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0212 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 212 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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134   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

shoulders, with dragon device, very faint. Elliptical seal surface r x b". Pl. X.

D.K. 050 a—b. Glass and bronze frs. on string. (a) Blue cut glass pendant of elongated pear shape ; fine colour. Ii" x i". (b) Sq. bronze seal, with tubular shank for string and Chin. chars. on face. Corroded. #" sq. Pl. X.

D.K. 051. Fr. of horn comb, with long and slightly arched back, and single row of relatively short teeth. End sloping outward and from arch of back. 2!" x 3" x 4".

D.K. 052 a—c. Bronze frs. on string. a, b. Two Chin. coins, corroded. c. Bronze ferrule, broad at open end, which is trumpet-shaped ; then narrowing, and finally spreading slightly again to opposite end, which is closed by plate perforated with two holes. Diam. I4", h. i".

D.K. 053. Portion of bone finger.ring, with roughly cut sq. bezel surrounded by rays. Width â". Pl. X.

D.K. 054. Fr. of inscribed wood ; lacquered black on one side and having three Chin. (?) chars. on rev. 4f" x


D.K. 055. a. Scrap of paper painting, showing only end of camel's nose, boldly drawn ; mouth slightly open, with driver's stick or rope showing behind. Painted dull pinkish red. Soft brownish wove paper, fairly thick. General style strongly recalls Ser. iv. Pl. XCVI, Ch. 00207. 2"x2”

D.K. 055. b. Fr. of Tib. wooden doc. Slip, broken at one end, and pierced with hole at other ; inscr. on each side with three 11. Tib., fairly clear. 4"x i" x f".

D.K. 056. Fr. of painted wooden board ; traces only of painting on one side. Rev. perished, prob. partly by heat. I I4" x 41" x f".

D.K. 057. Fr. of painted wooden panel. Broken in two, with chamfered edge on one side. Obv. decoration almost obliterated, but prob. consists of seated Buddhas. Rev. a diaper of circles in red containing seated Buddhas with lotus haloes ; in spandrels, trefoils. Patches of brilliant blue scattered all over. Much defaced, and hastily painted. Hole near one end. Perhaps part of Pôthi cover. 151" x 31" x 1". Pl. XII.

D.K. 095-01oo. Stucco relief frs. Parts of five seated Buddha plaques from one mould ; 097 and woo joining.

Buddha seated on half-opened lotus against circular halo, L. hand resting below L. thigh and grasping robe ; R. hand raised in Abhaya-mudrà. Traces of pink on robes. For type cf. Anc. Kholan, ii. PI. LIV, D. ii. In. Most complete fr. 41" x 31"•

D.K. 0101. Painted wooden panel ; R. edge broken off. On obv. remains of standing Bodhisattva, Indian type, with three-leaved crown ; hands together before lower part of body, holding lotus bud (?). Flesh pink over white. On rev. traces only of blue and pink paint. 1' If"x51". Pl. XIII.

D.K. 0102. Painted wooden panel, with slightly arched top (chamfered) ; L. edge broken off. Surfaces roughly hacked before being painted. On obv. remains of Buddha seated in meditation ; rough work in crimson, buff, and black ; upper half of fig. completely destroyed. On rev. four small Buddhas seated in meditation to L., as in wall diaper ; pointed flames on shoulders. This side has remains of 1" wide flange on L. edge, hacked away. I r" x 71" x 1" to Ii". Pl. XIII.

D.K. 0103. Stucco relief fr. R. hand of Buddha, over life-size, webbed. Fingers extended straight as in Abhayamudrà. Remains of white paint. Back not worked. Material, soft red clay mixed with straw ; straw core. Length 91", gr. width 61". Pl. IX.

D.K. 0104. Fr. of Tib. wooden doc. Sq. stick, painted pink on one side, and having traces on one L. Tib. writing on this and adjacent face. ii" x 1" x f".

D.K. 0104. a—c. Stucco relief frs. comprising : a. Wide strip of double lotus-petal border, flat, straight ; of same type as Serindia, iv. PI. XVI, Kha. ii. c. 004, but with a row of petals on either side of the row of beads. One row of petals painted dark grey ; the other shows traces of the same on tips, otherwise retaining only white under-wash. Broken in three. 5" x 31". Pl. IX.

b. Two beads from beaded border, showing remains of blue paint, and red at base. I *"xis" x 1". c. Flat ornamental band, of double row of beads, broken after every second pair by large sq. jewel or rosette. Surface worn and details lost ; broken in two. 21" x 1".

D.K. 0171. Carnelian intaglio, oval, with engraved Bràhmi inscription : Nandita-sri (Dr. L. Barnett). Size of top face c. s"Xis"• Pl. X.


Kha. o1. Stucco relief fr., from Buddha plaque showing head and halo on L. p. Surface much worn and features effaced. White stucco, with traces of bright blue paint on hair and red on halo. Gr. M. 2".

Kha. 02. Stucco relief fr. Conventionalized semi-floral orn., showing vertical stalk or leaf, expanding to rounded lower end, and supporting three circular beads or flowers on top. Incised line down middle of leaf. Hard white stucco. H. 2f", gr. width 11". Pl. V.

Kha. 03. Terracotta relief fr. Bodhisattva head, with

fr. of halo. Face sharp-featured, with long eyes, prominent nose, and small chin. Elaborate head-dress with orn. over forehead of flower with hanging seed-vessel, exactly as Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. v. 0039, in miniature, and streamers tied in large bows at ears. Red, burnt hard. Fair condition. H.1$". Pl. II.

Kha. 053. Bronze spoon ; ` fiddle shape ', with narrow neck between handle and shallow bowl. Slightly curved. Well made and in perfect condition. Length 5" ; gr. width of bowl I g".