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0198 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 198 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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120   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

orn. in low relief of lion-like horned beast. Chinese style, within bead and fillet border. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. I, Yo. 0055. a ; Pl. Iv, Yo. 0039. k. Gr. M. 2f". Pl. III.

Badr. 0342. Terra-cotta relief fr. Head and upper half of fig. to waist of Buddha ; prob. from plaque. Broken, or chipped away, close round fig. ; surface scratched. H. 1 g".

Badr. 0343. Stucco relief fr. Upper half of L. ear, over life-size. Remains of dark and white paint. Sand-encrusted. H. z ".

Badr. 0344. Fr. of pottery vessel, hand-made, with base of handle. Latter begins as single stem, dividing into two stems which arch to either side as if to form double ring. Small ball as orn. in fork, and notched vertical ridge covering junction of two arches. Gritty coarse red clay ; eroded. H. zj", width 2".

Badr. 0345. Stucco relief fr. Part of ornamental band, showing double row of beads interspersed with larger single elliptical jewels and rosettes (?). Grey, burnt hard. Much eroded. 2*" x

Badr. 0346. Stucco relief fr. Waist to ankles of standing Buddha, with trace of L. hand or end of drapery by L. hip. White plaster, burnt hard, blackened, and cracked. Remains of paint. 41" x zf".

Badr. 0347. Stucco relief fr., of Gandharvi floating to R. and holding garland ; as Bal. 075-6, P1. Iv, &c. White plaster. Surface completely eroded. 31" x 3f".

Badr. 0848-9. Two stucco relief frs. Beads of floating Gandharvis, as Bal. 075-6, Pl. IV. Traces of paint, black, red, and blue. Much worn, and features almost obliterated. White stucco. Gr. M. zf".

Badr. 0350-4. Stucco relief frs. Five Buddha heads from different moulds, all much worn. Traces of black paint on hair of 0350, 0351, and of light red and green paint respectively on their haloes, of which frs. are preserved. White plaster. H. of largest (o35o) 2".

Badr. 0355. Stucco relief fr. Head of floating Gandharvi as Badr. 0348-9. Much worn. Gr. M. zf".

Badr. 0356. Stucco relief fr. Upper part, without head, of standing Buddha, with R. hand raised in Abhaya-mudrâ, and L. arm by side (hand lost). White plaster, burnt, and eroded. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. X, K. S. oo1. H. 21".

Badr. 0357. Stucco relief fr. Lower part of standing Buddha, with L. hand by side holding fold of robe. Feet lost. White plaster, worn smooth but not eroded, with remains of red paint on robe. Same type and size of fig. as preceding. H. 21".

Badr. 0359. Fr. of stucco relief plaque, showing seated Buddha as Badr. 034-5, &c. Headless fig. only preserved. Red (burnt), covered with creamy paint. H. 1i".

Badr. 0360. Terracotta monkey, seated with legs bent under him, L. leg lost, ithyphallic. Fair condition. H. 11. Pl. II.

Badr. 0361. Terra-cotta monkey, owl' type. Arms and legs lost, but evidently lying on front in attitude of floating on skin, as Ser. iv. Pl. III, Yo. 0031. d, e. Eroded. Length r.

Badr. 0362. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey, ` owl ' type. Arms, and all below waist, lost. Head uplifted. Rudely made. H. a".

Badr. 0363. Terra-cotta monkey ; ` owl ' type, squatting on heels and playing banjo which he clasps to his breast ; wears loin-cloth. R. leg lost. H. I'.

Badr. 0364. Upper half of terra-cotta monkey ; ' owl' type, playing on pipes (?) which he holds to mouth with both hands. H. i". PI. II.

Badr. 0365. Terra-cotta monkey ; female, seated (?), arms and legs lost. Fur marked only on head and back. H. ". Pl. II.

Badr. 0366. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey ; head and limbs lost, except thigh of L. leg, stretched downwards. Eroded. H. 1".

Badr. 0367. Terra-cotta monkey ; sitting upright on heels with L. hand on breast, wearing loin-cloth. R. arm and head lost. H. I".

Badr. 0368. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey or cat ; owl' type. Head and upper part of long narrow body only preserved without trace of arms. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. III, Yo. 0035. f, o, p ; 1. p. III, Yo. 0036. Eroded. H. I}".

Badr. 0369. Pair of terra-cotta monkeys, embracing, as Ser. iv. Pl. III, Yo. 0048. e, &c. Part of head of female preserved with tail of hair. Head of male, and legs below mid-thigh, lost. H. 1rw". Pl. II.

Badr. 087o. Terra-cotta horse- head, as Yo. 09o, but better modelled. Casting of L. side only. Hole drilled through between eye and mouth. Eroded. Length I". Pl. II.

Badr. 0871. Fr. of wall of terra-cotta vessel, showing relief orn. of pointed leaf with small circular boss at tip. Midrib and veins running to edge of leaf marked by incised lines, and boss marked with double series of short incised dashes. Gr. M. I}".

Badr. 0372. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué orn., prob. from neck of vase. Concave vertically. Represents oval bunch of grapes, as under feet of birds in Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLIV, Mac. oo1. Eroded. H. i a".

Badr. 0373. Terra-cotta appliqué orn. from vase Elliptical jewel within bead border, as on Yo. 022, Pl. III. One end lost. Length s".

Badr. 0374. Fr. of terra-cotta bird's tail, apparently cock's. Large arching plume with smaller one within curve. Feathers have series of close-set incised dashes along each edge, with plain ridge in centre. Well made ; finished each side ; broken off at lower end. 11" x

Badr. 0375. Terra-cotta grotesque sheep-head, as Yo. 087. a-d, Pl. III ; prob. from handle. R. side only ; most of surface of face broken away. Length 1i".