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0293 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 293 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.M. 0149. Bronze pin, bent over at blunt end, broken. Length Ir, gr. diam. ".

L.M. 0150. Bronze miniature spoon. Sq. rod terminating in minute circular bowl set at slight angle. Prob. ear-pick. Length 3f", width of bowl f". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. 0153. Fr. of pottery, hand-made, gritty, light red. No orn. Gr. M. 6", thickness c. 1".

L.M. 0154. Fr. of bronze sheet, with rivet through. Gr. fr. 1" .r.

L.M. 0155. Jasper leaf-shaped arrow-head ; boldly chipped, perfect condition; as L.I. 012, but smaller. Length 2", gr. width A", gr. thickness a".

L.M. 0156. Fr. of stone blade (sard), long narrow, double rib. Pink. I" x " x }".


L.M. I. ii. ox. Frs. of woollen tapestry ; woven with crude patterns of very stylized leaves, flowers, birds and animals. General scheme of arrangement difficult to determine. In two frs. is band of pairs of leaves in various colours, growing R. and L. of central horizontal stem. Below, a large-headed grotesque deer (?). In another fr. a series of running grotesque animals with long tails ; in a third, a bird's wing. Eleven frs. in all. Colours, red, light and dark blue, green and tones of buff. Gr. fr. 8" x 8I". Pl. XXXIII, LXXXVII.

L.M.I. i. 02. Fr. of leather, soft and well cured. 31" x it". L.M. I. i. 03. Flat plait of fine woollen thread, natural buff. I' I I" x }" (width).

L.M. I. i. 04. Fr. of vegetable fibre rope, stout two-ply. Length I' 8", diam. i}".

L.M. I. i. 05. Triangular leather bag or sheath, thin, stitching undone. Roughly made. Depth 31", width of mouth xe".

L.M. 1. i.. 06. Fr. of silk, plain, white, with sewing. 2" X I".

L. M. I. i. 07. Fr. of woollen fabric ; loosely woven coarse crimson twill, with damask pattern now obscured by ragged state. i'4" x 8".

L.M. I. i. o8. Fr. of printed silk, with crimson ground, and rosettes of small dots interspersed with large single spots, semé, in resist. For another fr., see L.M. Ii. i. oz. Cf. also L.141. r. i. 09, and Ast. vi. iii. 03, Pl. LXXVIII. Perished. 5" x 2". Pl. LXXXVI.

L.M. I. i. 09. Fr. of printed silk ; blue ground, pattern in resist of spots arranged in lozenge-trellis with centre rosette in each. Cf. preceding and Ast. vi. iii. 03. 6" x 2k".

L.M. I. I. ozo. Fr. of silk, plain white, doubled and sewn. Rotten. 6" x

L.M. I. i. OII. Fr. of silk waste.

L.M. I. i. 012. Fr. of vegetable fibre rope. Two two-ply cords twisted together. 2'1" x s".


L.M. I. 01-4. Casket of lacquered wood, ends missing and remaining parts disconnected. Shape, oblong ; top larger than bottom, sides therefore slope inwards towards bottom. Lacquer applied over strong coarse canvas ; inside sealing-wax red, outside black, orn. with red. Top (02) orn. with double lines parallel to long edges forming if" borders ; borders decorated with lozenges and

L.M. I. i. 013. Leather band (?) ; two pieces sewn together, with fr. of wool adhering. Marks of seam along one edge and end ; other edge and end torn. Length i' 41", width 51".

L.M. I. i. 014. Bundle of woollen canvas rags. Thick, tightly woven ; buff and brown.

L.M. 1. i. 015. Fr. of woollen canvas, fine buff ; in holes. Gr. M. 4f".

L.M. I. i. oi6. Leather strap, two thicknesses superimposed and sewn at edges ; orn. with pyramidal bronze studs riveted on, and two bronze bands near one end at which is round stud. Attached to centre, at right angles, is thinner strap with smaller pyramidal stud. Broken at both ends. Perhaps forehead strap of bridle. Length Ion, width }". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. I. i. oiq. Wooden eating-tray, oblong, four-footed, the feet being short truncated pyramids (four sides) cut out of one piece with tray. Ends slightly bowed. Plain rim round edge, and upper surface slightly concave laterally owing to warping. Both upper and under surface scored with knife-cuts. Good condition. Length i' Ili", width 9", h. 2j". Pl. XXVIII.

L.M. I. i:. o18. Lidless wooden vessel, possibly a grain measure (?), cylindrical in shape ; body cut out of one piece of wood ; bottom another piece secured to body by wooden pins driven through walls. Bottom hollowed on inside. Walls split and warped ; outside scored with knife-cuts ; edges worn smooth. H. 5}", diam. 6", average thickness 1". PI. XXVIII.

L.M. I. i. 023. Wedge label-like tablet ; hole through sq. end. Obv. 2 short II. Khar. above hole. Rev. 4 II. Khar., somewhat effaced. Wood hard. 4" x (max.) I i" x C. N.

L.M. I. i. 024. Slip like tablet ; oblong, with hole through middle. Surface perished. No writing (?) either side. 4}"



spirals in fine lines ; field with attenuated cloud scrolls and grotesque beasts painted with great freedom and skill. At one end a square notch is cut out and along one long edge are marks of three decorative fittings (sham hinges ?), of which only the depressions in the wood to which they were fixed and the lac used in fixing them remain ; at ends are small dovetails and wooden dowel-pins.