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0591 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 591 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. 0103. Fr. of glazed pottery ; body coarse red, with black granulations. Glaze on either side (but stopped short of bottom on outside), greenish-blue. Cf. K.K. 063. Gr. M. 3{-", thickness " to A".

K.K. 0104. Fr. of glazed pottery ; body greyish-buff; glaze each side delphinium blue, somewhat crackled. Cf. K.K. 040, 042, 043. Gr. M.2", thickness ." to a".

K.K. 0105. Fr. of glazed porcelainous ware, from rim of bowl ; hard white body, glaze each side faint greenish-blue, Traces of end of incised design under glaze on inside, and of incised lines under glaze outside. One large rivet-hole on outside, not pierced through. Plain rim, slightly everted. I w x 2r x ïs".

K.K. oxo6. Fr. of bowl of glazed porcelainous ware, rim and side. Body hard greyish-white ; glaze each side light green, somewhat crackled. Rim r wide, turned well out and up, with slight curve. Outside of wall moulded in wide faint vertical ribs. Cf. K.K. 037. Gr. M. 2 ", thickness i". Pl. LVII.

K.K. oto7. Fr. of glazed porcelainous ware, light grey body ; glaze each side dull light green, with band of six faint incised lines below rim on outside, and part of curved incised line pattern below. Rim plain, slightly everted. rib" x 211" x }".

K.K. oio8. Fr. of glazed porcelainous ware, thick white body ; glaze each side smooth jade-green. Gr. M. 21", thickness c. g".

K.K. 0109. Fr. of glazed pottery ; fine red body fairly washed, unevenly fired to grey ; glaze each side pale greenish-blue. Gr. M. 2$", thickness x,".

K.K. ono. Fr. of glazed pottery; thick dark grey body ; glaze each side dull light blue, stopping short of bottom of fr. on outside. Gr. M. 21", thickness â".

K.K. 0111. Fr. of' bottom of glazed pottery bowl, with ring-foot. Thick body of fine hard grey clay. Glaze each side thick bright blue, with purple splash on inside. Glaze has rolled down in thick wave to immediately above ring-foot on outside, and collected to depth of over 1" at bottom inside. Cf. K.K. 040, 042, 043. H. extant If", diam. of foot c. 2r", thickness of wall nearly I", gr. width of fr. 31". PI. LVII.

K.K. 0112. Fr. of glazed stoneware bowl, with low ring-foot and wide-spreading walls. Body of fine hard buff clay, covered inside with faint greenish glaze almost colourless, and having at bottom lozenge-shaped group of nine spots in olive-green glaze.

Outside, so far as preserved, unglazed ; but was perhaps glazed higher up. Gr. M. 4f", h. extant If", diam. of base 3", thickness of wall A". Pl. LVII.

K.K. 0113. Corner of glazed pottery tile, with raised rim i<" wide. Fine hard reddish buff body. Projecting surface of rim and field within, orn. with mottled plant (?) design in green and blackish-grey on rust-red ground subsequently rubbed off part of rim. One edge of tile

covered with black glaze ; orn. a sgraffite buff scroll, pattern between parallel borders, upon black ground. Other edge of tile is plain black glaze.

Underneath, tile has two deep incised lines bordering edge, and is glazed brown so far as to cover both of these ; remainder of surface highly polished. 2e" x 21", thickness r to -". Pl. LVII.

K.K. 0114-15. Two frs. of large glazed stoneware vessel. Sides very slightly curved. Fine hard buff body ; glaze each side dark olive-brown, scraped away on outside to leave pattern of annular band and large wreath of leaves (?) on buff ground, which is stained dark red by superficially removed glaze. Cf. K.E. v. 020 (Pl. LVI) ; xlv. 010 (Pl. LVII), &c. Inside ribbed horizontally. Gr. M. 4h", thickness 4" to ". PI. LVII.

K.K. or16. Fr. of glazed stoneware vessel, with slight shoulder turning in to wide flat rim. Body of hard buff clay ; glaze each side dark olive-green, the glaze scraped away on outside to form ground for pattern left in the glaze.

This consists of band of pendent petal and sepal pattern (akin to egg and tongue pattern) immediately below rim, plain band round turn of shoulder, and wreath of large leaves (?) below. Same type of ware and ornament as K.E. v. 020 (Pl. LVI), K.E. xxi. or, and K.E. xxv. 010 (Pl. LVII, q.v.). H. 5f", gr. width 5", thickness (average) iv. Pl. LVII.

K.K. 0119. w. Fr. of paper, with part of impression of block in black. Subject, a lotus leaf upward growing like a bowl with the scalloped rim turned down. Leaf is ribbed, and on each section of rim is a roughly drawn V-shaped ornament with dot between the limbs of the V. To R. of leaf a scroll. Leaf and scroll tinted yellow. Above are a few lines, perhaps drapery. Rough work. Paper thin and stained. Part of one edge only intact. 8" x 6".

K.K. 0121. jj. Fr. of fine canvas, showing L. eye and temple of Buddha face painted in encaustic (?) colours. Eye, eyebrow and hair in black. Flesh discoloured to dull brown. From votive picture. I " x 1$".

K.K. 0152. ee. Piece of thin cord, tightly twisted and elastic. Prob. wool. Length 25L".

K.K. 0199. v. Fr. of paper, with part of impression from two blocks, one red the other black. Device consists of groups of parallel straight lines about $" apart and 4" to 4,I" long from one end to the torn edge of paper. Spaces between lines are filled solid black (or red) for a distance of r from end ; sometimes one space, sometimes two, and sometimes six together are thus filled, leaving next space open.

A few cursive characters are written between groups of lines. On reverse is faint pink impression from Chinese seal and two black written Chinese chars. Two edges of paper intact, other two torn away. 8*" x 6k".

K.K. i. 01. Fr. of pottery tile ; grey ware, tubular, with