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0350 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 350 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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` latch-hook ' in brown on yellow occurs in one, as in L.C. i. o8. No back pile. Colours good. z' x 5f". Pl. XLIV.

L.C. ii. 09. b. Two frs. of woollen pile carpet. Structure as in L.C. ii. 014. Colours blue, red, and yellow. Blue bands about z" wide are arranged in zigzag lines which make lozenge shapes. These shapes are dotted with red, yellow and blue, the blue arranged in nine dots as a St. Andrew's cross in the centre. No pile on back. Much worn. 9" x 9". PI. XLIV.

L.C. ii. ow. Two frs. of hemp-string matting. Weave as in Ser. iv. Pl. XLVIII, T. xiv. 004. b. Well made. Gr. fr. 6" x 3".

L.C. ii. ou. Two frs. of silk girdle or band, made partly of strip of strongly woven braid with blue lines running in waved diagonals across it, and partly of figured silk yellow and green ; pattern indistinguishable.

Edges cleverly worked with cord, and whole sewn on foundation of dark brown woollen fabric and felt. Fabric flush with edge on one side (which is oversewn) ; seems to have continued below band on other.

Band shaped to rounded point at one part ; perhaps binding of opening of shoe ; cf. L.A. iv. v. or. Brittle and discoloured. Length z' 5", width ".

L.C. ii. o12. Fr. of wood, resembling piece of scabbard. Slightly thinned for about 8" at one end, giving check perhaps for metal mount.

Surface covered with faint pattern in diagonal lines, dots, and scrolls, such as could have been caused by incising pattern on thin metal covering the wood. Sticking to lower end a piece of ragged brown silk. Length of wood 5", width z", thickness e. 1". PI. XXVI.

L.C. ii. 013. Frs. of silk. One of fine corded weave, buff and blue ; sewn to piece of loose woolly felt, prob. silk waste. Length 3".

L.C. ii. out. Fr. of woollen pile carpet. Warp prob. hemp, weft brown wool. Pile c. . " long, in red, yellow and blue. Five shoots of weft between pile. End edge strengthened by plain woven strip turned under and sewn. For a width of za" along side edge, a pile is also worked on the back ; cf. Ser. i. p. 438 ; iv. Pl. XXXVII, L.A. VI. ii. 0046.

Ground, yellow ; border spotted with green ; on field, traces of pattern in red, too small to show character of design. Rotten, but colours fairly preserved. 51" x 5".

L.C. ii. 015. Strip of leather, white, split into two thongs nearly full length. Thongs doubled over each other and held together at cut end by an eyelet of leather. Whole seems to have been again doubled end to end, and used as loop. Attached is twist of rough grass. Brittle. Length of thongs c. 9", width as doubled 1".

L.C. ii. o16. Fr. of woollen fabric, as L.C. i. oz, in colour, weave, and texture. Stout buff silk warp, and surface very like velvet, seeming to have been ` teased ' up and felted. Sewn in various directions and inwoven in one place with band of dark purple weft in place of crimson. One seam gathered slightly.

Lining or stiffening of coarse buff cotton cloth. Very ragged and sand-laden. I z" x 8".

L.C. ii. 017. Fr. of woollen pile carpet ; pile red, pink, yellow, purple-brown, and pale blue on buff woollen (?) ground. Coarse make. Weft is laid across in bundles of about five strands at a time and warp is widely spaced ; fabric is therefore very loose. Very ragged. Pattern indistinguishable. 4" x 21". Pl. XLIV.

L.C. iii. oi. Fr. of figured silk, similar to L.C. i. 09 and iii. ozz ; selvedge at one edge. Top and bottom edges cut and sewn ; fourth edge torn. Colours well preserved. 6;<" x31". PI. XXXIV.

L.C. iii. 02. Fr. of figured silk ; warp-rib weave. Pattern : non-continuous tree-coral cloud scroll in rich blue ; two tones of buff and green on rich dark bronze ground.

Fr. is narrow strip the vertical way of cloth, and shows two elements and part of another repeated in vertical direction. Largest, cloud in scaphoid form, the two ends rising and curling over towards each other carrying spiral nodes and branches, one end having a vague resemblance to animal head. From outer side of curved ` neck ' thin buff line scrolls downward and outward.

Between the repeats of this element is a smaller spiral scroll with spiral nodes and stiff horizontal offshoots to R. and a freer one to L. ; both noded, and having very remote resemblance to bird at right angles to line of ` animals '. No true animals or Chinese chars.

Scrolls have half their thickness blue which branches into the nodes, and half buff. Outlines light buff and blue. zo" x 2". Cleaned. PI. XXXIV.

L.C. iii. 03. Wooden box cover, elongated ellipse, rabbeted round edge of under-side to fit side of box. Upper surface convex, decorated with 1" band of black round edge, and a thin line, incised and darkened, within.

Elliptical panel so formed contains incised outline device in black composed of a sort of nebuly, which runs up on one side and down the other in a continuous line, the bends of the ascending side opposing those of the descending, and the space enclosed between furnished with slightly incised and blackened dots. Device may represent a tree, but is not convincing.

Near centres of long sides are two small holes, in one of which is wooden. peg. Evidently for nails to steady or secure lid in position. Roughly made. Good condition. Length 6r", width 38", thickness in middle u". Pl. XXIX.

L.C. iii. 04. a. Fr. of figured silk in many pieces ; warp-rib weave. Dark blue ground ; pattern same as L.C. o8 (Pl. XXXIV). Portions of fine felt padding and lining of fine plain silk discoloured to dark brownish yellow. Warp perished. Sizes from 24" x 2i" (largest). Colour good in places.

L.C. iii. 04. b. Fr. of body-band of figured silk ; warp-rib weave. On blue ground a network of yellow with lozenge mesh about g" x a", and rectang. spots at crossings. In lozenge six yellow dots encircling central dot. In rectang. spot a blue dot. Remains of lining of