Very ragged and brittle. 6" x zf" ; g}" x 2" ; 8" x 2". Pl. XLIII.

L.C. v. 027. b. Seven frs. of figured silk. Pattern in buff on blue-grey with same motif as L.C. v. 027. a ; but :the grotesque animals have deteriorated into a sort of