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0190 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 190 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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punched circles ; fleece indicated by punched holes. L. horn lost. Gr. M. I i". Pl. III.

Badr. 014-15. Two beast-head spouts from terracotta vessels. Broken. 014. Ram's head, muzzle, and R. horn lost ; cf. Yo. 085. 015. Crude horse-head, with hogged mane. Small orifice only in each, llc" and -" diam. respectively. Gr. M. 1$". Pl. III.

Badr. 016. Terra-cotta grotesque beast-head ; flat, with bulging eyes and long narrow muzzle marked on top with short transverse incisions. No ears or horns remain. Semicircular ridge above eyes. Incised bands under throat, orn. with incised dashes or depressed circles, suggesting harness ; and tongue protruding at L. corner of mouth. Traces of green glaze. Fair condition. Length 2". Pl. III.

Badr. 017. Fr. of terra-cotta quadruped, camel (?), kneeling with load. Traces only of latter remain. head, hind quarters, and upper part of back lost. Eroded. Gr. M. ri

Badr. 018. Terra-cotta ring-handle, broken off vessel. Plain, smooth ; triangular in section. Diam. (external) r, (internal) i".

Badr. 019. Terra-cotta appliqué jewel orn., from vessel. Elliptical, with plain boss in middle, surrounded

by pearl border, as on Ser. iv. Pl. Iv. Yo. or. a, &c.   "

y „ .1Z.

Badr. 020. Fr. of terra-cotta relief orn., indeterminate. Gr. M. e".

Badr. 021. Terra-cotta appliqué mask ; lion-head as Yo. 058. a-j, but small size. Broken off close round face. Much worn. H. fr.

Badr. 022. Terra-cotta relief head, female (?), with elaborate head-dress and long locks _spreading by side of face ; resembles Ser. iv. PI. III. Yo. oo26, but on smaller scale and details much worn. Surface glazed. H. i". Pl. II.

Badr. 023-6. Four stucco relief heads of Buddha, small size, from same mould ; prob. from plaques. Best preserved, and with fr. of halo, 026 ; others worn. Burnt. H. i" to I".

Badr. 027. Stucco relief head of Buddha, as Bal. o6r, o86. Remains of white paint on face and black paint on hair. White plaster. Much worn. H. II".

Badr. 028. Terracotta relief head, of Gandharvi type ; cf. Bal. 075, &c. Hair in top-knot, with fillet ; ears apparently normal. Broken off close round face ; corroded. H. I i". Pl. II.

Badr. 029. Fr. of terra-cotta face-mask ; nose, mouth, chin, L. cheek, and eye. Smooth and rounded. Eye long, narrow, and slightly oblique, marked only by incised outline and punched dot for pupil. Straight incised line for mouth with deeply punched hole at corner, and similar holes for nostrils. Incised vertical groove down chin, and wide incised line under it. H. I i". Pl. V.

Badr. 030. Fr. of stucco relief face ; nose only, with adjacent parts of cheeks and well-formed mouth. Nose long and fine, short upper lip. Traces of light paint. Cf. Badr. 0283. Burnt. II. 21". Pl. III.

Badr. 031. Fr. of terra-cotta relief orn. Lotus-petal, two-lobed, as Ser. i. p. 144, A. T. oo5r, &c. ; traces of paint. Burnt. Length (incompl.) 2i".

Badr. 032. Stucco relief fr. Seven-petalled rosette, with circular boss centre, resting on pair of voluted leaves ; exactly as Ser. iv. PI. VIII, A. T. i. 0012. Burnt. 2" x Pl. V.

Badr. 033. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, slightly concave from top to bottom, prob. from base of neck ; orn. with two small appliqué dancing figs. That on L. lost below waist ; leaning forward with outstretched arm and swinging some obj. in hand.

Fig. on R. complete ; jumping with crossed legs in spirited movement, and holding obj. on head with both hands. Clothes not marked except two ends of drapery swinging out from shoulders. Figs. polished by friction. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLV, Kh. 003. c.

Potsherd broken away in straight line above, over shallow incised horizontal groove ; and on other edges. I i" x 2 i" x i". PI. II.

Badr. 034-5. Two frs. of terra-cotta plaques, showing Buddhas seated in meditation ; as Yo. 0133, &c. ; also Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. iii. 0089, and PI. XV, Kha. 05. Lower part only of 034 preserved, from hands down ; and whole fig. of 035 without head. 035 also corroded. H. 1i" and Ii".

Badr. 036. Terra-cotta grotesque sheep-head ; same type as Yo. o86. a-f, and evidently from similar handle. Moulded in two halves and joined ; wool marked by rows of incised crescents. Eroded. Length 2".

Badr. 037. Terra-cotta relief woman's head, with fr. of potsherd attached. Moulded in high relief ; small features. Hair parted in middle and drawn in smooth bandeaux down sides of forehead. Large earrings, or bunches of hair, at ears. Much corroded. H. If", width Ii", projection Ii". Pl. V.

Badr. 038-40. Three frs. of stucco relief orn., in form of simple lozenge, with incised groove running inside and close to edge and plain field. 039 covered with light paint ; traces of paint on others. Burnt. Cf. Ser. i. p. 146, A. T. i. 0037. (Lozenge) I i ~" x r}".

Badr. 041. Fr. of stucco appliqué rosette ; eight petals (five remain) with circular pierced centre ; cf. Ser. i. p. 144, A. T. oo6o. Traces of white paint. Burnt. Diam.

I ~9 ,,

Badr. 042. Flat strip of stucco, roughly pinched into shape with fingers when wet. Burnt. If" x

Badr. 043. Fr. of stucco relief orn., stalk of flower orn. as Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. ii. 0041 (see i. p. 142 for descr., A. T. 0020) ; expanding into two lobes at bottom, but straight. Burnt. I i" x (gr. width) .".