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0318 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 318 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.A. II. 04. Fresco fr., buff surface with bold dark lines of geometrical disposition. Bad condition. 4" x 51".

L.A. n. 05. Fr. of carved wooden frame. Within raised edge is lozenge pattern formed by trellis of raised bands with line of bead orn. down middle of each. In each lozenge a four-petalled flower. Badly weathered and split. I' x 21" x 14". Pl. XVI.

L.A. III. i. 01. Fr. of oblong tablet ; R. end square, intact ; L. end roughly cut off in wedge-shape, apparently later. Obv. one 1. Khar., along top, with 4 columns Khar. words below. Rev. a few Khar. chars., faint. Wood hard, but cracked. 31" x41" (max.) x 1". Pl. XV II I.

L.A. Iv. v. 0i. Leather shoe, round-toed. Edge round opening leather bound. Sole : strips of leather stitched lengthways. Numbers of repairs to sole and irregular patches roughly applied. Brittle. Length 9jÉ", gr. width 4~

" Pl. XXVII.

L.A. Iv. v. 02. Fr. of horn, hollow, perished. Length ~

4z" x11•

L.A. iv. v. 03. Wooden seal-case ; sq. with three string notches. Hole drilled through other two sides and through bottom. Holes unusual ; but cf. Ser.. ii. p. 78o, T. xiv. vii. 004, and ii. p. 771, T. VIII. 5, type B. Ii" sq. x1". Pl. XVI.

L.A. Iv. v. 04. Two frs. of silk fabric, plain white, much worn. Gr. fr. 5" x 31".

L.A. iv. v. 05. Wooden object, roughly amphora shape, drilled through from end to end. H. ii", gr. diam. )". Pl. XXI.

L.A. Iv. v. 06. Fr. of pottery, dark grey, orn. with comb-drawn band and festoons. Hole drilled at one edge. Cf. Sh. 04-05, and Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVI, L.A. vi. ii. 1. x xi" x A". Pl. XXI.

L.A. iv. v. 07. Fr. of leather, hard and worn. Gr. M. 31". L.A. iv. v. 08. Vegetable fibre ; a few strands. Gr. M. C. 3".

L.A. Iv. v. og-12. Four frs. of woollen fabric ; plain even weave. our crimson, others yellowish buff ; oao has fr. of buff silk sewn to it. Gr. fr. (ow) 71" x 9".

L.A. Iv. v. 013. Two frs. of paste. Gr. M.. ".

L.A. iv. v. 014. Sheath-like silk object; tapering, triangular, of very fine white silk, finely sewn. Length 8", width 21" to A".

L.A. Iv. v. 015. Fr. of silk fabric, plain white. 3" x ro ". L.A. Iv. v. 016. Silk cord ; made of strip of plain buff

silk twisted and knotted, strand of woollen yarn, and strip

of buff and crimson silk sewn together. Length 211".

L.A. Iv. v. 017. Three frs. of silk fabric, plain blue, sand-encrusted. Gr, fr. 4" x3".

L.A. Iv. v. oi8. Fin-bone of' small fish (?), shaped something like bird's sternum. Length i-''s", gr. width )(".

L.A. Iv. v. Dig. Lower jawbone of small fish (?), set with recurved saw teeth. Narrow, long and tapering. Length 2", width at articulation •".


L.A. v. x. oI. Part of horn saddletree, of flattened arch shape. One end lost ; five circular holes at broken edge show repair in antiquity. Other end broken off, now re-joined. 'Three oblong rectang. holes evenly spaced along lower edge, and remains of another at breadth. Well made ; horn split and hard ; cf. L.A. 04. Across ends orig. c. 12", h. of arc 61", width (in middle) 2r", (at end) ii", gr. thickness 1". Pl. XVI.

L.A. v. x. oz. Fr. of bronze sheet, roughly triangular, thickened at one angle where it extends to a narrow tongue through which is drilled a hole. Shoulders where tongue joins. Ozydized and bent. 5" x 44" x i".

L.A. v. x. 03. Wooden ' chnluk', as Ser. iv. Pl. XXXV, L.B. iv. ii. 009, &c. Made from fork of natural stick, slightly thinned under one arm of cross-piece. Notch for string round lower end, and end pointed, as Ser. examples. Used for fastening animals' collars. Length 5", length of cross-piece 4i", diam. of stick r. Pl. XVI.

L.A. v. x. 04. Oblong block of wood, with return piece along one long edge (but broken off short). Two holes drilled through width of main piece, near each end. Length 3 . s", width I r, thickness i" (with return, max. r).

L.A. v. x. o5-8. Four rough pads of coarse woollen fabric and felt. Ragged and dirty. Approx. size 6" x 4".

L.A. v. x. og. Mass of wool, fine brown, half felted. C. 4" x3".

L.A. v. x. 010. Fr. of goat's-hair fabric ; coarse, buff and dark brown. Thick warp and close-pressed weft, giving ribbed effect. Dirty. C. 31" X 2".

L.A. v. x. on. Fr. of rope, made of three strands of vegetable fibre. Length 9", diam. 8" to 1".

L.A. v. x. on. Fr. of goat's hair cord ; two strands, doubled and twisted together. Doubled end button-holed

with fine buff woollen yarn. Length ioi", diam. A".

L.A. v. x. 013. Fr. of pottery ; hard grey, fairly well washed. Basket-marked outside. Gr. M. 61", thickness i". Pl. XXVII.

L.A. v. xi. or. Fr. of felt, buff-coloured, ragged. Gr. M. 21".

L.A. v. xi. 02. Fr. of woollen canvas, in broad buff and brown stripes. Coarse. Well preserved. Gr. M. 7".

L.A. v. xi. 03. Wooden label ; blank, pointed at one end. 426" x 1" x f". Pl. XXI.

L.A. v. xi. 04. Stone spinning-whorl, dark grey ; disc, pierced, slightly convex on one side. Diam. xi", thickness A". Pl. XXI.

L.A. vi. ii. 0i. Rectang. wooden tablet, with a hole pierced near each of two corners. Blank. 41" x 21"

L.A. vi. ii. 02. Frs. of horsehair canvas, with portion of felt border attached, and string patches. Prob. part of strainer as Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xii. oo18, and Pl. L. M. i. iv. ooio. Brittle. Gr. fr. 2r" x 21".

L.A. VI. ii. 03. Fr. of silk fabric, buff ; fine plain texture, sewn in places. Torn. 7 8" x 7 â".