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0180 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 180 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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102   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

towards long pendent object held up at arms length in L. hand. R. hand at R. side, grasps mouth of wine-skin. Upraised object prob. a form of rhyton. Head of child (infant Bacchus ?). Bracelets, and a mark at neck, perhaps necklet, or edge of tunic. Head slightly weathered. 3*" X 2}". Pl. L

Yo. 09. Fr. of small terra-cotta vessel (?), with rounded bottom, and ovoid body tapering towards top, in which is hole. Round hole is incised whorl of conventional petals pointing downwards, and beneath them a band of cross-hatched orn. between incised lines.

Beneath this the surface is plain, except on one side, where some two-lobed attachment has broken away. In centre of one lobe is a hole made from the outside and piercing wall of vessel ; other lobe unpierced. The existing hole may have formed a spout, and the applied orn. decorated its point of issue. Bottom worn. H. ii", gr. diam.I}". PI. I.

Yo. ono. Fr. of handle of terra-cotta vessel, elliptical in section, almost straight. At base, on side of vessel, grotesque appliqué head like Yo. 052. To L. part of appliqué anthemion, to R. end of three raised fillets. Fine material, good colour and condition. Length of whole 4f, gr. width 2}", width of handle 1". Pl. I.

Yo. 011-14. Four frs. of handles of terra-cotta vessels;

lower part, covering junction with body. All of same pattern :-palmette spreading downwards, with innermost pair of leaves turning up in volute from which springs trefoil. Same as Ser. iv. Pl. II, Yo. 0057. Cf. also Yo. 015 and Badr. 0302. onz, grey clay ; 012-14, red clay. Gr. fr. 21" x 2}". PI. I, III.

Yo. 015. Fr. of terra-cotta handle ; upper part of preceding. Handle elliptical in section, almost straight ; orn. on outside with central raised rib or stem, which expands at lower end into pendent palmette. Junction of palmette and stem marked by three incised semicircles. On either side of stem, row of punched rings with dot centres. Length 2}", gr. width 1i". Pl. I.

Yo. 016. Fr. of terra-cotta handle from vessel. Came out from side or rim at right angles, and at length of 2" turns downwards and slightly inwards. Elliptical in section at upper end, circular at lower. Upper part in form of grotesque beast head, very rudely indicated. Length of perpendicular portion 3}", diam. f" to 1". Pl. L

Yo. 017. Fr. of terra-cotta spout from vessel ; like teapot spout, with broad base, on front of which is appliqué human face, same type as Yo. o5o, but much worn. Length 2f", gr. width Ir. Pl. I.

Yo. o18-Ig. Two frs. from sides of terra-cotta vessels, with moulded orn. 018 shows good example of ` Gorgoneion' face, almost complete, with heavy curving eyebrows, bulging cheeks, thick triangular nose, and large mouth with swollen lips half-open. Whole framed in short curling locks of hair, resembling fronds of foliage, and encircled by bead border. For similar type, see Ser. iv. Pl. IV,

Yo. 0043. a. o18. 2" x 2}". 019 (reproduced sideways) shows upper part only of similar orn. with lower end of long-leaved pendent palmette above. 2" X 21". Pl. I, III:

Yo. 020. a-d. Four frs. of terra-cotta pottery decoration, showing in the order placed an interesting development of a detail inexplicable if seen in its later phase only.

020. a shows broad leaf with tip rolled over outwards, the midrib forming a simple valley between upward swelling halves of petiole. 020. b shows turned over tip only, but still growing from side of vessel, with midrib developed into pronounced rib. 020. c is a further departure from parent form, and 020. d shows how the tips only are made in separate pieces and applied in rows to form a continuous band of ornament, as in Ser. iv. Pl. Iv, Yo. or. a. See also Badr. 0322. Gr. fr. 21" x Ir. Pl. III.

Yo. 021. a-c. Three frs. of terra-cotta leaf-tip decoration from vessels ; as Yo. 020. d. Largest fr., a, 2" x Ii", shows band of three incised lines running below leaf-point, and pair of vertical lines at sides-latter being survival of leaf-outline of 020. a. PI. III.

Yo. 022. Fr. of side of terra-cotta vessel, with raised ridge, notched, running across middle. Above, appliqué leaf-tip orn. as Yo. 021. a ; below, two elliptical jewel orns. with boss centre and bead border. For same decoration see Ser. iv. Pl. IV, Yo. o1. a. 2" X 2f". Pl. III.

Yo. 023. Fr. of side of terra-cotta vessel, with notched ridge running across. Above ridge, row of moulded circular jewel orns. or rosettes ; below, row of similar elliptical jewel orns. within bead borders as in 022. Below again, two wide incised annular lines. Fine red clay, surface polished. 2}" x 2i". Pl. L

Yo. 024. Fr. of wall of terra-cotta vessel, with notched ridge above, and row of circular rosettes below. 21" x I".

Yo. 025. Fr. of side of terracotta vessel, orn. with circular rosettes, appliqué, between two incised horizontal lines ; and, above, fr. of incised festoon orn. 1"

Yo. 026. Fr. of side of terra-cotta vessel, with appliqué rosette (seven beads surrounding a central one) and two incised annular lines below. 1" x 1".

Yo. 027. Fr. of side of terra-cotta vessel, with notched ridge at top and remains of moulded rosette below. Much worn. 2" X If".

Yo. 028. Terra-cotta appliqué rosette from vessel ; ten beads surrounding a central one. Diam. r.

Yo. 02g. Terra-cotta appliqué jewel orn. from vessel ; as on Yo. 022. Part lost. Gr. M. r.

Yo. 030. Fr. of side of terra-cotta vessel, orn. with two notched ridges, running horizontally. Between these large circular rosette: Below incised vertical line, with part of three-line festoon orn. separating to R. and L. 3"x2". Pl. I.

Yo. 031. Fr. of neck of terra-cotta vessel. Above, part of three annular incised lines. Below, large appliqué