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0317 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 317 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.A. 098. Fr. of bronze finger•ring, with oval bezel, empty. Diam. i ", gr. width A". PI. XXIV,

L.A. 099-104. Frs. of stone blades, all of grey chert, excepting 0104 which is prob. agate or very translucent flint. Largest (0104), rg"x "x —6".

L.A. 0105. Fr. of bronze, joining 092 (q. y.).

L.A. ozo6. Hollow bronze object. i" x A" x

L.A. 0x07. Bronze mirror. Complete, circular, with high pierced boss to handle in centre of back. Raised border, plain ; square in dbuible raised outline round centre loop.

From, centre of each side of square projects outwards a T, in double raised outline. Parallel to the upper limb of the T and about i" from it is a similar and equal double line with a short return limb at right angles to it, at its R. extremity, forming a reversed L. The upright limb cut short by the raised border line encircling the field.

On each side of these two forms is a simple spiral probably indicating birds. Diagonally opposite the corners of central square are corners of four other similar squares, cut off by the border circle. For more elaborate rendering of the same motif, see Ser. iv. Pl. XXIX, L.B. v. oo6. 2{" x A". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 0x08. Bronze oblong fr., doubled, and two ends

  • riveted to form a tag. r" x i h", length of rivets c. Pl. XXIII.

L.A. 0109. Circular bronze setting for jewel, with four loops at back for attachment. In hollow are remains of lac which secured stone. Diam. i". PI. XXIII.

L.A. oleo. Half of glass bead ; fine blue, translucent ; Amalaka shape, as L.A. 023. Diam. ". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. our. Flat oblong fr. of stone, dark grey ; hole drilled from both sides near one end. Broken on all edges. riff x Ii" x i". Pl. xXI.

L.A. oII2. Irregular fr. of stone, grey-brown ; from implement. Gr. M. xi".

L.A. 0113-23. Eleven frs. of stone blades ; dark grey chert, except 0115, or16, yellow. Gr. fr. (0117) 2i" x

L.A. 0124. Fr. of bronze mirror, with hemispherical central boss pierced for. handle. Relief design consists of four double battle-axe heads surrounding boss (two extant), between which are Chin. chars. ; then plain band ; then band formed of eight raised segments of circle with

peripheries turned inwards, touching each other at ends. Depressed spandrils between segments form eight points. Outside segment band is depressed plain band ; outer edge broken. 2" x 2" x". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 0125. Fr. of large pottery jar ; mouth and shoulders. Grey clay, decorated with alternate bands of incised annular lines and scallops. Diam. of mouth sr, of shoulders I2i". PI. XXVII.

L.A. 0126. Bronze wire loop (eye), pear-shaped ; the two ends brought together at broad end, but not actually joined. As Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVI, L.A. vI. ii. ooro ; cf. also L.A. 032. Length Ii", gr. width i". Pl. XXIV,

L.A. 0127. Fr. of pottery, coarse red, outer surface chipped off. Found 7 miles NW. of L.A. 3}" x 2 g" x

L.A. 0128. Fr. of pottery, dark red, full of white grit, black on both faces. Gr. M. 31", thickness i".

L.A. 0136. Bronze stud head ; sq., convex, forming quatrefoil, with thick elongated midrib in each foil accentuating and strengthening corners. Hole drilled through centre, and four smaller ones round it between foils. r sq., h. g". Pl. XXIII.

L.A. 0187. Red paste seal, elliptical, with two parallel loops at back for cord. Device, an animal standing to L. p. Legs worked in dots. Face fig" x i". PI. XXiv,

L.A. 0138. Bronze ring, broad with ribbed surface as N. xI.I. 03. Diam. ii", breadth flu". Pl. XXIII.

L.A. 0139. Fr. of stone, of rich dark turquoise colour ; malachite (?). ïg" x " x i".

L.A. 0140-I. Fr. of bronze, thick, with curved edge and traces of relief. Prob. edge of mirror, but pattern obliterated by oxydization. ii" x i" x

L.A. 0142. Bronze ball. Diam. ig". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 0143. Fr. of spout of pottery vessel, roughly cut into a number of irregular flat ` flutings ' ; portion of shoulder attached. Grey, coarse and spongy, but polished by exposure. Broken at both ends. 3i" x 3+I" x i" x }". Pl. XXVII.

L.A. 0145-6. Two jade celts ; dark and light green respectively. 0145, 2i" x (gr. width) ii" x (gr. thickness) r; 0146, "xIpg"x1 ".

L.A. 0147. Stone blade, long, narrow, black. Length 2i", gr. width i".




L.A. 1. vi. or. Fr. of glass bead ; turquoise, translucent, cylindrical, made by winding a thin cord of glass spirally . round a mandril. Length lsg", diam. i".

L.A.. I. vi. 02. Half of carnelian bead ; light red, spherical. Diam.

L.A. n. or. Strip of leather, buff-coloured, in two pieces. Two holes pierced at one end. Dry and brittle. Length z4", width i".

L.A. II. o2. Wedge•shaped wooden object, with two

wings of unequal length projecting flush with one face, at broad end. Cut in one piece. Through the longer wing a round hole, i" diam. Use doubtful. Well preserved. Width of wedge 31" to Ii", length 21", thickness I}". Long wing xi" xirxi"; short wing s"x ii" xi". PI. XVI.

L.A. II. o3. Tubular leather object, prob. leg of top boot, or sock. Marks of sewing where foot joined. Hair on inside at upper end. Well preserved. Length z' ii", diam. 5}".