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0040 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 40 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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143. Depression marking ancient river-bed about 7 miles north-east of Camp xciii   .   208
144.. Ancient river-bed between lines of tamarisk-cones about 7 miles south of L.A. station, Lop

Desert .   208

  1. Ancient water-course with living tamarisks near L.D. Site, Lop Desert   208

  2. Effects of wind-erosion near ruined Stûpa, L.A. xi, Lou-lan station   209

  3. Clearing of refuse deposit between ruined quarters L.A. v and L.A. vi, Lou-lan station   •   209

  4. Ruined structure L.A. II and ground to south, showing dead tamarisk growth in depression   209

  5. Ruined Stûpa to north-west of Lou-lan station .   216

  6. Remains of western wall of circumvallation, L.A. station   216

  7. Main portion of ' Ya-mên ' ruin, L.A. station   216

  8. Wind-eroded terrace bearing portion of foundation of east wall, L.A. station   217

  9. Eroded terraces bearing remains of foundation of north wall, L.A. station   .   217

  10. Eroded terrace bearing remnant of east wall near south-east corner, L.A. station   217

  11. Line of eroded terraces marking south wall of L.A. station   217

  12. Ruined Stûpa, L.A. x, Lou-lan station   217

  13. North end of eroded terrace bearing foundation of east wall, L.A. station   217

  14. Western portion of Mesa L.C., seen from south-east .   226

  15. Grave pits on top of Mesa L.C. after clearing   226

  16. View across interior of ancient castrum L.E., from north   226

  17. Rampart at south-east corner of ancient castrum L.E., Lop Desert .   226

  18. West rampart of ancient castrum L.E., Lop Desert, seen from inside north gate   226

  19. Portion of east rampart of ancient castrum L.E., seen from within   226

  20. North-eastern portion of Mesa L.F., seen from west .   262

  21. Room iii near gate of post on Mesa L.F.   262

  22. Gateway of post on top of Mesa L.F.   262

  23. Remains of eroded dwelling to south-east of cemetery L.H., Lop Desert   262

  24. Wooden enclosure of grave L.F. 4, outside post L.F., Lop Desert   262

  25. Coffins exposed at cemetery L.H., Lop Desert   .   262

  26. View across top of Mesa L.F., Lop Desert, showing gateway of post and cemetery site beyond   263

  27. First grave opened on Mesa L.F., Lop Desert, with Loplik diggers .   263

  28. Head of dead man found in grave L.F. 4, on Mesa L.F., Lop Desert   263

  29. Dead man found in grave L.F. 1, on Mesa L.F., Lop Desert   263

  30. March between salt-encrusted Yardangs to south-east of Camp cii, near shore of dried-up Lop

sea-bed   298

  1. Salt-encrusted hillocks beyond find-place of Han coins, &c., between Camp ci and cii   298

  2. Reed-beds of Altmish-bulak seen from above westernmost spring   298

  3. Amidst belts of Mesas, south of Camp xcix, Lop Desert .   302

  4. Mesa L.J., bearing remains of ruined watch-tower, Lop Desert .   302

  5. Camels crossing crumpled-up salt surface of dried-up Lop sea-bed   ▪   302

  6. Heaped-up blocks of salt on surface of dried-up Lop sea-bed .   302

  7. Strip of boggy ground on salt-encrusted Lop sea-bed, crossed towards Kum-kuduk   .   •   318

  8. Camp cvii at foot of clay terraces overlooking easternmost bay of dried-up Lop sea-bed   318

  9. Camp cvi with first vegetation reached on north shore of dried-up Lop sea-bed   318

  10. Mesas in ancient lacustrine basin beyond Su-lo-ho termination, looking south-west from Camp cxii 330

  11. Mesas in ancient lacustrine basin beyond Su-lo-ho termination, looking west from Camp cxii 33o

  12. Mesas in ancient lacustrine basin beyond Su-lo-ho termination, looking west-north-west from

Camp cxii   330

  1. Mesa ridge overlooking end of ancient lacustrine basin, east of Besh-toghrak   .   33o

i88. View westwards across central part of dry lacustrine basin beyond Su-lo-ho termination   33o