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0619 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 619 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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from which hangs also a short straight row of dots (holes). In hollow of each loop of festoons is a large dot with crescent below. Top shows a row of three-stepped gradini. Remains of writing in Hsi-hsia character. Torn at both ends. 6" x 4".

K.K. II. 0276. c. Fr. of paper, with Hsi-hsia text in six columns with row of seated Buddhas across top similar to K.K. n. 0276. u. Paper buff, torn away at upper L. half. 7r .4r. Pl. LXV.

K.K. u. 0276. ccc. Fr. of paper, with Hsi-hsia printed text on one side and lower part of robe and L. p. foot of painted figure on other. Figure stands on white slab. Robe white with broad black borders. To left, two red borders of corner of mat. Much abraded. 2" x 2*".

K.K. II. 0276. ddd. i, ii. Two frs. of silk. One (i) corded with thin warp threads, displaced perhaps by wear, giving a sort of moiré appearance, and with a band of ` tabby ' ; the other (ii) plain. Both buff. (i) 5" x 2" ; (ii) ii" X 2f".

K.K. II. 0276. eee. i, ii. Two frs. of silk. One (z) blue twill with damask pattern of rows of elliptical six-petalled rosettes c. r long diameter ; spaced c. " apart in one direction and xi" in other. In wider space are two rows of chequer hexagons. Rosettes and hexagons are arranged so that successive rows occur opposite spaces of the row before ;. i. e. the arrangement is en échelon. (ii) Finely woven plain cloth, light blue. (i) 84" x 38" ; (ii) 5" h"


K.K. n. 0276. fff. Fr. of strong canvas, originally sewn into form of tube, now partly opened. 41" x If'.

K.K. II. 0276. t,. u. Two block-printed paper leaves, with Hsi-hsia text, decorated along top edge with row of seated Buddha figures. t shows three figures (three others torn away), all cut on one block, the Padmàsana being continuous under all.

Figures are long-bodied, with rather narrow waist, and wear tight-fitting single robe which leaves R. shoulder and arm bare. Feet resting on opposite thighs, soles up. Vesica rather angular with pair of inner lines more curved. Nimbus elongated and slightly flattened at top. In angle between nimbus and vesica a right-angled filling of double lines, looking like corners of a tall chair-back. Hair black, flat at top but with tall pointed .Usnisa. Different poses of hands ; ears long.

Engraving and drawing crude but fairly proportioned. Paper buff and thin. Torn away at upper R. part. 71" x 4*"

u similar to t, but from different block. Torn away at upper R. half and large part of L. Four figures and part of fifth remain. 7" x 3r.

K.K. II. 0276: v. Frs. of three block.printed paper

  • leaves, forming part of a book of Hsi-hsia text, each leaf having a row of seated Buddha figures along top edge. Very crude. Top of head shown as a low black triangle, no limbs clearly defined halo round body and elongated oval nimbus at head. Padmàsana, a band with oblique

lines placed rope-wise to suggest petals: Face crude and features barely indicated. One leaf has four figures; the two end ones partly torn away. The other two have four figures more or less intact and two torn ; lower part missing. Paper buff and rather soft. Two leaves, 5" x 41". Third, 4*" x 3r. Pl. LXV.

K.K. u. 0276. w. 2, ww. i. Frs. of paper, with impression 'of part of picture. To L. a kneeling female figure in flowing draperies close fitting above waist and long narrow stole. She wears bracelets and armlets and has hands together at breast. High but indistinct coiffure and plain circular nimbus.

To R. and farther in picture a kneeling male figure in large shawl, black bordered. Both hands at breast holding a narrow upright object (book ?), the upper end touching front of chin. Head-dress a sort of crown with tall featherlike sides. Plain nimbus. Above, a banana plant and grass.

Behind second fig. probably a third of which part of drapery and nimbus appears. At extreme top four conventional floral ornaments placed in row. A white streak across lower part (fault in printing or block). Probably part of K.K. n. 0284. a. xxvi. Paper buff ; torn away at L. side. On back, five columns of Hsi-hsia printing. Gr. fr. (w. 2) 7" x 3r". Pl. LXIV.

K.K. II. 0277. iii. Miniature silk banner, with triangular top, side streamers and two short streamers hanging from centre piece. All made of printed white silk, doubled. Wooden straining piece in triangular top. Pattern a diaper, printed in brown-yellow ; consists of equilateral triangular rosettes placed point to point, leaving hexagonal spaces enclosed by triangles. Centre of each space, circle and dot with short rays set round circle. Good condition. 8r" x 3".

K.K. II. 0277. jjj. Fr. of paper, with part (nearly half) of jaws of monster. Mouth wide open ; upper jaw wide, lower narrow. Painted red with five teeth visible in upper jaw and two in lower. Portions of face tinted pinkish grey and hair shown on upper and lower lips. Rough work.

3}X xi

K.K. II. 0277. ttt. Strip of dull green silk, with edges doubled over as though for sewing. 14*"

K.K. II. 0279. uuu. i. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf, with part of haloed figure seated on lotus to R., one knee down and the other slightly raised but no feet visible. Tight-fitting robe leaving R. arm and shoulder bare ; on L. shoulder a sort of Upavita. R. hand (damaged) near thigh ; L. hand in Simhakarna pose. Broad face and wide mouth. To R. beginning of another figure. Detail between upper parts of haloes not clear. Tibetan style. Paper buff and brittle ; torn on three sides. 3" x ri".

K.K. u. 0279. uuu. ii. Frs. of block-printed paper leaves (two, back to back), with Hsi-hsia text and ornamented with row of seated Buddha figures alternating with trees, from same block as K.K. u. 0239. a. This example shows part of two figs. on one side and of one.on reverse.